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Personal Data

Name:Mary Rose A. Rey



Birthday:November 5,2001

Place of Birth:Tipas, San Juan Batangas


Religion:Roman Catholic

Home Address:Tipas San Juan Batangas

Name of Mother:Anicia A. Rey

Name of Father:Apolonio L. Rey

B. Academic Background

Elementary:Tipas Elementary School

Junior High School:Tipas National High School

Senior High School:Tipas Senior High School

Strand:Humanities and Social Sciences

A. Personal Data

Name :Jessica A. Cagas

Height: 1.56

Weight: 58

Birthday: August 13,2001

Place of Birth: Manggalang ,Bantilan ,Sariaya, Quezon

Status: Single

Religion: Iglesia Ni Cristo

Home Address: Manggalang, Bantilan, Sariaya, Quezon

Name of Mother: Jean A. Cagas

Name of Father: Jessie V. Cagas

B. Academic Background

Elementary: Tipas Elementary School

Junior High School: Tipas National High School

Senior High School: Tipas Senior High School

Strand: Humanities and Social Sciences

A. Personal Data

Name: Aldrin R. Laylo

Height: 1.70

Weight : 52

Birthday: May 8,2000

Place of Birth: Tanauan City

Status: Single

Religion: Roman Catholic

Home Address: Manggalang, Bantilan, Sariaya, Quezon

Name of Mother: Gina Laylo

Name of Father: Andrian Laylo

B. Academic Background

Elementary: Tipas Elementary School

Junior High School: Tipas National High School

Senior High School: Tipas Senior High School

Strand: Humanities and Social Sciences

I.Project Description

Project Title : BAU (Bantilan Anti- Utang)

Type of project: Community Project

Project Proponent : Jessica Cagas

Mary Rose Rey

Aldrin Laylo

Number of Beneficiaries: 100

Project of Beneficiaries: Parents

Date of Implement / Duration : April 1 2019 to September 30 2019

Area of Project Implementation: Brgy . Bantilan Sariaya , Quezon

Budget Requirements: Php 250, 000

Budget Requested : Php 250,000

II. Background /Situation Analysis

This project needs / problem you are trying to solve or to avoid debt in a
community because some of part of these community having a high debt that is why we
make this project.The proponent notice that many people in Brgy Bantilan have many
debt to the variety stored. The project prompted that people in Brgy . Bantilan have a
high debt because other people in Brgy . Bantilan have a debt to the variety store and
not only that they also have debt in borrowing money or also called 5/6 .In Brgy.
Bantilan use address it just because Of the problem that we want to have a solution by
giving symposium and giving a free apply to the person who live in Brgy. Bantilan who
don't have regular job.

III. Project Objectives

Objective Strategies

To avoid debt By giving a free applying jod or job fair.

IV. Desired Impact and Outcome of the Project

By doing this project the result will be successful the high debt in Brgy .
Bantilan will be decrease by conducting a symposium and free applying jobs or a job
fair to the person who have debt in variety store and loan in 5/6 was done.
V. Risk Management Plan

Maybe there have risks and factors that may happen or hinder the successful
implementation of project activities and achievements of project outputs such as
insufficient budget for this project , delay to come some staffs and also about electricity
circuit.Maybe the measures that would mitigate the adverse effects resulting from such
risks like having a back up staff can help to the program , back up generator for
electricity circuit and also budgeting the money we use to the project.

VI. Project Organization and Staffing

Office /Staff Responsibilities Contact person Contact Details


Cagas, Jessica A. Speaker / Cagas, Jessica A. 09161749845


Laylo , Aldrin R. Back up for venue Laylo , Aldrin R. 09075064240

and other needed

Rey, Mary Rose A . Foods and Drinks Rey, Mary Rose A . 09392150345
VII. Project Work Plan

Phase of Activities Output/ Indicators Person in Resource Cost

the project Target charge s needed

April to Symposium for Bantilan 1 Sponsors Laylo Aldrin Amp./sou 60,000

September Budgeting nd system

Livelihood Bantilan 2 Laylo Aldrin Food , 60,000

activities drink ,

Job Fair Bantilan 3 Jessica Table & 15,000

Program Cagas chairs

League Killing 1 Jessica Electricity 20,000


Fundraising Killing 2 Mary Rose Other 95,000

Rey Needed

Cleanup Killing 3 Mary Rose

VIII. Detailed Budget Requirement

Budget line Description Amount needed Proposed sources


Amp./sound Used for activities 60,000


Food and Used for activities 60,000


Table and Used for activities 15,000


Electricity Used for activities 20,000

Tent Used for activities Free

Other Used for activities 95,000


IX.Other Relevant Information

This project want to help and wait to give techniques and works to the people in Brgy.
Bantilan.The Php60,000 given by our beloved Mayor Marcelo Gayeta. And for another
Php 60,000 given by the owner of BMC(Bantilan Mini Cockpit).And for Php 15,000 given
by Counselor Leoncio Umali.And also Php1000 per a head given by our beloved
Barangay Tanod. And also our voluntary contribution Php60,000.