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LVIS 232-004 Spring 2019

Prof. Landay
Research one artwork by an artist who uses technology as a medium, made after 1945.
Fill out this worksheet and submit it on the website to fulfill the

ALSO, as part of your research project, post a paragraph and an image or 1-minute
video on the forum on the ol to share your research with the class.

Answer the following questions about your chosen artist. Use complete sentences. Cite your references.
The book has a list of suggested readings. Suggested Web sites:,,,,,

Name of Artist: ________________________________________________

Artwork ________________________________Date of artwork _________


1. Provide the dates and places of artist's birth (and death).

2. How/where did she/he train? Did she/he receive formal arts instruction?

3. Discuss the significant people, schools, artworks, and/or events that influenced their art.

4. What were her/his political, cultural, or religious beliefs?

5. Discuss her/his relationship with artists of the time period.

6. What art movement(s) are they considered to be a part of?

7. Describe the artist's style.

8. Does the artist collaborate with other artists?

9. Describe any recurring subjects, symbols, motifs, and/or themes in the artist's work.

10. If your artist is no longer alive, what kind of legacy did they leave behind? If your artist is still

alive, what are they currently working on?


1. How, where, and when was the artwork experienced? By whom?

2. What materials and technologies are used in the artwork?

3. What was it influenced by?

4. What did it influence?

5. What is the artwork’s relationship to the rest of the artist’s oeuvre?

6. How does the artist use technology as a medium?

7. What new ground does it break?/How is it innovative?


1. Where, when, and why was the work created?

2. Where is the place of construction or design site and how does this influence the artwork?

3. Which events and surrounding environments have influenced this work (i.e. natural events;
social movements such as feminism; political events, economic situations, historic events,
religious settings, cultural events)?

4. What effect did these have?

5. Is the work characteristic of an artistic style, movement or time period?

6. Has it been influenced by trends, fashions or ideologies?

7. What was the response of the original audience and/or interpretation by critics?

8. How might your own upbringing, beliefs and biases distort your interpretation of the artwork?

CRITIQUE – answer in complete sentences

1. Describe the work.

2. Analyze the work.
3. Interpret the work
4. Evaluate the work. On criteria did you base your evaluation of the work?


“As a tool, a technology facilitates the creation of a traditional artwork – a sculpture, painting or dance –
or makes possible the conversion of an analogue work to digital format to enhance its distribution,
storage or long-term preservation. . . . In contrast, as a medium, a technology intrinsically underlies an
artwork’s production, preservation and distribution. As a result, the work engages in a significant way
with the medium’s interactive, dynamic, participatory and customizable possibilities" (Lovejoy et al.
2011: 7).

Hope, Cat. Digital Arts: An Introduction to New Media (Bloomsbury New Media Series) (pp. 27-8).
Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.