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Letter of intention

Borcan G. Ana-Maria

I choose to apply to FEEA due to its prestige, but also because it offers me a wider
area in terms of personal development. Although I graduated from the Law School of
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, as my CV shows, I did not stop personal
development. This can be seen through the fact that my courses were outside the specialty
I got informed about this Master degree „Strategic Human Resource Management in
Europe” through FEEA's online platform.
I am looking forward to finish a higher form of education that combines my interests
in law and my passion for human resources, for helping people.
During college, I was involved in various student activities, of which I recall:
 Summer school “Reforma Dreptului Romanesc prin Noile Coduri” part of
Romanian- American University;
 Internship stage – where I collaborated with institutions such as „Inspectoratul de
Poliție Judetean Iași”and „ Tribunalului Iaşi - Secţia Penală”;
 Internship stage at „Judecătoria Iași, secția civilă”.
 Last but not least, I have organized and presented the graduation ceremony.
I would like to participate in as many volunteer actions as possible, exchange
experiences and participating in the organization of cultural / sport activities, or other.
As a person, I have learned to synthesize quickly, I can work under pressure when
there are deadlines, combined with efficient communication. I have learned how to pay
attention to the details, and became more open minded.
As I have previously mentioned, I developed a better organizational skills and a
more effective communication, abilities which lead to a proper organization for the
graduation ceremony on the university. I have always wanted to be a better communicator
and to bring added value to those around me. In order to accomplish this, I enrolled in
Toastmasters Iasi which is a community where you develop your public speaking and
leadership abilities by perfecting your speeches and initiatives token in different
organization events. Obviously, the results didn’t stop coming. I am currently in maternal
leave, but I would like to finish a higher form of education in order to combine my interest
in law, but also in international human resources.

Date 19.07.2018 Candidate’s signature.......................................

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