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Name of Project Leader : ___ Dr. Kavitha Nagandla _____________________
(Project Leader will be the liaison person regarding the project status and outcome)

Department / School : _______________O&G__________________________

Contact Detail (email address) : ___________017-5821704______________________________

Project Member Name Department and/or School Role
Prof Esha Das Gupta Internal Medicine Community Member

Dr. M.N Raja Selvi A/P M Psychiatry Community Member

Dr.Nalini Somawera Radiology Community Member

Dr Vaani Valerie Visuvanathan Internal Medicine Community Member

Assoc Prof Dr Rumi Khajotia Internal Medicine Community Member

Project Objectives:
1. To strengthen the relationship between International Medical University and the Seremban community.
2. To educate the local community on breast cancer.
3. To encourage early screening among individuals with risk factors.
4. To provide a platform for breast cancer patients to join support groups
5. To provide a platform for breast cancer survivors to share their journey and how they coped with breast cance
Plan of Action:
Proposed Date : 11 November 2017
Proposed Venue : Terminal 1
1. 50 Free registration for mammogram – SEHAT agreed.
2. Basic health screening (BP, BMI, RBS, Lipid profile) – by students from IMU.
3. Stations:
1st station à registration
2nd station à Questionnaire
3rd station à Education on breast cancer
4th station à Videos on mammogram
5th station à Breast models and comparison
6th station à Pamphlets on breast self examination
7th station à Self examination (optional)
8th station à Free mammogram registration (by SEHAT) + health screening
9th station à Goodies bag collection

Expected Benefits:

• Increase in awareness among residents of Seremban area on breast cancer.
• Identification of individuals with risk factors and encouraging early screening for breast cancer among residents of Seremban area.

Outline For the Stations



Audience of 20 chairs temporary

Private &
enclosed area for
self-exam for

Station 2: Info Station 3: Breast willing

Station 1: giving & self-exam participants
Registration counselling demonstration with
and Forms Prof. Esha & Dr. breast models
Selvi Dr. Anitha

*Bus at loading bay

Station 5: Registration
Station 6: for PAP smear Station 4:
Questionnaire & (LPPKN) RM25 + Mammogram
Goodie bags for Mammogram (SEHAT) video viewing
participants Free Dr. Nalini
Dr. Kavitha

KIDS AREA (coloring contest)