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Assignment Group for MGT300

 This assessment will be done in a group of FOUR (4) members

 Students may choose any legal business (local/international
 Due date for this assessment is on W10 during tutorial class
group and presentation on W11.
 Please submit the webpage rubrics toghether with presentation
rubrics on the day of your presentation.
 If there is a delay or incomplete of the assessment, the group
will be penalized by deduction of 2 marks per day including
weekends. Any presentation or submission of this assessment
elapses 2 week from.

May 2018 – Pn. Intan Liana Suhaime (MGT300)1

PREZI Presentation:
Compare 2 companies in terms of
I. Efficiency IT Metrics
II. Effectivess IT Metrics
III. Website Matrics

Your presentation must also include the following

i. Company’s Name
ii. Company’s Logo
iii. Mission & Vission
iv. Listing of company’s product/services.
v. Additional information about the company
(website, customers’ review etc)

May 2018 – Pn. Intan Liana Suhaime (MGT300)2