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For NES Health

© 2019 Debbie Littrell Ventura

Vibrational Principles
Existence Is. Our nature is eternal.

All are One, Our nature is connected.

One is All.

What You Put

Out is What Our nature is frequency-matching.
You Get Back

Everything is Our nature is outside of time.

Here and Now.

The Only
Constant is Our nature is ever-changing.
Emotional Currents

Drivers Integrators Terrains Minerals

Emotional Emotional Emotional Emotional

states frequencies patterns currents
managed linked to linked to associated
by organ meridians image, with
systems authentic nutritional
being elements
Patterns and Pictures: Constellations
Esophagus field: hard to swallow
Healing Cycles
© 2019 Debbie Littrell Ventura
Terrains: Frequency Changes

What must I believe about this situation for it to cause me pain?

Emotional Patterns: Terrains
Maintaining the Image
ET0: Alertness, Watchfulness
ET1: Boldness
ET2: Fulfillment
ET3: Satisfaction, Contentment
ET4: Building Up
ET5: Brightness, Clarity
ET6: Compassion
ET7: Perseverance
ET8: Benevolence, Good Will
ET9: Willpower
ET10: Optimism
ET11: Focused
ET12: Selfless, Altruistic
ET13: Joyful, Happy
ET14: Patient
ET15: Glee
ETs link to: Made by matching divergent
Terrain • Body tissue meridians with groups of
bacteria and viruses
Matches • Microbe families
• Brain cortex
• Emotional conflicts
• EI-8
• Heart Muscle
• EDs and EIs
• Morphic Field
• Glial cells
• Body matrix
Complex molecules with a protein coat dependent on a
host organism for replication, manufacture THUS host
organism controls
+ / - : Clinical Application

Let us be very specific about the clinical application of this very useful knowledge
about the human body-field. If a disease is producing an increase or decrease in
the size of an organ, such as might occur in athlete’s heart, hepatomegaly, goitre
and so on, the clinical treatment must be done using the set of 12 Energetic
Integrators. But if a disease produces signs of change in shape of the body, the skin
or the organs themselves, there is a special technique for accessing the quantized
morphogenic field (QMGF), using a paired set of Energetic Integrators with Heart
Driver. This links to the genetic material directly.
- Peter Fraser, Energy and Information in Nature
Links to the Morphogenic Field

Brain and heart regulatory
Neural / uro-genital
Hepatic / optical
Circulatory / hormonal
Digestive and blood
Correction of
Stress Cycle
Correction of
Stress Cycle
Phase 2
Transformation through Alignment
• When formulating protocols, we can:

• Follow scan recommendations

• Create a protocol to push (chronic
patterning, phase shifts)
• Create a protocol to support (information
flow, relaxation, heart field)
• Fraser, Peter; Energy and Information in Nature; 2012; Choice Point
Communications, UK.

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