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Swing motor, description 591 Service Information 2014/6/12

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Swing motor, description

Rotary group consists of cylinder block (III) and 9 piston assemblies (II) located in the cylinder. Both ends of cylinder block
(III) are supported by bearings (443) and (444). Piston assemblies (II) are guided by return plate (123) and shoe (122) so they
slide smoothly on the swash plate. Valve plate (131) is pressed against the cylinder block surface by the mechanical pressure
of spring (114) and hydraulic pressure working on the bushing.
Between the outer diameter of the cylinder block and housing a mechanical brake for parking is mounted.
The cover section has a relief valve for cushioning and an anti-cavitation valve to prevent cavitation.
Components of swing system
Swing system, components

Swing unit Swash type axial piston hydraulic motor Mechanical brake

Relief valve

Anti-cavitation valve

Rebound damping valve

2 stage planetary gearbox

Swing motor, construction

Figure 1
Swing motor, construction

Rotational direction

lnlet Outlet View from shaft end

A B Clockwise
B A Counterclockwise

Port size and torque, Nm (lbf ft)

Port Symbol Screw size and depth Tightening torque

Main pump A, B 1 5/16-12 UN-2B-19 *1 300 (222)
Anti-cavitation M 1 5/16-12 UN-2B-19 *1 300 (222)
Pressure measurement PA, PB 9/16-18 UNF-2B-12.7 *1 48 (35.5)
Drain D 3/4-16 UNF-2B-14.3 *1 82 (61)
Brake release PG 9/16-18 UNF-2B-12.7 *1 48 (35.5)
Brake servo hydraulic SH 9/16-18 UNF-2B-12.7 *1 48 (35.5)
Gear oil filling (oil level checking) L, Gl R 3/4-19 98 (72.5)
Bleeding air when filling gear oil E R 3/8-14 44 (33)
Gear oil outlet Go M26 –
*1: Port with O-ring seal based on ISO 11926-1

Swing motor, sectional view

Figure 2
Swing motor, sectional view

031 Delay valve 355 Spring

031-1 Plug 390 Name plate
033 Screw 391 Pin
051 Relief valve 400 Rebound damping valve
051-1 O-ring 400-1 O-ring
052 Rebound damping valve assembly 400-2 Backup-ring
100 Rebound damping valve casing 401 Screw
101 Drive shaft 437 Retaining ring
111 Cylinder 443 Roller bearing
114 Plate spring 444 Roller bearing
121 Piston 451 Pin
122 Shoe 469 Plug
123 Thrust plate 472 O-ring
124 Shoe plate 488 O-ring
131 Valve plate 491 Oil seal
151 Plug 702 Brake piston
161 O-ring 706 O-ring
162 O-ring 707 O-ring
163 O-ring 712 Brake spring
171 Screw 742 Friction plate
301 Casing 743 Mating plate
303 Valve casing 984 Plug
305 Seal cover 985 Plug
351 Spool
Service Information

Document Title: Function Group: Information Type: Date:

Swing motor, maintenance 591 Service Information 2014/6/12

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Swing motor, maintenance standard

Swing motor, lubrication and air purging

Figure 1
Position, drain

D Drain port

 Following the repair or replacement of the swing motor assembly it is necessary to prelubricate the internal
components to prevent scoring/scuffing of the bearings and sliding parts.
 Remove the upper case drain port plug and fill the casing with the specified hydraulic oil.
 Oil capacity: 0.8 liters (0.21 US gal)
 Prior to start up purge the air from the circuit plumbing and motor.

Precautions for lubrication

 Check that there is no contamination in the ports or plumbing before connecting to the motor.
 Check for oil leakage on the motor assembly.
 Check if the direction of rotation according to the control lever is correct.
 Check for abnormal sound or vibration while rotating.
 Check for any abnormal temperature increase after operating for a short time.
 Check if the hydraulic pressures are set to the specified values.

Standard for parts service and replacement

The following standards of the serviceability of parts can be determined from measurements made at disassembly. However,
they are general standards and when parts show excessive external damage or discoloration, top priority should be given to
the determination of the extent to which parts are to be replaced, according to the purpose of disassembly and the
remaining life expectancy of the parts.
Replace the seals and O-rings, although they appear not damaged.
Part replacement criteria
Replace all parts that appear damaged or are not within the allowable value.
Part replacement criteria, unit: mm (in)

Item Standard Recommended Remedy

dimension value for replacement
Clearance between piston and cylinder 0.027 0.052 Replace piston or cylinder.
bore (D–d) (0.0011) (0.0021)

Gap between piston and caulked part of 0 0.3 Replace assembly of piston
shoe (α) (0.0118) and shoe.

Thickness of shoe (t) 5.5 5.3 Replace assembly of piston

(0.2165) (0.2087) and shoe.

Thickness of friction plate (t) 2 1.8 Replace friction plate.

(0.0787) (0.0709)

Standard for correcting sliding surfaces

If the surface roughness of the sliding surface of a part exceeds the following standard, correct it or replace the part.
Sliding surface

Part Standard surface roughness Standard roughness requiring correction

Shoe 0.8–Z (Ra=0.2) 3–Z (Ra=0.8)
Shoe plate 0.4–Z (Ra=0.1) 3–Z (Ra=0.8)
Cylinder 1.6–Z (Ra=0.4) 12.5–Z (Ra=3.2)
Valve plate 0.8–Z (Ra=0.2) 6.3–Z (Ra=1.6)

 Lap each sliding surface to a standard roughness level or finer.

 If the sliding surface of the cylinder block, valve plate, retaining plate or spherical bushing is roughened, replace the
parts as sub assemblies.

Crossover relief valve, pressure adjustment

 Remove pressure port plug PA or PB.

 Install oil pressure gauge (60 MPa, 8702 psi, 600 bar).
 Secure the superstructure by putting the bucket against an immovable object or in a trench.
 Operate the swing lever in the appropriate direction and check the relief pressure.
 Loosen lock nut (1) and turn adjusting screw (2) as follows :

 To increase pressure, turn clockwise.

 To decrease pressure, turn counter clockwise.

 If the relief pressure can not be adjusted correctly, replace the relief valve assembly.

Figure 2
Pressure adjustment

PA Gauge port 1 Lock nut

PB Gauge port 2 Adjusting screw

General tools
General tools

Tool Size Name of parts applied and remarks

Allen wrench 14 mm (0.6 in) RO plug (469)
17 mm (0.7 in) Screw (401)
Spanner, socket wrench 41 mm (1.6 in) Relief valve (051)
Hammer Plastic and steel hammers
Steel rod 10 × 8 × 200 mm Bearings (443, 444), pin (451)
(0.4 × 0.3 × 7.9 in)
Torque wrench 5 ~ 10 Nm (3.7 ~7.4 lbf ft)
10 ~ 45 Nm (7.4 ~ 33.3 lbf ft)
40 ~ 180 Nm (29.6 ~ 133.2 lbf ft)
120 ~ 480 Nm (88.8 ~ 355.2 lbf ft)
Screw driver 2 pieces
Bearing pliers Bearings (443, 444)

Special tool
Special tool

No. Description Part number Quantity

1 Brake piston tool 14559282 1
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