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BUILDING OPERATION AND WORKS OF ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION INSTITUT KESELAMATAN DAN KESIHATAN PEKERJAAN NEGARA NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH (OSH) (24342:) AEMENTERIAN SUMDER MANUSIA MINISTRY OF HUMAN RESOURCES / Ve Lot 1, Jalan 15/1, Section 18, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangl. Selangor Darul Ehsan ‘Tol : 03. 8769 2100 Fax : 03 = 8926 28 PUTAS ee SE) “dp tema ahipen ‘taal tn eshlbepded tenet, uu ey Heath ei] BOWEC REGULATIONS 1986 Regulation 36-Erctionfinited Wher erick a eeced nel ance fae tung teh pemaner sheen, asuinle sce sal be used nes exc wre wes sae bak (intel :bean, aft tu, jistan spot ROOF WORK Regulation 4-Worson Steep Rot + Where otis bgperimeden eb kang aslge gente tan nin fu tetshalbe proved recon agli, cosing of roting bakes er canTngbone Theatre prec tal app wheeery eployeengaged in werk pan uh tis preted ase ek SAFETY BELT Regulation S0-Safty Bats Safe elif ada isthe tact of felines sal beadegute suerghandofte ype ape te het Inspec ROOF WORK RegultonS1 tachment for Safety Bets + Seyestllte ata lne ich sec taceto asentandage + ontofanchrageathelife fe shalat leer te celeel ote wing aston LADDER. Regulation 62-Construcin af Ladder hear and te desta bet god castucion surdrateland eg serge prpse Regulation 63 Provide Hand + Whee ade used as meat camaro or aswrng pla thar shall, reat handle prvi othe eight east aerate abovethepbe adn SAFETY BELT Regulation 2-lnstruction Using Safety Bs + rer ensyee wise wth asaety bell belted jhe ppe med feat andsegit aswellasatadingt ‘othelfelne SAFETY BELT Regulation 4- Instruction nsing Safety Belts + Bry enplyee wb sped thas belt beste nthe rapt mod cf eng andusing swells ataching< othe line SAFETY BELT Ragulation4- Inspection of Safety Be + healed vey eine tlle inpecedy diated esas ee we + Noenokyerallpemitinenleetowsea safety leine wtih shewsanyindcaton at wears darage SAFETY NET Fgulaton5-Inpecton of Safety Net gpd yang body appre bythe Chie per + Sufcetsaeandsength ands aedasto covert aati + Atahedt suet nhorgerseps + Suticetepta preem sagging SAFETY NET AegulationS7-nspecon of Safety Net + lspacedyadesated pens bore italien + Desgedperan saline styret andi supe diy + eating stallnpec salty et andissipa tay + Retingctn tallest ose fine yan ingecter LanpER. Aagulation6-LooseFatng + Lad sll tandon ls bcs rater losepacng tt salam feng Rgulation6- Prevention gaining + Self sothat¢anmve eter fom istapnet mits tampa Regulation + Pied wih ng pace ntexaeds ees SCAFFOLD Ay engraved sce on rom ih een ef wan cosacionhiregulion pad ay temper proved sr which ealpersntootan aces oor natealtoe aes tanya ai suchas slit, anise ay rk, any hi, Tae or wih fom part estate tageter wih ny sual oes aegard and al iting SCAFFOLD Regulation 6 Construction + Gros fd talent adequate + Sufi ater be ride the casnctn + Tiers sale stale uly good condoned + Safety oat lator SCAFFOLD Regulation 73-Maintenance + Sata be peer mained + Beypatshallbe eps fed seed or plein + Nescaildorpar alban us heats com with ego aig sic ant teh sates thet SCAFFOLD Regulation 7 Supervision &lnspecton + etn akeraon adage unde die senso ofesgpen + Maelo use halle inpcedby deste pesce SCAFFOLD Regulation 75-Design Dring + Byes nie Neal ube safe > «might ciersafld> eight + Other met tbe sll proved yet pect + Design raving sale sabes het lpecir + Matearaeinacrdance ith the design drag SCAFFOLD Regulation 25-Werking Platform + Shale de rare orpaned + Alea 35 mn iefrotg lens men ied se fur ihr pln Regulation 36-Werhing Platform, + Spuebtwen wing pam and tbe bulge shallot exe 46mm + itor sal bees fe fom abstcin, sate bi, pjecg ale hey cedion SCAFFOLD Regulation 86- Grad Ral and Toe Board ‘Moet meteor the parm + Misia mare tan 6B eae Toetoat + Toebrarcntlessten20 eng SCAFFOLD Regulation 5- Inspection Safad + Stalelaspced by Destedeon + Bey dey » fein: maerhegh + Mtecegsedta bad wear + Recodo ute eptat te ete