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MELAKA BIOTECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Lot 7, MITC City, Hang Tuah Jaya, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka, MALAYSIA TEL: 06 ~231 2522 | FAKS: 06-231 3278 saieppee gias Wobsito: www ello coma SAN NO. 307 MCV Rav8 COANO MBC-2019-CF-0151 TEST ITEM ID. : MBC-0361-19 DATE OF ISSUE 1 05 NARCH 2019 CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS CUSTOMER : SINSING COFFEE SDN BHD PLOT 3:31, JALAN TIC 25, KAWASAN PERINDUSTRIAN CHENG FASA3, 75250 MELAKA, TESTITEM DESCRIPTION; ONE(1)SAMPLE OF SOLID FORM TEST ITEM MARKING 1 MEET U- U CHOC (CRIGINAL| DATE OF RECEIPT. 1 20/2019 DATE OF TESTING TEST PARAMETER UNIT ‘TEST METHOD RESULT unr 22IFebi19 “Saturated Fat g/100g | AOAC 996.06, 17th Ed 93 NA 22Febl19 “Trans Fatty Acid gig | AOAC 996.06, 17thEd 03 NA 22Febli9 "Monounsaturated Fat gig | AOAC99608, 17th Ed 18 NA 22Febl9 “Polyunsaturated Fat g'i0tg | AOAC996.06, 17th Ed 08 NA 4 MYISTP/431 basod on J 22IFeb!19 ‘Chelesterol mal1008 | soKC VoL78, No.6, 995 00 NA RENARKS: 4, Testeditestitems were not be relurned, unless request by customer within *4 days fiom Date of Issue cetifcete, 2. Complaint can be made within +4 days from Dab of Issue certfcat. 4, The semple has been pravided by the cuslomer, this result apples te the sample as received 4, Tested paremeter marked * are Exlemally provided and Accredited, 5, NA= Not Agpicable Approved SI AISHAH BINTI AZIZ (CHEMIST) IKM NO.M35756473/13 “Ta repatstialy mato creaton or advetsng purposoand eannatbe repoduid wet wrten aprovl of he lbomton, “The est tthe em etos ONLY, A ares are caries otto the boat cure a ally an ou pail ied coeciness fhe esl. Ay enqu, ise cotacus, Page tott