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John Emryk G.


My 2018 Christmas Vacation

This is my 2018 Christmas vacation, I am very excited to celebrate my Christmas

with my family and friends because it is the best season to gather with them and to have
many activities with them is so exciting. This is also the best season because, it is the
birth of Jesus and have our family reunion.

Christmas eve is the best time to celebrate, after Christmas our family starts buying
some gifts for our relatives, our family also buys food for the “noche Buena”. After the
Christmas we attend mass and it is called “simbang gabi”, you should complete the days
of the mass. And also our family will gather at my grandparent’s home.

I celebrate my Christmas day by starting on attending a morning mass, after

attending a morning mass, it is the time to celebrate with our family, relatives, and friends.
On Christmas day we met new friends or people to celebrate with. During Christmas day
we also share our presents with our loved ones and it is the one of the best events in

After Christmas, my family is starting to prepare for the upcoming new year. It is
the time to prepare for new year and it is also the best time because every new year each
one of our family members had a wish, not just a wish, it is the wish for the next year
especially a wish for yourself. We also buy some firecrackers for new years eve, and until
new years eve we celebrate and we still feel the presence of Chirstmas.

These are the things that I do during Christmas season. Christmas is very exciting
right? It is the best time to spend with our family and friends. For having a family reunion
and meet different people, were about to thank God for all the blessing that he gave us.