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My lessons were based around earthworms, focusing on gathering information on them and how they help

our environment. The best way for me to do this was through science using a social constructivism

approach. The ICT tools I chose help students either gather information or share information in a creative

and interactive ways. In year two science students are exploring how things grow and how science can be

used to help the environment such as our worm farm (SCSA, 2014). The year two science strand also

highlights how students will engage in guided investigation to explore and answer questions. Thus, I found

using iPads and particular apps to be the most beneficial. Out of all tablets used, iPads make up

approximately 99.8% of them making them significant to our world (Powell, 2014). They also fit well into all

learning environments as they can be modified to meet the individual learning needs of each student. The

apps that I decided to use are, QR codes, stage, explain everything, book creator, popplet and pic collage.

QR Codes: QR codes are a great and easy tool to promote active learning. A QR code is a digital barcode

that you scan with your camera and it will take you to a particular destination. I decided to use QR codes as

they help facilitate student engagement and learning as they have access to the right material. As the

students are in year two, they are still developing the skills on how to research. This allows the student to

conduct their investigations using resources that are age appropriate.

Stage: Similar to the explain everything app, stage allows you to combine images with an interactive

whiteboard. Students are able to upload photos and draw and record over the top of them to create an

interactive live video. I chose this app as it is a simplified version of explain everything allowing students

build an understanding on the features that they can transfer over to the explain everything app. I also

chose this app as the students are able to share their information in a interactive and creative way.

Explain everything: This app allows students to get creative with their learning as i students create slides

using a variety of multimedia. Students can upload photos, videos, web links, insert shapes, text, audio

recordings and draw. I decided to use this app as students can work together collaboratively to

demonstrate their understanding of the topic in a creative way. Students have the freedom to explore the

features and decide what way works for them to present their information. For example, some student

may want to record their voice to explain their information while others may decide to just use texts and
picture. This gives students the flexibility in their learning which will encourage them to get actively


Pic collage: Pic collage is an easy to use app that allows you to create picture collages of images. Within my

lesson I asked the students to create a pic collage of what worms can/ cannot eat. I decided to use this app

as it allowed the students to creative and develop their digital technology abilities. The students can then

save their collage and use it in their book creator app later.

Popplet: Popplet is a mind map app that allows students to create interactive brain storms with pictures

and video links. I decided to use popplet as it allows student to develop their brain storming skills in an

interactive and collaborative setting. Once completed students can then save their mind map and add it to

their book creator to add to their final product.

Book creator: Book creator is an app that allows you to create you own books. Book creator is versatile app

that can be used in every learning area and is a great way to get students actively involved in their learning.

I decided to use book creator as it is a simple but versatile app that students can use to produce creative

work. It is easily accessible, and the books save to the app easily. Students can easily add the photos from

their other tasks to their book allowing them to share all their information in the one area. By the end of

the last lesson the students will have a completed book sharing their information about how to care for

earth worms and how they help our environment.