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In Wake of Horrific Murders of Muslims in New Zealand, South FL Social Justice

Communities Commit to Challenging Islamophobia

Friday, March 15, In the wake of such heartbreaking, horrifying violence against
Muslims worshiping in Christchurch, New Zealand, we, in South Florida social justice
communities, recommit ourselves--with full force--to joining with Muslim and all
communities to challenge and resist anti-Muslim racism, white supremacy, and hate in
the streets, in mosques, in domestic and foreign policies, and in all spheres of our

To our Muslim friends in South Florida and across the country and to our partners in the
struggle for a just world, we are with you.

Dream Defenders
Family Action Network Movement (FANM)
Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC)
Jewish Voice for Peace--South FL
Jews Against Anti-Muslim Racism
New Florida Majority
Participatory Action Research Center (PARCEO)

To support the victims and their families, you can contribute here:

To sign onto the statement, please contact ​​.