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QUESTIONNAIRE  ₱ 5,000 below

 ₱ 5,001 – 10,000
Name (optional): _________________________________  ₱ 10,001 – 15,000
Age: ______  ₱ 15,001 – 20,000
Sex: ____ Male ____Female  ₱ 20,001 above.
I. Direction: Please check () the following information 5. What is your working status?
about you in the given statement below.  Regular
1. What is your Civil Status?  Temporary
 Single  On the Job Training
 Married  Working Student
 Widowed/Widower  Others, specify; _________
 Separated 6. What is your highest educational attainment?
 Living together  Elementary level
 Others, specify; __________  Elementary graduate
2. What is your current position?  High School level
 Clerk  High School graduate
 Motorcycle Technician  Vocational – Technical Graduate
 Accounting Officer  College level
 Others, specify; ___________  College Graduate
3. How many years have you been with the company?  MA/MS level
 1month – 1yr  MA/MS Graduate
 2yrs – 3yrs  Doctoral level
 4yrs – 5yrs  Doctoral Graduate
 6yrs and above Scal
Verbal Interpretation
4. How much is your monthly income?
Being fully contented
4 Very Satisfied 4 3 2 1
about the thing.
Being pleased and 3. Company gives equal
3 Satisfied
content on the thing. opportunities for both sex ( Male
Being not contented on and Female employees)
2 Dissatisfied
the things. 4. The company hires and recognize
Being fully not contented employee thru skill and knowledge
1 Totally Dissatisfied
about the thing.
Work Attitude
1. Company gives attention to the
employees’ working attitude.
II. Direction: Please check () and rate yourself honestly
based on what you actually feels in the given 2. I think my work is appreciated.
statements using the following scales: 3. I experience personal growth such
as updating skills and learning
PERSONAL FACTORS 4 3 2 1 different jobs
Age 4. Management looks to me for
1. Company allows older employees suggestions and leadership
to have job. 5. I am valued by my supervisor
2. The company gives importance to
seniority of work. 6. I solve customers’ problems.
3. Company treats employee fairly
regardless of their age. ORGANIZATIONAL FACTORS
4. Company gives equal Company Policies
opportunities aside from what age 1. The company policies regulates
of employees is. rules accordingly
5. Company continue to give
2. The company policies considers
trainings for seniors and new
cultural diversities
comer employees.
Sex 3. The company gives pensions to
1. Company treats employees retiree employee.
regardless of his or her gender. 4. The company provides benefits
2. Company is concerned with the such as SSS & PAGIBIG
gender equality in the work place. 5. The company’s compensation
scheme is fair.
4 3 2 1 Facilities
Promotional Changes 1. I have the tools and resources I
1. The Company offers rewards need to do my job.
based on performance. 2. The company facilities always
2. I receive recognition when I have maintenance check-up for
perform above expectations. premises and work equipment.
3. I am rewarded for exceeding my 3. Company keep floors and traffic
goals. routes free from obstruction.
4. Performance incentives are clearly 4. Company make sure that any
transparent (e.g. glass) doors or
linked to standards and goals.
walls are protected or made of
5. The performance incentives are
safety material
meaningful. 5. Company has toilets and hand
WORKING ENVIRONMENT FACTORS basins, with soap and towels or a
1. I am given clear instructions and
1. Safety is the primary concern at
the Company.
2. I do not feel micro-managed. 2. My Supervisor would not ask me
3. I am treated fairly by My to perform an unsafe procedure.
Supervisor. 3. Managers regularly meet with
employees to discuss safety
4. My Supervisor communicates the issues.
actions necessary for me to take 4. Work stops immediately if a safety
to achieve organizational issue arises.
objectives. 5. The Company has fire and
earthquake drill to be sure in case
5. My Supervisor gives me feedback of calamity.
that helps me improve my work. 6. Company has good ventilation or
a ventilation system.
6. My immediate supervisor is
7. Company provides insurance for
always available for quick
4 3 2 1