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Volume 14 Issue 24 FREE March 15, 2019

Sullivan’s Island • Isle of Palms • Goat Island • Dewees Island

Sullivan’s Island
2019 election

ullivan's Island City Council election will be
held on Tuesday, May 7. The election for 3
seats serving 4-year terms pits 3 incumbents,
Mark Howard, Rita Langley and Bachman Smith
against newcomers Greg Hammond and Kaye
Smith. The Island Eye will ask six questions of each

candidate. The first three will be published in our

March 29 issue. Stay tuned to
for updates throughout the election.
SC politics:
Each candidate was invited to provide
announcements for this issue.

Greg Hammond announces run

Plastic’s Ban on Ban
A better job of keeping Sullivan’s great
I’m running for Town Council to 1) expand town
services to better maintain our island in the face H E A R I N G O N S E N AT E B I L L 3 9 4 S C H E D U L E D M A R . 2 0
of rapid Charleston-area growth and 2) proactively
find new ways to fund the cost of our growing
service requirements.
I’m 37-years-old and have lived on Sullivan’s for THE ISLAND EYE NEWS STAFF WRITER
10 years with my wife Kate; we have two children

that attend / will attend SIES and two dogs – we omething to know before visiting Weinstein first started looking in
spend A LOT of time at the island’s beach, parks the Statehouse in Columbia; water earnest when studying the effects of
and restaurants. Like most, we moved to Sullivan’s from the drinking fountain contains microplastics in Charleston’s own back
because we like Sullivan’s - the way it is. We have microplastics. yard was added to his bailiwick in 2013.
a great island with a great culture and small town The National Oceanic Atmospheric “WISTV’s Paul Rivera first contacted us
feel and I think nearly everyone would like to see Administration defines the substance about doing the study… so we looked at
that continue. as any plastic debris smaller than 5 mm reservoirs, surface water and tap water
This, however, is becoming a taller order by (about the size of sesame seed, they say). in and around Richland County,” said
the day. Sullivan’s Island, population 2,000, is Dr. John Weinstein, Chair of the Biology Weinstein. College of Charleston graduate
responsible for managing and maintaining beaches Department and Professor of Physiology student Sarah Nell usually works in
for ~1/3 of the 775,000 Charleston area residents. at The Citadel said during a phone call on Weinstein’s lab studying the effects of
We’ve all seen the impact of increased island use: March 8, he was probably the only person microplastics on grass shrimp. Because
the trash on the beach and access paths, the who wasn’t surprised by the findings in a of her experience with the emerging
summertime gridlock, the parking problems, the study he administered for The Citadel. science, Nell was tapped for the project in
dog-bags that are left behind. “What around us isn’t made of synthetic Columbia and did a lot of the fieldwork for
We must expand Town services to better manage materials? Everything is wrapped in the study. Nell and Weinstein’s findings
our growing visitor population and maintain the plastic. Tires are made of rubber and came at an interesting time for a couple
quality of our beach, parks, access paths and other plastic elastomers that deposit on of reasons.
public spaces. Many island spots are already in need roads and wash into Charleston harbor The Atlantic reported in an article
of catch-up work to address deferred maintenance with every rain… [Microplastics] are dated Feb. 27 that Newcastle University
issues. I believe we are (unfortunately) at a point everywhere we’ve ever looked; in the air, professor Alan Jamieson found
where we need a paid litter removal service to Acrtic ice, on mountain tops, beer, table
Candidates continues on page 4 salt and in water,” said Weinstein. Ban continues on page 9


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2 March 15, 2019

Sullivan’s Island Mayors Message

Dear Island Neighbors, are Gregory Hammond, Mark Howard, Rita Langley, Bachman Smith
and Kaye Smith.
A variety of items for you again this month. Once again, the pastor and members of the Sunrise Presbyterian
ST. PATRICK’S DAY CELEBRATIONS, THE DAY BEFORE ST. Church are generously offering use of their facility as our polling
PATRICK’S DAY place. On Election Day, it will be open from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. Absentee
Speaking purely objectively, the commemoration of good St. Patrick voting is available before then through the Charleston County Board
is devoted to such a worthy saint with such a beautiful name that of Elections and Voter Registration.
the Island will be celebrating it a day early this year. There are two If you are not currently registered to vote on the Island, you have
events of note. until April 6 to register if you want to vote in this election. For more
First, our annual family-oriented celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in information on this election, go to
Stith Park will be held this Sat., March 16, from 10 a.m.-noon. The Please learn about the candidates and their positions. But I offer
Town is happy to again sponsor this enjoyable and entertaining event one caveat: If you encounter letters, postings, signs etc. that do not
for leprechauns of all ages. indicate their author or sponsor, they are best disregarded. Ballots
Says Council Recreation Committee Chair Sarah Church, “We have should be anonymous, but not campaign claims.
Hungry Monk music performing Irish music, and No Hands Magic DID YOU CHANGE YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR BATTERIES WHEN
will join us for an interactive comedy/magic show. See you there!” THE TIME CHANGED?
For more info Our Fire Chief Anthony Stith reminds us that the changes of time
Second, during the day Saturday you can also come out to enjoy betwixt Standard and Daylight Savings should be twice-a-year cues
the annual commercial district celebration with food and beverages for changing the batteries in all our smoke detectors that rely on
inside and outside our restaurants, which will occur basically as batteries for power. If you did not do this last weekend, please do it
it did last year. Middle St. will remain open to traffic, but PLEASE NOW! How long can it take?
drive slowly in that area to avoid injuring any of our Irish-for-a-day If you have a security monitoring service and you’re not sure
revelers. Station 22 ½ between Middle St. and I’on Ave. (alongside whether your smoke and CO detectors have batteries that might need
Dunleavy’s) will be closed to traffic during the day and will reopen to replacement, please call your service.
Please celebrate responsibly. Chief of Police Chris Griffin tells us It wasn’t easy, because taking the path of least resistance at
that there will be law enforcement aplenty here and across the area. several times over the last several decades could have led to a vastly,
If you intend to party beyond walking distance of home, plan to get vastly different place than the one we love to call home. To emphasize
home with a personally trusted designated driver or Uber or Lyft. that point, consider the title of an upcoming talk on those earlier,
Also: impaired driving of a golf cart is as illegal as impaired driving of critical choices: "Sullivan’s Island Turning Points: Myrtle Beach or
a car or truck. Nantucket?”
ISLAND ELECTION DATES On Thurs., March 21 at 6 p.m., the Battery Gadsden Cultural
Our next Town election will be Tues., May 7. This year three Council Center will offer another richly informative look into our past and how
seats are up for election (we have staggered terms; the other three
seats and that of the Mayor will be up in 2021). This year’s candidates Mayor continues on page 6
9 March 15, 2019 3
CIVIC Lucky Dog Publishing
o f SC , LL C

Isle of Palms City Council Publisher of the

The Island Eye News
and The Island Connection


t’s nice to see an involved audience,” did Councilmember Ferencz adding that Council
proclaimed Mayor Carroll at the opening needs to be sure to look at all departments, not
of the Feb. 26 City Council meeting. It was just police. The increase passed unanimously.
indeed a packed house as the Mayor prayed for Mayor Carroll then proposed a 7% increase Lynn Pierotti
guidance and wisdom. Roll was called, and minutes for certified police officers that have graduated
approved and adopted by all councilmembers from the Academy. Councilmember Buckhannon publisher
present and accounted for. reminded Council that officer retention is not
Citizens comments saw the bulk of the night’s just an issue with IOP. Other municipalities offer Katy Calloway
action, with Scott Pierce addressing Council with incentives, including sign on bonuses as well as
managing editor
his concerns regarding fiscal transparency and pay increases. Administrator Fragoso summed up
suggestions about what could be done about it. the recommendations from Ways & Means: Jennifer Tuohy
His comments have been have been printed in this • Keep salary range for noncertified officers at
issue of the Island Eye News. $39,263 contributing editor
Barby Harrington’s comments explained the • Certified starts at $42,000 range
complex relationship between The IOP Exchange • Non-certified officers, hired by police Swan Richards
Club and the IOPCC. Her comments are also department, get increase after they complete senior graphic designer

included in this issue of The Island Eye News. academy and field training Alejandro Ferreyros
Henry Haggerty took to the podium to express • Current patrol officers and detectives with graphic designer
his upset with the flooding in the circle next to less than 10 yrs service get 1% increase for
his property at Forest Trail and the impact of the each year of service Lori McGee 843-614-0901
development slated to begin in the adjacent area. • Current patrol officers and detectives with less advertising executive

Haggerty was followed by a Forest Trails neighbor, than 10 yrs service by .5% per year of service Christian LeBlanc
Jamie Zazella, also concerned about the drainage • Sworn officers with more than 10 yrs service
proposed for the pending development. She would get .25% increase for each year social media
like to see the permitting process slowed and • Estimated projected savings in FY19 budget
drainage more carefully considered. due to vacancies is $128,222. Impact of these Gregg Bragg
Margaret Mitchell, homeowner since 2000, is adjustments to the FY19 budget is $43,484. Mimi Wood
also concerned with drainage and submitted to The motion passed unanimously. staff writers
Council photos of her grandchildren canoeing in Councilmember Ward than asked to
the street over the Thanksgiving holiday, adding suspend rules of order to address item on the •
that, “This has been going on for years.” agenda regarding the Single Use Plastic Ban.
Brian Enright and Judy Murray also spoke of Councilmember Smith described a recommended
flooding concerns. addition to the ordinance prohibiting extruded CONTRIBUTORS
Councilmember Ward gave the Ways and Means polystyrene foam products/containers and plastic
report stating that all revenues for FY19, are at straws and stirrers. The restriction exempts KATIE O’BRIE
51% of budget, expenditures are at 44%. The plastic cutlery, and food servicewear made out of GEOFF BENNETT
General Fund balance is $630,218. Cash balances compostable and recyclable materials. Suggested CLAIRE RONEY
are $17,496,000. Ward referenced several budget changes will also prohibit condiment packets ERICA TAYLOR
workshops that have taken place over the past and plastic lids. A motion was made to delay the PAULA KRAMER
couple of months. The Committee has been looking vote on the second reading and was approved EDWARD JONES FINANCIAL
specifically at the police department compensation unanimously.
and recommends that junior officiers receive an Back to the agenda, discussion ensued around •
increase in pay in order to retain them after they increasing numerous fees including stormwater
complete training. fees, residential rental license fees, building permit PUBLISHED BY
Mayor Carroll then proposed a 2.5% merit fees and Comcast franchise fees. Votes were mixed Lucky Dog Publishing
increase for the FY20 budget. Councilmember Bell but ultimately all increases passed. of South Carolina, LLC
P.O. Box 837
clarified that if the intent is to establish acceptable The Public Safety Committee continues
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
HR practice of midpoints, percentage against discussing the pay-to-park project for Palm Blvd.
those midpoints, then he supports it. If the intent and the public transit initiative. DOT has purchased
is “peanut butter spread”, those at the top get vans to transport visitors and is working to identify Submit your letters to the editor to:
roughly 4 times the amount of money that those park-and-ride locations in Mt. Pleasant. They hope
at the lower end of the pay scale receive, then
he will dissent. Councilmember Moye agreed, as Council continues on page 10
MAR. 20 for our MAR. 29 issue
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4 March 15, 2019
Candidates continues from cover budget, however, is relatively managing data analytics for organizing Town-sponsored
fixed at its current level. Meeting Street Schools. In his family events such as the 4th of
How do we keep up? We need free time he travels, surfs and July celebration; and lead efforts
to begin the discipline of match- explores the beach with his to create the Town’s first farmer’s
funding visitor management family. market. Fiscal responsibility and
costs with visitor revenues. For informed decision-making are
example: fees from visitor dog my priorities.
tags and bonfire permits should Email: A retired educator, I have lived
cover the management, clean-up on Sullivan’s Island since 1991.
and enforcement costs incurred Langley seeks re-election I moved here for the small-town
by the programs. We need to Building on success of last 4 years community, great school, and
actively explore paid parking to because it’s a wonderful place to
help fund traffic management raise our four children.
in and litter removal from on- My husband, Milton Langley,
street parking areas. We need to and I purchased the historic Post
make it easier for our residents to Quartermaster building at 1618
privately fund projects – the Town Middle St. 28 years ago and it’s
should pre-approve a “wish- been an on-going renovation
list” of capital improvements. project ever since. Living in a
It should also streamline the historic home I appreciate our
Greg Hammond. approval process for additional Island’s unique heritage. We
privately sponsored efforts. are a community committed to
regularly clean our beach In closing, I believe we need preserving our history but always
and parks. We need to better to move away from the single- with an eye to the future. I love
communicate to visitors the issue, stack the deck politics of this island, the residents and our
location of our public restrooms the last few elections and elect quality of life.
and the ample parking available individuals who will be good I consider it a privilege to
at Town Hall. We need to make stewards of our island for the serve my community. I would be
it easier for residents to access next generation. I look forward honored to continue my work as
the parks, commercial district to the opportunity to earn your Rita Langley.
chairman of the Land Use and
and beach through expanded vote, and hope you find that I will Natural Resources Committee,
golf-cart designated parking. We fairly and responsibly represent overseeing the final stages of
need to work with SC DOT to you. Our island is great, let’s do a I am excited to run for re- the water/sewer upgrades, and
repair and maintain our culverts better job of keeping it that way! election for Sullivan’s Island my hands-on approach to family
to alleviate flooding. We need to Greg Hammond is Director of Town Council and continue the oriented activities. Going forward,
stop reckless speeding on our Analytics and Valuation at the hard work of tackling the Island’s tackling flooding and resiliency
back roads during summer traffic country’s largest privately held critical projects. are top priorities.
jams. consumer finance company. Over the last four years, we have In a small community with
Our small Town will need to He studied economics at accomplished much. I am proud varied and strong opinions,
continue to expand resources Dartmouth College and worked to have negotiated a compromise civility, hard work, and respect
devoted to many of these efforts as an investment professional on managing the accredited land; are the ingredients to getting
to keep pace with Charleston’s at a Boston-area hedge fund spearheaded the Island’s plastic things done. I will continue to
population boom (3x national before moving to Charleston in ban ordinance; overseeing the listen to residents and work
population growth.) Our annual 2007. Charitable work includes water/sewer system upgrade; shoulder to shoulder with my
March 15, 2019 5
fellow Councilmembers and staff process of giving back through beauty and traditions. I have been are wisely spent. I will look to
to continue the successes of the service on the Board of Zoning a resident on Sullivan’s Island source other options for help with
last four years. Appeals. I continue my service for more than a dozen years. covering the cost of the impact of
today after I was elected and My husband, Scott and I raised the growing influx of visitors.
I am always available to talk
given the privilege of sitting on our three children here. I am 3. Connected Community
about what matters to you. Town Council 4 years ago. I am deeply committed to this special Our island has been called
Call or stop by Middle St. running again because I would community we all treasure and Mayberry by the Sea. It’s no
very much like the opportunity to love. wonder. Sullivan’s Island is
Bachman Smith seeks second continue what has become a true As President of the Sullivan’s special because of its people:
term labor of love. Island Park Foundation for young, old, families, longtime
Service is labor of love I look forward to seeing the last 10 years, I have logged residents, new faces. I’ll create
you around town and please thousands of volunteer hours and opportunities for us to come
remember to mark your calendars raised more than $100,000 for together as a community to share
for Election Day, May 7. improvements to our town parks, our warmth and passion for this
playgrounds, tennis courts and remarkable place we get to call
Bachman S. Smith IV.
other civic amenities. As a board home. member for other local area
Kaye Smith
institutions, I work to improve the
Kaye Smith for Town Council fiscal strength and governance
Sensible leadership for the island of community organizations
in education, healthcare and Incumbent Howard runs again
the arts. I am collaborative and Keeping the Island’s future in
results oriented. I will rely on mind
my proven experience, work
ethic and civic pride to help
strategically and sensibly plan
and manage our island for today
and for our future.
My Priorities
1. Healthy Infrastructure
Bachman Smith.
Nuts and bolts matter,
especially for our growing and
I am honored to announce that popular island. I will work to
I will be seeking a second term ensure we have clean, non-
on the Sullivan’s Island Town flooded roads, safe and well
Council. maintained parks and put a new
I currently serve on Town lens on historic properties. Our
Council because of the generosity, beaches and public areas are
kindness, and support of my a gift that we should be good
Sullivan’s Island friends and stewards of and take pride in.
family. I decided to run and serve Kaye Smith. 2. Prudent Financial Management
because the Island has given so we love As the communities around us
much to me and my family over I grew up in the South on a grow, it is essential we prudently Mark Howard.
the past 49 years. farm, with a deep appreciation for manage our financial resources.
Almost 8 years ago I started the I will make sure our tax dollars Candidates continues on page 6
our region’s natural resources,
6 March 15, 2019 7

Candidates continues from page 5

As an Island native it has been the Fire Station Rehabilitation,

Mayor continues from page 2
it influences our current life on the Island. At the Fort Moultrie Visitor
Center Auditorium, the group will premiere a videotaped interview of
Front Beach Fest 2019
with a profound sense of pride to Stormwater drainage, and Sewer former long-time resident and public servant, Carl Smith, followed by a MARCH 9
be serving line I&I treatment are in varies Q&A session with him in person.
a term of office on Town Council. stages of completion. Carl served the Town for decades, as a member of the Board of
We owe to the Island’s children our We have been successful in Zoning Appeals and then Town Council and then Mayor. (Don’t hold
best efforts to preserve our Island taking some politics and emotions this against Carl, but I honor him as an important mentor of mine
assets and sense of community out of the Council’s decision- throughout many of my years in Town involvement).
for their use. The retention of our making process along with a good Please come out to learn about many of our past critical controversies
unique, single-family oriented deal more transparency. A new and decision points, some of which you might not be aware of. For
community is what sparked my transition zone plan has been more info visit
sense of duty to run for re-election. passed and awaits implementation
I also feel a sense of responsibility and review. The parking plan I CAN YOU DIG IT? ARE YOU SURE??
to see the completion of the many spearheaded seems to be operating OK, Spring impends and you are getting the itch to lay in some new
construction projects currently with some effectiveness. The flower beds, or to plant some bushes or trees you’ve been thinking
planned. palms planted on the causeway about, all on your own estate. What could go wrong?
When elected four years ago; are taking root and are having the Plenty, if you or your workers happen to slice through any of the
seems like yesterday, there was an canopy effect I had hoped for when things that may be serving you and your family from somewhere a
atmosphere that the Town needed I suggested their planting. few inches below the surface of your yard: electricity, land line phone,

to make more progress on several I am running for re-election for cable, water, sewer. But where are those things?
You may not know, but you can (and should) get someone who does nother successful year of celebrating IOP and its residents.
projects that confronted the Island. the opportunity to oversee the The local flavor of this spring event is what makes it special.
There was some frustration with a current planned projects finished know to locate them. Just call 811.
Governor Henry McMaster has proclaimed April of 2019 as “Safe Folks danced while kids played and IOP gears up for another
lack of inertia and some gridlock with efficiency and oversight. season of surf, sand and sun.
in making construction headway. I wish to satisfy my sense of Digging Month” to encourage us to call 811 to ask for locator services
It was with some satisfaction that responsibility to complete what to identify those lines. You should call at least three days before your
a great deal of advancement has we have started with the Island’s planned dig. Business hours for the service are 7:30–5:30, Monday–
been made in the last four years. future always in mind. Friday.
Many infrastructure projects RE. BUTTS ON THE BEACH
are in construction or in various Mark Howard Last month I asked for suggestions on how we could step up our
design phases. Examples are a public outreach and education efforts to encourage folks to dispose
new wastewater treatment plant, of their cigarette butts responsibly. Several of you were concerned
enough to submit suggestions, which I’ve forwarded to our Land Use
and Natural Resources Committee. I appreciate those suggestions, and
invite any more that you might have.
See you around the Island!

Pat O’Neil, Mayor

843.670.9266 | | @oneilpm1

8 March 15, 2019
letters to the editor missions. We are developing
special community events and
to expenses, representing over
80% of the $10.2 million General
water access programs for those Fund Budgeted Revenue.
IOP Exchange Club and IOPCC Festival. Several IOP Rec teams we serve: Community, Veterans, Yet, unlike other communities,
explained wear the Exchange Club shirt, and Youth, who may benefit from there is no public payroll
and we have volunteered for the healing nature of water. disclosure on the IOP website
I have been an active member of the Halloween Festival, Front There is a lot of history and including positions, salaries,
the Isle of Palms Exchange Club Beach celebrations, and the a vision that we can share with number of employees, or other
for 11 years having been inspired Farmers Market. We’ve hosted anyone who has questions. We common municipal disclosures.
by my parents’ involvement in the a complimentary Sunrise Easter would like to invite our City And only until recently have
50s and 60s. I am currently Past Breakfast at the Club for over 20 Council members to meet with councilmembers seen this
President of the IOP Exchange years. our Board for more information, information for the first time. When
Club, and Chair of the Isle of The IOP Club is among a lucky and to explore how we can best attempts were previously made
Palms Community Corporation, few who enjoy a physical location. serve our island community with to obtain salary information, it
the IOPCC. This is where the IOPCC comes our services and our facilities. has apparently been a challenge.
I’ve learned over time that many in, over 58 years ago. Several responses from members
who have passed by the club had In 1961, J.C. Long donated the Barbara Harrington of the community attempting to
not understood what “Exchange” property at 201 Palm Blvd for the Isle of Palms obtain this information can be
is. Many others are not aware use of the Exchange Club. The _____________________________ summarized by one: “We hit a
of the Exchange Club’s 58-year IOPCC was established then, by brick wall… about making this
relationship with the IOPCC. I’d members of the club to receive
Regarding fiscal transparency information available.”
like to offer an explanation. the ownership of this property. Some payroll information has
The IOP Exchange Club More recently, the IOPCC added finally made its way to Council
I’d like to address progress
is a chapter of the National another hat as the 501(c)(3) resulting in constructive debate
regarding transparency.
Exchange Club. We are a 501(c) “foundation arm” of the Exchange about specific pay and staffing.
It’s important for a community
(4) charitable organization, and Club, supporting its missions, And it may have yielded positive
and many councilmembers ran
have served our community for and offering a tax-deductible results- the discovery that at
on it during the last election.
over 70 years. Our services are option for club donations. the lower end of the pay ranges,
In government, where funding
based on the National Club’s These two organizations hold adjustments may be needed in
comes from residents through
missions: Community, Veterans, hands in lock-step with mission pay and qualifications. In other
taxes and fees, it’s a public duty
Youth and our national project, and organization. Our current ranges of the IOP pay scale, there
to disclose in detail where the
the Prevention of Child Abuse. President, Tom Vandenberg, have also been discoveries about
money is raised and spent.
We focus our efforts on helping President Elect Melody Yale, and total compensation including
On Isle of Palms, for fiscal year
through volunteering and I as Immediate Past President comparable market salaries,
2019, the largest and fastest-
various fundraisers. Partnering reside on both boards of the overtime assignments, fringe
growing category of expenses
with IOP City, our IOP Connector club and foundation with other
are, by far, the $8.2 million
Run and Walk for the Child members of the club.
annual Budgeted Payroll related Letters continues on page 9
offers around $50,000 annually The gift of our property is a
to local Child Abuse Prevention gem that we wish to polish and
organizations. The annual Oyster give back to the community in
Roast funds our scholarships a new legacy of service. Our All letters submitted to The Island Eye News must bear a full name, address and phone number
and local veterans support Legacy Community Service for verification. Only the author’s name and city will be printed. Submissions are accepted via
activities. We support commerce Program will bring improvements email to or mail to PO. Box 837, Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482.
and camaraderie through the to our waterfront property for Letters may be edited for length and readability. The Island Eye News reserves the right to reject
Front Beach Crawl and Marina the purpose of expanding our letters that are libelous, unseemly, not individually addressed to The Island Eye News or that
have been previously published elsewhere.
9 March 15, 2019 9

Ban continues from cover Talley and Climer, both from the Upstate, are
Letters continues from page 8
sponsoring Senate Bill 394—a proposal that
benefits, accelerating pension violates home rule, and would prevent towns and
expense, company cars, numbers cities in South Carolina from passing local bans
of employees and payroll increases on single-use plastics.
for employees paid multiples of a “Noticeably missing from the bill? A clause
comparable market range. grandfathering in communities that have already
It was requested at last month’s taken meaningful steps to address single-use
Council meeting by Councilmember plastic[s including;] Isle of Palms, Folly Beach,
Bell that IOP salaries be posted Surfside Beach, Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s
publicly. As a start, IOP Council Island, Charleston, James Island, Beaufort
could join the transparent State County And every single municipality in Beaufort
of South Carolina, Charleston County.
County, City of Charlston, Folly “We need to call out this bill for what it is; an
Beach and all the other transparent industry-backed proposal that is meant to blunt
communities by publicly posting local progress, and your right to protect your
the details of the largest category of waterways, wildlife and public health…”
expenditures in the annual budget It is worth noting report that Georgetown
on the IOP website. This would microplastics in every single critter pulled from should be included in that list, that Seabrook
include IOP employee positions, the Mariana Trench. and most Myrtle Beach area municipalities are
pay and headcount. It’s a simple A particularly alarming part of the article considering ordinances similar to their coastal
two page posting. reads, “The world produces an estimated 10 tons brethren, or that the Small Business Chamber of
In business, we could not of plastic a second, and between 5 million and Commerce echoed her sentiments.
approve budgets, manage 14 million tons sweep into the oceans every year. S0394 is modeled after the House version of the
our business or develop any Some of that debris washes up on beaches, even on bill, which failed during the previous legislative
meaningful, forward plans without the world’s most isolated islands. About 5 trillion session. Asked who was behind the resurrection,
details or benchmarking total pieces currently float in surface waters, mostly Cedzo said many American Legislative Exchange
compensation and headcount. in the form of tiny, easy-to-swallow fragments Council (ALEC) backed organizations like the
I have provided IOP City that have ended up in the gut of albatrosses, sea SC Retail Association, the SC Manufacturers
Councilmembers samples of South turtles, plankton, fish, and whales. But those Association, as well as the SC Chamber of
Carolina Community website pieces also sink, snowing into the deep sea…” Commerce. She also noted the headquarters of
disclosures along with what IOP’s There are also political considerations when it several plastics manufacturers are located in
could look like if IOP adopted the comes to plastic. Hartsville, SC, and may be contributing to S394’s
Folly Beach format for positions Neither Dr. Weinstein nor Sarah Nell were reintroduction.
with pay greater than $50,000. comfortable weighing in on the politics of plastics, The bill is currently in a subset/sub-committee
Several others and public but the Coastal Conservation League’s Land, of the Labor, Commerce, and Industry Committee,
benchmark data are available with Water, and Wildlife Program Director Emily Cedzo but will likely pass to the full committee after a
a simple search. lives for it. She recently touted the findings in hearing scheduled for March 20.
Thank you. a call to action following the resurrection of the Contact information for South Carolina officials
“ban on [plastics] ban” in the current legislative is available on our website at LuckyDogNews.
Scott Pierce session. com.
Isle of Palms Cedzo’s email of Jan. 22 said in part, “Senators
Council continues from page 3
to have the transit system up and running by late summer.
Coyote management is underway. New traps have caught two
coyotes and six raccoons.
Council then voted to award a contract to Motorola for a budgeted
expense of $247,644.75 to replace portable and mobile police radios.
Councilmember Smith gave the Public Works Committee report,
the highlight being the conclusion of the infrastructure for Phase II
drainage project. Landscaping should be completed by May. Council
voted unanimously to approve an expenditure, up to $25,000, for
materials for the replacement of failed cross-line pipes along Ocean
The topic of franchise agreements for beach vendors, including surf
camps and lessons brought several questions from Councilmember
Bell including what is the position of the City relative to Wild Dunes
and relative to other parts of the beach? Fragoso recommended that
the questions be presented to the City’s attorney. Councilmember
Smith noted that the Recreation Committee has postponed
discussion for a future meeting.
Councilmember Moye was elected Chair of the Personnel Committee
at its meeting. His report included updates on the search for Chief
of Police, City Administrator and Assistant for Public Works. A short
list of qualified candidates and their resumes should be available by
early March.
The Real Property Committee report was given by newly elected
Chair, Councilmember Bell. The brief report included discussion of a
timeline for the marina leasing process. The Committee expects the
building assessment report of the Morgan Creek Grill “very soon.”
An RFP for a commercial real estate consultant to guide the leasing
process has gone out.
Several ordinances were up for second reading and were approved
• 2019-01 to sell City owned property at 1100 Pavilion Dr.
• 2019-02,03 to recommend language changes to job
responsibilities so that they are concurrent with language that
was included in position solicitations.
Council then moved into Executive Session to receive legal advice
related to franchise licenses. Following the session, a motion was
made to approve surfing lessons within Wild Dunes. The motion
passed with two dissenting votes from Jimmy Ward and Sandy
The next regular meeting of the IOP City Council is scheduled for
Tuesday, March 26 at 6 p.m.
Local star releases
new single
H A L E Y M A E C A M P B E L L’ S A S K I N G


Haley Mae Campbell.

ising star Haley Mae Campbell’s latest single, an upbeat,
energetic song about a classic loophole phrase, is now
available at all digital retailers and streaming services for pre-
order, and will be officially released on March 15.
Written by Campbell alongside Jerry Jacobs, Asking for a Friend
is the first single to follow Campbell’s previous EP, Lovers Lottery,
released in April of last year. The acute premise of the song is
conveyed through clever details in its playful lyrics, which bring
listeners along for the ride in this youthful, carefree anthem.
Campbell’s sophomore EP, Lovers Lottery, released last year, has
earned her considerable notoriety. Her spring tour is now in full
swing, with a strong original catalog and fun, upbeat covers sure to
keep the crowd on their feet! Check out the full schedule to see if
she’ll be performing in a town near you at
Twenty-year old Haley Mae Campbell had a breakout year in
2018. In addition to her debut CMA Fest performance, the music
video for her single Oughta Be premiered exclusively on,
and she currently has over 800,000 collective streams on Spotify.
Campbell began criss-crossing the U.S. at a young age, departing
Charleston, SC to begin touring with her band the day after her high
school graduation. Since then, she has opened for country stars
including Luke Combs, Brothers Osborne, Dan + Shay, Carly Pearce,
David Nail, Lauren Alaina, Love and Theft, Thompson Square and
Tyler Farr.
For more information on Haley Mae Campbell visit
ON THE WATER March 15, 2019

Ready, set, bait


ne of the warmest winters on record has our fishery set to get going
early this year. You could even say it never fully turned off as days
in the 70s have kept water temperatures far higher than normal.
Bait fish that are usually nonexistent have been present and kept the
redfish active. Trout should be ramped up and ready to go in March. It’s
time to break out your rods and reels and get ready for a great season!
Having spent the last few months laying low and avoiding dolphins,
redfish are no longer just focused on simply surviving, but now on feeding
as well. Low tide will be the best time to focus on big schools of redfish
that can number in the hundreds. These fish are still pretty wary, so a
quiet approach is very important. On many days, it pays to settle in one
spot when you find a school and wait for them to return to you instead of
pushing them away.
When these reds are being spooky, I’ll try to disturb them as little as
possible by keeping my casting to a minimum. This is a time to fish with
bait on the bottom. I'll put a chunk of blue crab or frozen mullet on a size
3/0 circle hook and just let it sit until the redfish swim over it. Make sure
the barb of your hook is fully through the bait and exposed. Place your
rod in the rod holder and wait for it to whip over once the circle hook sets
As trout begin to appear, popping corks cast along grass banks and over
oyster beds will be a good bet paired with mud minnows. I usually pair a
size 1 circle hook with an 18”-24” fluorocarbon leader. While there is no
shortage of options, I use oval shaped corks that are heavier and can be
cast further. When using a popping cork, do your best to keep slack out
of your line and when that cork goes under just reel to set the hook. You’ll
find that the circle hook seldom misses as long as your line is tight.
See you on the water!
For a decade, Capt. Geoff Bennett has operated Charleston Charter Fishing
providing light tackle charters. Clients choose from a full menu of artificial and
live bait fishing options with charters tailored to their desires. USCG licensed The angler is John Davidson from Pittsburgh, PA. The 10lb redfish was caught with
and insured, Capt. Bennett is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable cut mullet fished on the bottom.
charter to anglers of all skill levels and ages. For more information, call Capt. PHOTO BY GEOFF BENNETT
Bennett at 843.324.3332, visit his website at CharlestonCharterFishing.
com or email him at
March 15, 2019 13

2nd Annual Dumpster Day



he 2nd annual Dumpster Day took place
on Saturday morning, March 9. With signs
of spring in the air, island residents got to
cleaning out old furniture, appliances, building
materials and more. Sponsored and created by Sea
Island Builders, the free dumpster access was easy
initiative to get spring cleaning started.
East Cooper Habitat for Humanity was on hand
to give some of the gently used items a second
chance at life. The Co-Op provided free coffee and
Poe’s Tavern donated a gift card for a lucky raffle
A truly win-win event, we hope to see this spring
tradition grow in the coming years.

14 March 15, 2019


Keenagers photo booth
pictures from March 6
meeting. Just having fun,
getting ready for St. Paddy’s

Movie & Dodgeball Yard Sale

Wednesday, March 27 Saturday, March 30
noon-3:00 p.m. 8 a.m. - Noon
Register by Friday, March 22 Spaces still available for purchase. Maximum 2 spaces per vendor. Vendors may
$10 resident/ $15 non-resident sell used and like-new items. Sale of retail items not permitted. Spaces are $5 each.
March 15, 2019 15

n Saturday, March 23, 1 to 4 p.m.
join The Exchange Club to raise
spirits and money for our local
charity. Great door prizes and raffle - just
buy a ticket. $15 in advance and $20 at
the door.
Be at The Windjammer at 4 p.m. for the
raffle and door prize drawings - admission
included in your ticket. Live music by
Tom Crowley & The Speakers until 6:30
Thanks for your support - VFW - LUKE
16 March 15, 2019

On-line academy
visits IOP


The field trip provided a close-up with local ocean life.

tudents from South Carolina Connections Academy
attended an in-person science field trip to the Isle of
Palms marina on Friday, Feb. 22.
Students were able to learn about the local variety of sea
life and understand the role they play in South Carolina’s
aquatic biodiversity. South Carolina Connections Academy
is a tuition-free, virtual school serving more than 5,000
students statewide this school year. The school looks
forward to welcoming new students for the 2019-20 school
year with open enrollment starting now.
Students had a chance to interact with the fish. PHOTOS PROVIDED
9 March 15, 2019 17

Wando principal receives

Intellectual Freedom Award
D R . E P P E L S H E I M E R H O N O R E D B Y S C A S S O C I AT I O N O F S C H O O L L I B R A R I A N S


ando High School Principal Dr. SAT and ACT Coordinator, SIC and PTSO
Sherry Eppelsheimer was selected Liaison, Capturing Kids’ Hearts Coordinator,
unanimously as the winner of Professional Development and Textbook
the South Carolina Association of School Coordinator, and served on several state and
Librarian’s (SCASL) Intellectual Freedom regional committees among several other
Award, which honors those who stand firm positions.
for the freedom to read. Eppelsheimer was “Dr. Eppelsheimer is an advocate for
recognized at a ceremony in Columbia at the teachers and students,” said Lucye Magill, a
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center Wando teacher who nominated Eppelsheimer
Friday, March 8. Dr. for the award.
Sherry Eppelsheimer has worked over In her nomination, Magill described
30 years in public education and has Eppelsheimer as an advocate for all Wando
provided quality leadership at every level. students. “One of her main priorities is to
Dr. Eppelsheimer is a graduate of Lander make sure that our teachers feel supported
University where she earned a Bachelor of in their choice of curriculum,” said Magill.
Arts in English. She also earned a M.Ed. “She trusts and respects the instructional
degree from Clemson University in Secondary decisions of her teachers. Dr. Eppelsheimer
Guidance and Counseling. After additional is also an advocate for all Wando students
graduate work at the University of South and wants everyone to have access to the
Dr. Eppelsheimer.
Carolina in 2003, she earned her professional best education possible. Part of having the
certificate in School Administration and best education means having access to a
Supervision. In 2013, she earned her Ed.D. Specialist. She is a Nationally Board variety of materials and perspectives.”
in Curriculum and Instruction from USC. Certified Teacher, former Teacher of the Year To learn more about the Intellectual Freedom
Before coming to Wando, Dr. Eppelsheimer and AP English teacher who has worked award visit
served in a variety of roles in Greenwood, successfully with diverse student groups.
SC as an English teacher and Instructional Dr. Eppelsheimer has also served as an
March 15 Is l a nd E y e C a l e nda r March 30
ONGOING First Monday of the Month WHERE: Charleston Museum, 360 vintage jewelry, silver and more. $20 per WHERE: Franke at Seaside, Rodenberg Chapel WHERE: Carroll Office Building at 103 WHEN: 10:30 a.m. the Wild Dunes Resort, benefitting
Sundays in March WHAT: Blue Plate Special Meeting St. person provides unlimited admission all WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Palm Blvd., IOP AND Sullivan’s Island MORE INFO: Do you like to write? the SC Aquarium Sea Turtle Care
Speaker Series WHEN: 10-11 a.m. 3 days. There are no single day tickets. MORE INFO: A feisty mix of Celtic Town Hall Improve your writing by sharing Center, evening features a fashion show
WHAT: Women’s History Tour MORE INFO: Toddler Day classes are for details. favorites to celebrate St. Patrick's Day WHEN: 6:30 p.m. encouragement and comments with other highlighting Lily’s 2019 Resort Collection.
WHERE: Joseph Manigault House, 350 WHERE: Burton’s Grill, Mt. Pleasant
WHEN: noon designed for toddlers (18 months – 3 in style. Event is free, donations to MORE INFO: Chance to get involved young writers. 843.883.3914. Wine, beer and hors d’oeuvres. $60 ticket
Meeting St. years) and a parent, grandparent, or friend scholarship fund welcome. For info at the grass roots level and make includes reusable Lily tote swag bag.
WHEN: 2 p.m. MORE INFO: East Cooper Democrats
to play and explore in The Charleston Saturday, Mar. 16 visit or call a difference. The event takes place Aquarium members receive $10 discount.
MORE INFO: Celebrating Women’s and Progressives regular meetings
held the 1st Monday of every month. Museum. $6 Members/$9 Non-Members. WHAT: Trivia Night 603.930.5649. simultaneously at BOTH locations. For Monday, Mar. 25-29 Visit for details.
History Month, tour the lives of the To register visit info visit
women at the Joseph Manigault House: Topics will include the Equal Rights WHERE: Sullivan’s Island Club, 1451 Tuesday, Mar. 19 WHAT: Spring Break Explorers
Charlotte Drayton Manigault, her Amendment, Trump's Tariffs and Trade
Hennessy St. Camp Friday, Mar. 29-30
daughter Ann, her slave Affy, and their Wars, Common Sense Gun Control,
Immigration Reform, Transportation,
WHEN: 7:30 p.m.
MORE INFO: The Wild Women Society
WHAT: Conservation Coalition
Lobby Day
Friday, Mar. 22 WHERE: Palmetto islands County Park
WHEN: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. WHAT: Mozart’s Requiem
daily lives in the early 1800s. Images WHAT: Mah Jongg Nights
and stories of the house as a Red Cross Voting Rights, and other topics of interest. (adults) of the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center WHERE: Capital City Club, Columbia WHAT: World of Wonder: What MORE INFO: Kids will spend their WHERE: Gaillard Center
Training Facility, women’s dormitory, and $2/person at the door. Attendees order WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library host trivia night with chili, cornbread, WHEN: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Lies Beneath days having a blast doing arts and crafts, WHEN: 7:30 p.m.
USO post during World War II. Free for their own lunch. Attendance limited to WHEN: 5:30-8:00 p.m. beer, wine and prizes. Gift cards valued MORE INFO: Join the SC Conservation WHERE: The American Theater cooperative games, canoeing, and playing MORE INFO: The CSO Chorus joins the
Charleston Museum members and with 40 people- first come first served- no MORE INFO: Learn to play the fun and at $50 each for gas, groceries, school Coalition for the 16th Annual WHEN: 6 p.m. in the dirt...just like you used to do. Charleston Symphony for a monumental
paid admission. No registration necessary. reservations. fast-paced game of American Mah Jongg.  supplies and other necessities are Conservation Lobby Day. Following MORE INFO: The finale of the SC Fee $225, ages: 6-10. Visit rendition of Mozart’s Requiem, the final
Visit for details. Beginners welcome. 843.883.3914. suggested entry donations. For more Lobby Day, join us for our annual Aquarium’s 2018-19 Holland Lifelong for details composition of Mozart’s life, and one of
Mondays WHAT: Jazz Night info and to RSVP for the event email Oyster Roast from 5:30- 8 p.m. at 701 Learning series. The program will and registration. the most famous works ever written. Dr.
Mar. 27-Apr. 28 WHERE: The Refuge, IOP Whaley St. Dress comfortably for a day take a dive into the future of deep-sea Robert Taylor, CSO Chorus Director;
WHAT: Memoir Writing Circle  of walking and standing. Most people exploration with a keynote by ocean Ken Lam, Conductor. For tickets visit
WHAT: CSOL Symphony WHERE: Poe Branch Library WHEN: 6:30-9:30 p.m.
MORE INFO: The Todd Beals Trio hosts WHAT: SC Native Plant Society will be in business casual. For info visit conservationist, Fabien Cousteau. Tuesday, March 26
Designer Showhouse WHEN: 10:30 a.m. SALE Following will be a panel discussion of
MORE INFO: Come and share your jazz every Thursday night.Traditional WHAT: POE-etry Writers Group
WHERE: 16 Rutledge Ave. swing tunes, ballads and bossa novas. WHERE: Charles Towne Landing emerging tools and technologies in ocean WHAT: 5th Annual Charleston
WHEN: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sun. stories. 843.883.3914. (adults)
WHEN: 9 a.m.-noon exploration. Tickets $20, members and Bluegrass Festival
1-4 p.m., CLOSED EASTER   Singers & horn players welcome. For info
visit MORE INFO: Arrive early, plants are Wednesday, Mar. 20 students $10.
WHERE: Poe Branch Library
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHERE: Charleston Woodlands, 4279
MORE INFO: The house is generously Tuesdays sold quickly. Volunteers and Master Ashley River Rd.
provided by Wendy and Allen Gibson and WHAT: Managing Caregiver Stress MORE INFO: Gather with fellow
WHAT: Toddler Storytime Gardeners on hand to answer plant- WHEN: Fri. noon-11 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-11 p.m.
represented by Margaret and Richard von WHERE: Poe Branch Library
related questions. For more info visit
WHERE: Mount Pleasant Gardens
Alzheimer’s Care, 1025 Hungry Neck Blvd.
Saturday, Mar. 23 poets to share and improve your work.
843.883.3914. MORE INFO: A family friendly
Werssowetz of Handsome Properties. WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHAT: Board Game Afternoon camping event featuring 3 stages of
All proceeds benefit the Charleston (family) WHEN: 1-2 p.m. WHAT: 2nd Annual Front Beach
MORE INFO: Enjoy picture books, society-native-plant-sale. MORE INFO: Seminar addresses the Pub Crawl national and regional bluegrass, outdoor
Symphony and CSOL Music Scholarships.
$20 advance tickets available Jan. 14-Mar.
flannel board fun, sing-a-longs, poetry WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
WHEN: 2-4 p.m. internal process caregivers go through as WHERE: Front Beach, IOP Thursday, Mar. 28 recreation and a diverse selection of
and activities that encourage language WHAT: Beach Lovers Book Club: they journey with a loved one suffering WHEN: 1-4 p.m. local food & beverage options. it will
13 online Tickets at the skills. (Ages 2-3 with adult) 843.883.3914. MORE INFO: Come play with our games “Pachinko” (adults) WHAT: Lily Pulitzer, Girls Night Out be a constant stream of amazing music
door will be available beginning March 14 or bring your own. 843.883.3914. with Alzheimer/Dementia. MPG will MORE INFO: It’s a Crawl; it’s a Raffle; and WHERE: Citadel Beach Club at Wild
WHERE: Poe Branch Library provide an activity for your loved a great chance to thank your local favorite to delight the senses. Info and tickets at
for $25 each. WHEN: 10:30 a.m. Dunes
Wednesdays one to participate in while you are in establishments. Ticket is $20 at the door WHEN: 6-9 p.m.
Third Friday of the Month MORE INFO: Come for a lively the seminar. Call Kathryn Martin at or $15 online in advance. Wristbands
WHAT: Toddler Days discussion of “Pachinko” by Min Jin MORE INFO: In partnership with
WHAT: Homeschool History Days 843.216. 1001 or email Kathryn.martin@ at your first stop, (the Dinghy, Luke ‘n
WHERE: Charleston Museum, 360 Lee. Light refreshments provided. to register. Ollies, or the VFW Post 3137), which is
Meeting St. 843.883.3914. your “ticket” to Crawl Specials and Door
WHEN: 10-11 a.m. Prizes. for
MORE INFO: A special program for Monday, Mar. 18 Wednesday, Mar. 20-22 tickets and details.
home schooling families. These programs WHAT: 29th Annual Tea Room
feature one of our field trip classes, a WHAT: Pearlstine Theater WHERE: Methodist Church, Isle of Palms WHAT: Woofstock
chance to go through the Museum, and Grand Opening WHEN: 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. WHERE: Brittlebank Park
an activity. Free with paid admission. To WHERE: The Pearlstine Theater, 1401 MORE INFO: annual Tea Room and WHEN: 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
register visit Sam Rittenberg Blvd. craft boutique. Lunch features black MORE INFO: A Lowcountry Dog Music
WHEN: 6:30 p.m. cocktails, 7:30 p.m. curtain bean & okra soups, shrimp and chicken Festival. Kid and dog friendly festival
features 7 bands, food trucks and 6 local
Friday, Mar. 15-17 MORE INFO: "The Pearl," benefitting
Charleston Stage’s Education Programs.
salad plates or sandwiches, strawberry
shortcake, fudge brownie, berry-glazed rescue groups. Proceeds benefit Valiant
WHAT: 16th Annual Charleston Performances by Mayor John cheesecake for dessert. The Crafty Animal Rescue, Eunoia Rescue, Pet
Antique Show Tecklenburg, The Hungry Monks, The Ladies Boutique offers unusual items Helpers, Bullies 2 The Rescue, Greyhound
WHERE: Gaillard Center Plantation Singers, Charleston Stage's for the home or as gifts. For details Pets of America and Waters Edge Great
WHEN: Fri. & Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. 11 resident acting company and members visit Dane Rescue and the Charleston Parks
a.m.-5 p.m. of Charleston Stage's 8 and 9 grade com/FUMCIOP. Take out orders call Conservancy. Admission $26, $30 at the
MORE INFO: The Historic Charleston performance troupe. Tickets $175 843.886.6610. gate. Kids 12 and under are free. Online at
Foundation presents their annual per person. For tickets, contact Sara
showcase of 17th to mid–century modern Berkowitz, at sberkowitz@charlestonstage.
English, European, and American period com or 843.647.7363. Thursday, Mar. 21 WHAT: Young Writer’s Club
furnishings, decorative arts & fine art, (children)
WHAT: The Charleston Music Club WHAT: Republican Party WHERE: Poe Branch Library
architectural elements, garden furniture, Precinct Reorganization
20 March 15, 2019

ECCO announces golf tournament and gala



ast Cooper Community programs that serve low-income
Outreach announces the households throughout the
7th Annual Golf Ball - Lowcountry. Now in its 30th
Charity Golf Tournament and year of service to the community,
Gala, two fundraising events to ECCO assists those in need by
benefit local families in financial providing food, clothing, financial
distress. assistance, dental and medical
The 2019 Charity Golf services, prescription assistance,
Tournament, presented by Nucor financial literacy training, and
Steel Berkeley, will take place at other educational programs.
12 Noon on Monday, April 22, with
Lead corporate sponsors
a shotgun start on both of Daniel
Island’s nationally ranked private include: Nucor Steel Berkeley,
courses. Beresford and Ralston Daniel Island Real Estate, DECO,
Creek courses are a unique Southern Eagle Distributing,
pairing of Tom Fazio and Rees Mercedes-Benz of Mount Pleasant,
Jones championship designs. and Mount Pleasant Collision. For
Participants will have a chance to more information or to purchase
win a two-year lease on a brand tickets, visit ECCOCharleston.
new Lexus and other fabulous The 2019 Golf Ball, two events hope to raise $230,000. org/GolfBall. The mission of ECCO
tournament prizes. Foursomes is to provide safety net services to
and select sponsorship levels are complimentary beer and wine, offering guests the chance to bid
and a wide range of activities on vacation packages, airline our low-income neighbors while
still available and include tickets
including a Wine & Dine Pull, the tickets, unique local experiences, empowering them to create better
to the 2019 Gala.
The 2019 Gala: A Night to Spirit Ring Toss, a heads or tails handcrafted jewelry, and more. lives for themselves, their families
Shine, will take place at 7 p.m. on raffle, and a Silent Auction with The full list of auction items will and their communities. Founded in
Friday, May 17, at the beautiful 80 customized packages. be available online at 1989 as an emergency relief effort
Daniel Island Club. The evening The night will conclude with after the devastation of Hurricane
will offer fantastic Lowcountry an exciting live auction hosted by eccogala19 on Friday, May 10. Hugo, ECCO strives to eliminate
cuisine at creative food stations, Benefit Auctioneer, Erin Kienzle, Dress code is cocktail attire. poverty in the East Cooper region
The VIP Reception, sponsored and focuses on three main program
by Mercedes-Benz of Mount areas: Basic Needs, Health
Pleasant, with early check- Services, and Empowerment.
in starts at 6:30 p.m. General
admission tickets are $150 per More than 2,000 households per
person or $250 for reserved year receive assistance for food,
seating. Table sponsorships are clothing, household furnishings
still available for a donation of and financial aid, and have
$1,950 to accommodate eight access to dental and medical
guests. All guests will have access care, counseling, prescription
to complimentary valet parking assistance, health education,
thanks to Mount Pleasant financial literacy classes, job
Collision. readiness, and employment
Proceeds from the Charity services.
Golf Tournament and Gala will
go directly to support ECCO’s
A Night to Shine gala will include dinner, music and live auction. PHOTOS PROVIDED
9March 15, 2019 21
SCELP files in Charleston
1 6 C O A S TA L C I T I E S D O U B L E D O W N O N S E I S M I C B L A S T I N G F I G H T


Small Business Chamber, also a depend on the ability to catch She added, “The members of

n February 28, South plaintiff in the lawsuit, points to fish in waters off our shores, and the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island
Carolina Environmental the fact that seismic blasts drive commercial fishing still supports Coalition are tremendously
Law Project, on behalf away fish, whales and dolphins the livelihood for many families, concerned about the impacts
of sixteen South Carolina that help support the fishing In addition, we have businesses the proposed seismic testing
coastal communities and small and tourism industries along the that provide fishing excursions will have on the ecology of our
businesses, is heightening coast. and commercial charters that fisheries habitat, including the
efforts to prevent seismic airgun Moving forward with take people from one of our three consequences of many species
surveying that stands to devastate explorations will have grave marinas into the City into waters being displaced because of the
the Palmetto State’s thriving, consequences for our beloved off our shores. We have major activity. To our knowledge,
multi-billion dollar tourism, coastal ecosystems, which is why seafood operations that distribute seismic gun testing will change
recreation and fishing industries. SCELP has asked Judge Richard nearly all locally caught seafood the ecological balance of the
SCELP filed a motion for a Gergel to block companies from throughout the State and beyond. waterway in which it is done. This
preliminary injunction in Federal initiating seismic tests in search And we have boat dealers who are will cause certain ocean species
District Court in Charleston, of oil and natural gas deposits off dependent upon these businesses, to migrate away from the coast of
asserting that seismic blasting the South Carolina coast until he as well as an estimated 10,000 our Sea Islands.”
will cause irreparable harm and can hear and rule on the merits of plus recreational boaters and “The coastal municipalities
is contrary to the public interest. the case. three marinas within the City that and small business chamber
Seismic airgun surveying is a “The economic damage from serve local and transient boats.” rely on the health and vitality of
precursor to drilling off our shores, seismic surveying for offshore oil “The members of the Gullah/ the marine ecosystem to support
which every coastal community starts on the first air gun blast,” Geechee Sea Island Coalition the quality of life and livelihood
along the state, from North Myrtle said Frank Knapp Jr., President/ receive funds to continue of their residents, as well as
Beach to Hilton Head Island, has CEO of the South Carolina Small their mission through offering their local tourism and fisheries
opposed. The blasting process sets Business Chamber of Commerce. ecotourism and cultural tourism economies. They have very real,
off extremely loud, continuous “The destruction from that first tours, as well as providing scientifically-supported concerns
and damaging levels of noise blast and all the subsequent education presentations to about how seismic blasting will
that could deafen, injure or kill blasts can never be undone. various local and tourists groups. harm marine life, which in turn
whales, dolphins, sea turtles and That’s why it is imperative that Approximately 75% of our work is will harm tourism, recreational
other iconic marine life. It causes seismic surveys not start while reliant on the tourism industry,” and commercial fisheries, and
massive damage to zooplankton, the legal process is ongoing.” said Queen Quet Marquetta the quality of life of their citizens,”
the base of the oceanic food “As Mayor, I recognize the value L. Goodwine, Chieftess of the said Amy Armstrong, executive
chain, and dramatically reduces of our military and retirement Gullah/Geechee Nation and a director of SCELP.
the catch rates for commercial community, and our attraction as native of St. Helena Island.
and recreational fishers. a tourist destination, which will be
When SCELP filed its initial put at risk by the proposed seismic
lawsuit on Dec. 11, 2018 in blasting activities. I am aware
Federal District Court, it contested that the Department of Defense
the validity of five incidental opposes seismic testing when put
harassment authorizations issued forth in President Obama’s five-
by the National Marine Fisheries year plan for energy exploration
Service that allow seismic which was in the end withdrawn
companies to harm and harass of by that administration,” said
hundreds of thousands of marine Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling.
mammals. He continued, “Our economy is
The sixteen municipalities that built on the value of our natural
SCELP is representing, Hilton assets, specifically the abundant
Head Island, Bluffton, Port Royal, opportunities for recreation and
Beaufort, Edisto Beach, Seabrook observation of marine life, alone
Island, Kiawah Island, Folly with recreational, commercial
Beach, James Island, Charleston, and sustenance fisheries.
Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Tourists come here especially to
Awendaw, Pawleys Island, observe marine mammals and
Briarcliffe Acres and North Myrtle our businesses depend on our
Beach, are concerned about the healthy and vibrant population
economic and environmental of marine life, including dolphins
impacts. The South Carolina and sea turtles. Our fishermen
Acme Lowcountry Kitchen
island eats
meals. Open 7 days a week. Delivery Pizza 450
Specializing in local and sustainable available. $ Sizable pizza joint serving hefty pies and
seafood. All Altantic Ocean sourced 882-8088 housemade ice cream, plus breakfast &
Seafood. $$-$$$ coffee. $$
886-FISH (3474) 2019 Middle St, Sullivan's Island 2213-B Middle St, Sullivan's Island
31 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms
The Dinghy 843.789.4107
Beard Cat’s Laid back Key West Vibe, great food
Gelato made from locally sourced options, unique beers on tap, spacious Pizza Hut
ingredients, and coffee shop that sits side porch, and live music. $-$$ Now serving Isle of Palms in the Harris
below Obstinate Daughter. $ 242-8310 Teeter shopping center. Deliver right to
416-5020 your door or get carryout. $ 8 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms 886-5759
2063 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
Dunleavy’s Pub 1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms
Ben & Jerry’s Set in a cabin like building, this Irish
Enjoy an array of ice cream flavors, from bar stages weekly live folk, country & Poe’s Tavern
Chocolate Therapy, to Peach Cobbler on acoustic music. $-$$ Famous for their gourmet burgers and
Isle of Palms’ Front Beach. $ 883-9646 chicken sandwiches, this Poe-inspired
886-6314 eatery also features great deals on fresh 2213 Middle St., Sullivan's Island fish tacos. $$
your island hair salon 1009 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms 883-0083
High Thyme
843-883-9101 The Boathouse A small island bistro, with a wide range 2210 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
2205 Middle St, Sullivan's Island Fresh, local seafood, and phenomenal of dishes, from seafood, tapas on Tuesday,
sunset views from the upper deck on and a Sunday brunch. $$-$$$ Republic Ice Cream
Breach Inlet. $$-$$$ 883-3536 Local ice cream shop serving homemade
886.8000 ice cream and local Charleston coffee. $ 2213 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
101 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms 2120 Middle St., Sullivans Island
Home Team BBQ
Cafe Paname Not limited to barbeque, this casual eatery Saltworks Dockside Deli
Family owned and operated coffee shop also serves salads, wraps, tacos, and Located inside the Isle of Palms Marina
serving locally roasted coffee. $$ quesadillas, Sunday Brunch. $$ Market, come enjoy breakfast, smoothies,
885-6303 883-3131 and sandwiches. $-$$ 883-3355
1202 Palm Blvd., A, Isle of Palms 2209 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
50 41st Ave, Isle of Palms
Chills 360 Mex1
Dallas based shop serving Thai inspired Hip eatery serving Mexican favorites, Seabiscuit Cafe
rolled ice cream. $ including tacos & tortas, with an island A bright, cozy cafe with nautical touches
242-8469 vibe. Live music, outdoor seating. $$ serving a simple menu of homestyle 882-8172 breakfast & lunch. $-$$
1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms
2205 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island 21 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms
Coconut Joe’s &
Island Joe’s Coffee Morgan Creek Grill Sullivan’s
Spectacular views of the Atlantic on the Relax with a front row seat on the Grab a casual dinner of fried flounder or
rooftop bar and live music every night Intracoastal Waterway while enjoying crab cakes in a cozy atmosphere as well
during the summer. $-$$. Island Joe’s fresh seafood and southern hospitality. $$ as lunch on the weekends. $$
next door featuring coffee and ice cream. 886-8980 883-3222
886-0046 8040 1st Ave, Isle of Palms 2019 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
1120 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms The Obstinate Daughter Windjammer
Restaurant serving contemporary Lively spot with a bar menu, a deck
The Co-Op Southern cuisine, pizza & pasta in a overlooking the water, and beach volleyball
A gourmet deli specializing in breakfast rustic, coastal-inspired space. court out back.$-$$
and lunch sandwiches as well as local $$-$$$ 886-8596
coffee. Enjoy pantry staples including 416-5020
beer and wine along with locally made 1008 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms
products and house made take and go 2063 Middle St,Sullivan’s Island

off-island eats
388-3654 and deli sandwiches. $
Regional Italian restaurant featuring 971-8830
fresh pastas, fior di latte mozzarella and 2664 Highway 17N, Mt. Pleasant
Neapolitan style pizzas from the wood 3008 N Highway 17, Mt Pleasant
burning oven. $$$ Ghost Monkey Nano Brewery
843.884.6969 Features a consistent rotation of locally Rusty Rudder brewed beer made in Mount Pleasant. Easygoing hangout offering American
976 Houston Northcutt Blvd, Mt. Pleasant Taproom, live music, food. $$ eats such as BBQ, seafood & steak, plus a
843.352.3462 bar & outdoor seats. $$
Bistro Toulouse 843.388.3177
Parisian-style nook serving seasonal, 522 Wando Ln, Mt Pleasant
regional French dishes with a modern 3563 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant
twist, plus global wines. $-$$ H&R Sweet Shop
216-3434 Famous redfish and rice, fried chicken, Sewee Restaurant shrimp, bbq ribs. $ Southern-style seafood & other fried fare
1220 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant 843.884.2118 in a casual joint with checkered tables &
102 Royall Ave, Mt Pleasant homey decor. $$
Bon Banh Mi 843.928.3609
Southeast Asian Cuisine, Rice Bowls, Jack's Cosmic Dogs
Noodles, Sandwiches, Small Plates, Kitschy space-themed spot serving hot 4808 N Hwy 17, Awendaw
Vegetarian Options $ dogs topped with creative condiments,
388-7080 plus sides & ice cream. $ Stack’s Coastal Kitchen 884-7677 Join us for lunch, where we offer fresh
1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant soup, salads, and sandwiches. Enjoy
2805 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant dinner in a casual bistro-style setting, nice
Eggs Up Grill selection and outdoor seating. $$
Relaxed chain serving a menu of Not Just Franks 843.388.6968
breakfast, burgers & sandwiches in a Quick and tasty breakfast and lunch stand.
colorful setting. $-$$ Egg sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, grilled 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt. Pleasant
March 15, 2019 23
What should you do with an inheritance?

f you were to receive a sizable into your long-term investments.
inheritance, what should Above all else, you may want
you do with it? This money to get some help. If you don't
could help you achieve some of already have one, a financial
your important financial goals, professional can recommend ways
so you’ll want to think carefully of using the money to help you
about your choices. meet your goals. For one thing,
Of course, everyone’s needs you could further diversify your
are different, so there’s no one investments, which is important,
“right” way to handle a large because diversification can help
lump sum. But here are a few reduce the effects of market
suggestions that may be useful: volatility on your portfolio. (Keep
Pay off some debts. Depending in mind that diversification can’t
on the size of your inheritance, prevent all losses or guarantee
you may want to consider paying profits).
off some, if not all, of your debts, And a financial professional
such as car loans, personal loans can help you determine how
and student loans. You might much your plans could change
even consider paying off your due to the inheritance. To name
mortgage, but you may not want just one possibility, you might be
to, as you might be able to get a able to move up your retirement
better return on your money by date. If so, you’d need to adjust
investing it. Also, if all your money is tied up in a house, you’ll typically many aspects of your financial strategy, such as when to take Social
have less liquidity than you would get from your investments. Security, how much to withdraw each year from your retirement
Contribute more to your retirement accounts. You may now be accounts, and so on.
able to afford to contribute more to your 401(k) or other employer- You’ll also need to consult with your tax advisor, because some
sponsored retirement plan, as well as to your IRA. These accounts inherited assets, such as an IRA, could have tax implications.
offer tax benefits plus an array of investment choices, so they are Your loved ones worked hard, and probably invested for many
excellent ways to build resources for retirement. years, to leave a legacy for you. So, to honor their memory, do
Save for college. If you have children, or grandchildren, whom whatever you can to handle your inheritance wisely.
you would like to someday send to college, you might want to put
Dimi Matouchev is a financial advisor with Edward Jones, located
some of your inheritance into a college savings vehicle, such as a
529 plan, which provides tax benefits and gives you great flexibility at 1517-C Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms. For more information, call
in distributing the money. 843.886.9229 or visit
Build an emergency fund. If you haven’t already built an emergency
fund containing six to 12 months’ worth of living expenses, you may
be able to do so now, using part of your inheritance. Keep the money
in a liquid, low-risk account, so that it’s readily available to pay for
unexpected costs. Without such a fund, you might be forced to tap

Breac h Inlet Tide Char t

Date High Tide Low Tide
Mar 15 2:50am/3:27pm 9:25am/9:36pm
Mar 16 4:02am/4:39pm 10:33am/10:44pm
Mar 17 5:12am/5:45pm 11:35am/11:49pm
Mar 18 6:15am/6:46pm 12:32pm
Mar 19 7:13am/7:42pm 12:48am/1:24pm
Mar 20 8:06am/8:35pm 1:44am/2:14pm
Mar 21 8:57am/9:25pm 2:37am/3:01pm
Mar 22 9:45am/10:15pm 3:29am/3:48pm
Mar 23 10:32am/11:04pm 4:20am/4:34pm
Mar 24 11:19am/11:54pm 5:10am/5:20pm
Mar 25 12:07pm 6:02am/6:08pm
Mar 26 12:45am/12:58pm 6:55am/6:58pm
Mar 27 1:38am/1:52pm 7:50am/7:53pm
Mar 28 2:35am/2:49pm 8:48am/8:53pm

Hurricanes, storms etc., are NOT included in the predictions. Tidal

current direction changes and tide time predictions can be very
different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be wrong so
use common sense.

1655 Atlantic Avenue | Sullivan’s Island 3001 Palm Boulevard | Isle of Palms

$3,600,000 | 5 bedrooms/4.5 baths | 5,708 sqft $1,898,000 | 5 bedrooms/3.5 baths | 3,072 sqft
Call Sarah Church 843.367.0767 for details. Call Mel Miles 864.363.3049 for details.

4101 Palm Boulevard | Isle of Palms 1529 Plover Avenue | Mount Pleasant


$2,557,000 | 11 bedrooms/10.5 baths | 6,510 sqft $570,000 | 5 bedrooms/3 baths | 2,400 sqft
Call Mel Miles 864.363.3049 for details. Call Chuck Mimms 843.224.9507 for details.

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