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‘SEBH537661 1of2 TESTING METHODS | FOR REBUILT UNITS DRAFT No. KIPFP97-004 (Tokyo internal use only) APPLICATION PPM MODEL | MAIN PUMP KIND OF PPM | HPV95+95 | There are many cases where the PPM units of above Model are mounted on other Machine Models and the applicable STANDARD VALUE varies depending on the case but note that the TESTING PRO- CEDURE and DIMENSIONS OF TEST PIECE are applicable in common to most of the cases as above. Therefore, the applicable Machine Model and Part No. described in the table below become effective only at the time when the table is prepared and may often be subject to change without notice. MACHINE MODEL PART No. PC200-6 #94999 and up PC210-6 #30916 and up 708-21-00612 | PC220-6 #52741 and up PC230-6 #10169 and up eegeaee PC228UU-1 #10022 and up 708-2L-00431 Note: The Machine Models in the LIST OF FORM No.s are applicable even if not described in this procedure. ;——-C_FILING INSTRUCTIONS + FILE THIS SEQUENTLY BY FORM No. in the separator ib in Vol. 4. KOMATSU out 1097 (navoogo1 01 Buipuodse1i09)] 4, $6+S6AdH duund uoisig zevo0-1-80L ZLP00-12-80L 519 /) $0408 02294 on) wo Hows) $0U98 9-0029d (uu wun 82g) 8% Spt TuBIEM| [Seorivar cre wee Taroureip 610] yo WswuaBiy Buuaueg Busey ods Ginn = = [ueesveden | Sixrr | Si v = zi___[setxor| N30 ‘9430 ze = ss [stxri | dad = ee) sa [Sieve] tad =P Bue gol cu 2 yaxp | oquse no, vous} €9) Cuinlza | vost | usudxp | feats uo “ayOUEIG HOd JO. 3SF1 - (eaunrajou)] 5 «abu webu oat | Ef (o's) 33 c udiono jo a2ig| 3 3} 809 gorse weas|e 00055 ot 008 sz | poor wioieg ooo SEXSL XY] ajou suyG aTIOnUT (opis 219k) aus 9181064 "a sadaig 152] Jo suoIsUAUg ise —— SNOISNIWIG Logcesaas oN Lava WadsOGND | __1300W Waa