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LANDSCAPE The constant Landscape that reaches Patients afflicted with Landscape spaces Keeping landscaped
connection to out to patients help in drug addiction have a allow patients to areas with certain
landscape areas reduce reducing stress level in sense of disorder in connect with nature interactive elements
the anxiety in patients patients their lives, keeping and makes them feel reduce chances of
them engaged to other safe in a greater patients slipping into
things goes a long way power depression
to help keeping order in
their lives
LIGHT Well lit areas make A naturally well lit Uniform warm lighting Creating interest by
patients feel less space can go a long reduces the feeling of playing with light and
anxious way to de-stressing a disorder shadows allows
patient patients never to feel
like they are leading a
mundane life keeping
depression at bay
COLOURS Warm colours reduce Warm colours with a Creating sense of Creating interest
anxiety in patients touch of loud colours calmness with colours through colours help
distract patients from allows patients to creating an engaging
their conditions and regain order in their environment and
help them reduce their minds reduce depression
stress levels
FORMS A variety of forms but Giving patients a view A soothing composition A variety of familiar Keeping the mind
in a human scale is of a variety of forms of forms giving a sense forms helps patients distracted from the
shown to help anxiety can serve to create an of organization and feel at home patients predicament
interest in other things order in a patients mind using a variety of
other than their lives without it becoming too forms is good for
mundane keeping depression at
INTERIOR OPEN Spaces which patients Spaces such as these Giving dimensions in Volumes in interior
SPACES can look at can help help patients de-stress interior open spaces spaces creates interest
reduce anxiety by giving them a new help make patients keeping patients
dimension to look at feel at home engaged