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Addicted To You Avicii En Em7/D Alce I don't know just how it happened, cmaj7 I let down my guard... En En7/D Arce Swore I'd never fall in love again cmaj7 But I fell hard. En Em7/D Arce Guess I should have seen it coming, cmaj7 Caught me by surprise... En En7/D I wasn't looking where I was going, Alc cmaj7 I fell into your eyes. 87 Em m7 /D Alce You came into my crazy world like a cool and cleansing wave cmaj7 87 Before I, I knew what hit me baby you were flowing through my veins. En —n7/D I'm addicted to you, Hooked on your love, Arce cnaj7 Like a powerful drug I can't get enough of, Em n7/D Lost in your eyes, Drowning in blue Ace cmaj7 out of control, What can I do? Em I'm addicted to you! En En7/D Arce Midnight blows in through the window, cmaj7 Dances round the room... En En7/D Got me hypnotised, Arce cnaj7 I'm getting high on the perfume. 87 I couldn't live without you now, Em Em7/D AsC# Oh, I know I'd go insane, cmaj7 I wouldn't last one night alone baby, 87 I couldn't stand the pain!