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Topic: Information Reliability

Michael Jackson’s death slowed the World Wide Web to a crawl; this shocking event shut down the micro-
blogging site Twitter, and brought chaos to Google. Currently, there are over 9.5 million blog posts on
Michael Jackson’s death. Moreover, there is misinformation regarding his death on the World Wide Web.

You are required to produce a report on the reliability of information, given the ubiquity of computer
systems, which should discuss:

 The relevance, reliability (accuracy and permanence) and timeliness of information on the WWW.
 The various information and communication technologies which facilitates the plethora of information
in computer and information systems.
 Changes in the nature of news reporting and other forms of communication (including email, social
networking, blogging), as well as the impact of instantaneous access to electronic information.
 The factors contributing to unreliable content on the Internet and the consequences of unreliable
 The various approaches that have been taken to evaluate the quality of information n the Internet
related to secondary school students.
 Propose a suitable solution for archiving only reliable information so that future generations can
benefit from its accuracy.
(Note: you may use the story of Michael Jackson as one of your examples, but do NOT write a report on
Michael Jackson’s death. Moreover, you should NOT focus on how the impact of his death may or may
not have changed people’s perception of computer system.)

This project should be done in your class with no MORE than TWO students and no less than ONE
student per group. Include a breakdown of the tasks carried out by each person if two persons must work

Your submission must utilize the APA documentation format of reporting. A cover page and bibliography
is expected. Source: School of Computing and Information Technology, UTech

Written Project
1. A 3 – 5 page typed report, excluding cover page, table of contents, and references.
2. Font size 12, Font style Times New Roman.
3. APA Format should be followed for section headings, shoulder headings, title page, references, page
numbering, header, footer, footnote, Endnote.
4. Margins of 1” all around.
5. Printed in appropriate file folder or bounded.
Oral Presentation: A very informative and persuasive presentation lasting no less than 10 minutes and no
more than 15 minutes with time allowed for taking two questions and providing answers.

CAPE IT Unit 1 Assignment 1 2009 1

Criteria Marks
APA Format (page numbering, title page, paragraph indentation, line spacing, use of space, 15
references, citation of sources, labeling of charts, graphs, images, etc.)
Vocabulary and Writing Mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, 10
sentence structure, etc.)
Organization (table of contents, well-constructed paragraphs, logical flow of information, 10
appropriate conclusion drawn, etc.)
Content (Addresses all topics, accurate, adequate and relevant information, examples, cases, 20
inclusion of a variety of reputable sources to indicate substantial research – journal articles,
papers, books, etc.)
Analysis (Well-supported arguments, proper interpretation and communication of issues 30
supported by evidence, examination of issues from various perspectives, use of not just
factual information but integration of facts with own ideas, etc.)
PowerPoint Presentation:
Organization & Delivery (eye contact, posture, clear pronounciation, use of time, use of 5
proper language, etc.)
Effective use of Visual Aids (readability, legibility of text, placement and sizing of graphics, 5
Content (adequate coverage of material, ability to answer questions on subject, etc.) 5
Total 100 Marks

CAPE IT Unit 1 Assignment 1 2009 2