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Sandali lang, teka lang

Bakit ba ako'y nasasaktan

Sa tuwing nakikita kita

May kasamang iba

Bakit ba ganito

Ang nararamdaman ng puso ko

'Di naman ako ang pag-ibig mo

Magkaibigan lang naman tayo

Dati hindi ko pansin ang iyong dating

Kahit cute ka pa sa aking paningin

Ngunit 'di ko sadyang malalaman ito

Ikaw pala ay iniibig ko

Itatago na lang ang damdamin ko

Dahil ayokong malayo sa iyo

Maghihintay lang na mapansin mo

Ang pag-ibig ko na para lamang sa 'yo

Sandali lang, teka lang

Bakit ba ikaw na lamang naman

Sa isipan ko'y hinahanap kita

At wala nang iba


Bakit ba ganito

Ang nararamdaman ng puso ko

'Di naman ako ang pag-ibig mo

Magkaibigan lang naman tayo

Dati hindi ko pansin ang iyong dating

Kahit cute ka pa sa aking paningin

Ngunit 'di ko sadyang malalaman ito

Ikaw pala ay iniibig ko

Itatago na lang ang damdamin ko

Dahil ayokong malayo sa iyo

Maghihintay lang na mapansin mo

Ang pag-ibig ko na para lamang sa 'yo

Itatago na lang ang damdamin ko

Dahil ayokong malayo sa iyo

Maghihintay lang na mapansin mo

Ang pag-ibig ko na para lamang sa 'yo

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“I am a Filipino - inheritor of a glorious past,

hostage to the uncertain future. As such I
must prove equal to a two-fold task- the task
of meeting my responsibility to the past, and
the task of performing my obligation to the

-Carlos P. Romulo, I Am A Filipino

A third-world country, already been

dubbed as one of the most corrupt countries,
a very populated country which people
are suffering from poverty, this is the
Philippines. But what makes the
Philippines the best country to live in? It
is its people, the Filipinos.


ay Pilipino, ako ay matulungin.)


Rich or poor, they may be, but as long as they can help, they will help. Many of
them help even if they know it would cost them their lives. They are the heroes of the

There is one word which is much known to Filipinos, the Bayanihan.

Bayanihan is a Filipino word derived from the word bayan meaning town, nation, or
community in general. "Bayanihan" literally means, "being a bayan," and is thus used to
refer to a spirit of communal unity and cooperation.

Although bayanihan can mark

itself in many forms, it is probably most
clearly and remarkably displayed in the
old tradition of neighbors helping a
relocating family by enough volunteers
to carry the whole house, and literally
moving it to its new location. They do
this by placing long bamboo poles
length-wise and cross-wise under the
house (traditional Filipino houses were
built on stilts), and then carrying the
house using this bamboo frame. It takes
a fairly large number of people -- often
20 or more -- working together to carry
the entire house. All this is done in a happy and festive mood. At the end of the day, the
moving family expresses their gratitude by hosting a small fiesta for everyone.

If all have just the spirit of Bayanihan in their hearts, then there will be no war
instead peace.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM INDUSTRIOUS. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay masipag.)

Juan Tamad, a Filipino icon of a lazy person, has been patronized and idolized
by many Filipinos. But, is Juan Tamad the same person as Juan Dela Cruz? Is Juan
Dela Cruz a person who just sits under a guava tree and waits for its fruit to fell to his
mouth? The answer is no. A Filipino is industrious. He is hard working. He strives hard
to pursue his dreams. One saying that is very famous and well-accepted is “Nasa Diyos
ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.” A Filipino believes that God will reward his hard work.


I AM A FILIPINO, I AM STRONG. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay matatag.)

A Filipino is strong, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, etc. He is strong

not because he can beat up his opponent. He is strong because he is loved and helped.
He is strong because God is his strength.

No matter how weary he’s been living, he keeps his faith, believing that a brighter
tomorrow is ahead of him.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM SKILLFUL. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay maabilidad.)

Anywhere in the world, there is a Filipino. Filipinos are in demand because of

their incomparable knowledge, skills and dedication to work.

A Filipino is creative. He is resourceful. He makes a new and useful thing out of

scraps. He is an innovator. He has a broad imagination which can lead him to
worldwide recognition.


I AM A FILIPINO, I AM DETERMINED. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay determinado.)

Though he had been through a lot of struggles, a number of alarming diseases,

devastating disasters, and painful events, but a Filipino remains firm and standing,
determined to continue living, to continue dreaming.

Amidst the tough battle in life, a Filipino is determined to fight. He doesn’t quit
because he believes that quitters never win and winners never quit. It can be heard in
the local newspapers that some people commit suicide. They can’t accept some things
in their life. But when you compare the total number of Filipinos who committed suicide
to those other nationalities, there is a big difference. You can see their resiliency, the
ability to stand up again from a downfall.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM PATIENT. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay matiisin.)

In the journey to success, a Filipino is willing to wait and work for the
fulfillment of his dreams. He would take anything possible just to survive. He is
patient. Actually, he keeps a good attitude
while waiting. He is ready to suffer yet
ready to succeed.

The Overseas Filipino Workers

(OFWs), for example, they suffer from
homesickness. Being away from your
loved ones is very hard. They sacrifice
their happiness just to feed their families
here in the Philippines. Worst is when
they experience torture from their
“Mahabang pasensya” is a trait which Filipinos possess. They think before
reacting to unpleasant things, or giving opinions to avoid misunderstanding and quarrels
because if you are patient at one moment of anger, you’ll escape a hundred days of

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM HONEST. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay matapat.)

There are a lot of stories of honesty in the world but many of the greatest stories
happened in the Philippines. These are the honesty of the poor people. Despite of
financial problems, you can hear a taxi driver or a janitor returning a pocket of money,
sometimes even a bag of foreign money of large value. Some of them were rewarded
for their good deeds, some were not but many refused to receive rewards because they
believe that that was the right thing to do.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM FRIENDLY. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay palakaibigan.)

A Filipino
is friendly. When
approaches him,
he will smile.
When someone
asks for his help,
he will graciously
help. He has a lot


of friends, true ones because he is a true friend, too.

A Filipino can’t live alone. No one will. He is interdependent to his neighbors like
his neighbors are interdependent to him. He is sincere in communicating to his fellow

He doesn’t worry in times of troubles because he believes there will be his

friends by his side to help him. He makes his friends happy as they are making him
happy by giving him a joyful companionship.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM GENTLEMAN. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay maginoo.)

A Filipino is a gentleman. He is respectful to girls, also to the elders.

He would treat every girl like

how he treats his mother and sister.
He doesn’t beat up a girl instead he
treats her like a princess.

When he seats inside the

bus, he offers his seat to an old man
or woman or a girl who stands
inside the bus. He doesn’t shout at
a girl. He talks in a calm manner.
That’s why he is appreciated and

(Ako ay
Pilipino, ako
ay maganda.)


A Filipino is beautiful. All creations of God are beautiful but she stands out.

A Filipina is beautiful inside and out. She has a different charm which makes her
special. Her smile is true. It is sincere. It is a smile that could make one’s day complete.
Her eyes shine. These are the windows of her soul. Through these, you can see how
pure her heart is. She is simply beautiful. Without her make-ups on, you can see the
real her. What you see is what you get. There is no pretention.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM HARD TO GET. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay pakipot.)

A Filipina is hard to get. Before she give her sweet “yes” to her lover, she
assures that he is the one for her, the one who will marry her, the one who will love her
and spend his lifetime with her.

A Filipina would consider her

parents’ opinion when it comes to love
and relationship. She enters a
relationship because she is serious
with it, not only to have a past time.

She let her lover court her, not her

courting the man. If she likes someone, she


would wait until the guy expresses his feeling for her. She lets the guy experience
hardship in the courtship. She would love to know how much the guy can do for her.

She will marry first before she gives everything to the guy. Sex before marriage is
not allowed with her. She will give in only to her husband. But after all the hardship in
the courtship, of course, there will still be hardship in the marriage, but this time, the girl
is already with him, helping him and being a good wife and a good mother to his

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM SHY. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay mahiyain.)

The Filipinos are shy by nature. They take this attitude with them in many
aspects. Examples are when going to a house and not eating even though they are
hungry and denial for praises.

Although being shy is positive in

some ways, it is said that this attitude
have negative effects for us. What are
these negative effects?

Being shy is depriving ourselves

from saying what we need and what we
want. We tend to do this because of fear
that the people around us may not
accept our opinions and beliefs. When
we could not say what we feel and think
of, we are being undermine by others.
They can manipulate us easily. People
will underestimate us and they will
ignore our feelings and reactions.
Because of this, our self-esteem is
degraded and it may also decrease our
self-confidence. We may also tolerate
dominance of others while we think of
ourselves as minorities.


Being shy also slows down our work. It hinders a better communication because
there is no interaction if the speaker won’t speak up what he thinks. The workplace
needs suggestions, comments, and some brainstorming to improve the quality of
products. If you are shy, you may have a better idea in mind and not voicing it out is like
not having an idea at all.

This attitude may be good or bad depending on our way of using it. We must
know when to be shy to have good relationship with others and when to be not shy to
show our ideals, skills and talents.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM LOVING. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay mapagmahal.)

Loving is not just saying “I love

you”. Loving is giving all your efforts to
show the person how much you love
him or her. It is best show in action than
in words. Loving is sacrificing just like
what Jesus Christ did for our sins to be

When Filipinos love someone,

their efforts are easily seen. They give
their wholeness to the full extent. It is
very transparent when a Filipino male is
in the stage of courtship. They are very romantic and they are full of ideas when it
comes to love. They may sing for the one they love. They may do a lot of household

On the other hand, a Filipina’s love is incomparable. Once they love someone,
they give all their heart to the point that they love the guy more than they love
themselves. They are also faithful and loyal to their husbands. They would take all the
risk for the sake of love even if it cost a lot.

This kind of love must be given to all, not just to a single person in order to have
peace. We shall also love our country the way we love a girl or a guy.


I AM A FILIPINO, I AM JOYFUL. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay masayahin.)

The Filipinos are fond of smiling. They

love to attend to a lot of gatherings like
reunions, birthday parties, weddings, fiestas.
Even if there is no occasion, they would gather
as a horde and share their own story and jokes
with others.

Being joyful bores good effects to a person.It may boost our self-confidence and
give us hope that everything will be alright in the
end. Smiling may lighten our mood and cast our
worries away. It may also give us inspiration to
move forward with our lives and strengthen our
relationship with others.


The Philippines is facing a lot of
challenges. Problems like poverty and
calamities cannot be prevented. Despite
of this, the Filipinos still manage to
smile. They help each other solve the
problem and they take their problems

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM RESPECTFUL. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay magalang.)

The Filipinos attitude of being respectful can be seen by their use of certain
words like “po at opo” and calling the elderlies certain names like “manang, ate, aling”
and the likes. They respect the old people by kissing their hands, helping them cross
the street and guiding them when walking.
The Filipinos are also respectful to others. They are open to suggestions and
opinions and criticisms are intended only for the improvement of the one they criticize.
They consider the feelings of other people before creating decisions.
Being respectful also means obeying the law whether in school, community or at
Finally, we are not really respectful if we don’t respect God who is the creator of
all living things. We must respect Him above all.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM RICH. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay mayaman.)


The Philippines is a very blessed country. It is gifted with lots of resources that can
make it a tiger country when put in good use. It is also the reason why different
countries try to invade the Philippines before. We have a lot of deposited minerals
hiding down our ground. We are rich in beatuful sceneries because we have the
Banawe Rice Terraces, Chocolate Hills, Tubbataha Reef, Mount Mayon, etc. We are
also rich in manpower and have exquisite skills compared to other nations.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM A GENIUS. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay henyo.)


Many Filipinos have been known around
the world for their ideas, skills, and talents.
Their contribution to science and technology
and even art cannot be compared to others.
Even though their funds are not always
supported by the government, they still
manage to shine and make our country proud.
Because of this, a Filipino must be confident to
show and nurture their own skills and talents
which rooted from our nation’s blood. We shall
discover what our potentials are and not just let
them lurk under our veins.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM FOR PEACE. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay para sa kapayapaan.)

Filipinos are for peace. This is evident in 1986 when EDSA Revolution takes
place. Many people around the world witness how Filipinos make a revolution without
using any deadly weapons. From this event, we have proven that a problem or conflict
can be solved even if there is no violence involve. We must always take this attitude
with us wherever we go. If we can just stay calm at all times, we can have a better

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM BRAVE. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay matapang.)


Filipinos have experienced a lot of war before
because of the invasion of other countries to our
land. Yet we did not let them do whatever they want.
We fought back and gain freedom. We are
courageous enough to contradict their ideals and
fight for what we know is right. We are that brave.
But sometimes, we used this bravery in wrong ways
like in violence and tyranny. This must not
always be the case. We must use our bravery for the
betterment of our fellowmen and ourselves.


(Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay mapagmalasakit. )

It is our nature to show our

concern to other people. We tend to
value other people even if we don’t
know them very much. We had that
great sympathy for someone who is
suffering or someone who is in trouble.
We are feeling sorry for them. Filipinos
also put their feet under someone’s
shoes. They think that if they are in that
same situation they will also do the
same. This trait is a God’s gift to us
because it shows our love for other
people. It is self-sacrificing. It is a
selfless love.

I AM A FILIPINO, I AM FREE. (Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay malaya. )


The Philippines is a democratic country. We have freedom to speak our
ideals.We may protest and raise our stand against issues in our country. We are free to
choose what to believe. We have the right to vote and choose our leaders. We can have
our own properties and we can defend ourselves from others.

Compared to the past, there are no invaders roaming around our country and
doing their business here in our land for their own good. However, there are still some
people who love to manipulate and underestimate those who can’t fight them. There is
still injustice and loss of properties.

We must always remember that we can protect our own freedom by defending
our rights and not letting anyone invade our life. We must value this freedom as much
as we value ourselves. God gave this freedom. Our heroes sacrifice their lives just to
get it back. We must uphold their principles.