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New surroundings, new place, new attire and a peaceful environment, only thing I

would have heard earlier was chirping of birds. I had never seen PARMARTHIK
SHIKSHAN SANSTHA before, neither had I been to Ladnun. Inspite of everything
being new, I felt it to be very known to me, felt like I’ve come somewhere I always
wanted to come, where I always wanted to be and specially where I could have
been just with myself.

I entered this sanstha with a great principle in my mind that was given by Sadhvi
Pramukha Shri Ji –‘A learner must be able to take lessons from everywhere’. This
one quote inspired me a lot to get comforted in all situations occurred.

It helped me to develop my (EQ) Emotional Quotient. During this year I learnt

many things i.e. how to live with assembly of people and how to develop tolerance
power. Moreover I learnt to maintain relationship with others and develop a
harmonious spirit with fellow members.

The whole world rushes behind the external beauty, external personality but I learnt
to work on my internal beauty and make my soul pure for this P.S.S is the best
place and the rarest one.

Mu. Anchal


Any combination of just 26 letters cannot describe the beauty of the best creation
“Parmarthik Shikshan Sansatha” of his holiness Acharya Shri Tulsi. I’ve been an
inseparable part of this beautiful organization from last year. This one year has
made me far better than what I was before. Well, I didn’t get any parameter that
could measure my development, but through limited words and sentences, I would
like to share some.

Firstly, I was not self-dependent at all (as being always spoon-feeded by my elder
sister in almost all works), but when I became part of it, it made me self-
dependent as it is itself a self-dependent organization. And now, a mere thought of
being self-dependence gives me happiness and increases my self-confidence.
Secondly, I was very inactive before but this place with its own rules converted my
inactiveness into activeness. Thirdly, I have always been dreaming of living a
perfect and disciplined life and this place is helping me to live so, since this place
has got such disciplined rules. And lastly, I think that this place has got a blessing
that it will (almost) always (in some or the other way) have the presence of pure
souls who probably are the ‘FUTURE SIDHAS’. So. Its aura is beautiful and many
renowned nuns have done their spiritual practices here, parmanu of which
provokes us to do the same in direct or indirect ways.

So, PARMARTHIK SHIKSHAN SANSATHA is beautiful, being here is beautiful and
especially me to be known as a part of P.S.S. is beautiful.


Mu. Diksha

It is aptly said, “Never underestimate a seed.” A seed has the potential of a forest
within it .That potential is worthy only if it is properly sown and taken care of else
that seed makes its place beneath the feet, in the drains or in the garbage. Among
all the resources of the planet, human resource is said to be the most precious one.
Unwanted population becomes a beneficial resource under proper training. Females
who earlier were just population now stand as precious resources before the world.
Religious sects too had a good population of nuns but they were not aptly used as
good resources.

Respected Gurudev,His Holiness Acharya Kalugni,

Thanks a lot for your visionary thought to educate the nuns before there initiation
and giving Acharya Tulsi a beautiful chimera to act upon.

Respected Gurudev His Holiness Acharya Tulsi,

Gurudev, you are the one who understood the potential of the female force of
Terapanth and begot this nursery ‘Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha’ where we seeds
i.e; the Mumukshu sisters not very known to the path of sadhna come to be safely
sown and nurtured. Merely sowing cannot reap fruits. Gurudev, u didn’t merely
give PSS existence but made it grow. Thanks a lot for being a vigil eyed gardener
who directed and made the seeds of PSS grow. Gratitude for your divine approach,
constant encouragement, motivation and support that made each of the seed a
resource and made PSS a resource manufacturing unit. PSS is your work which is
always devoted to you and your motives.

Respected Gurudev His Holiness Acharya Mahapragyaji,

A sapling can never grow without the constant effort and preservation of the
gardener. Gurudev, PSS is grateful for your divine nurturing. Thanks for making
PSS reach a new height of education and sadhna. Our spiritual quest accelerated
under you continuous guidance and motivation. Thanks a lot for being a
circumspect director of this unit.

Respected Gurudev His Holiness Acharya Mahashramanji,

PSS shall always be devoted and obliged for the pious guidance and kind support
that it presently receives from you. Thanks a lot for the shade of your divine hands
under which PSS is developing. Gratitude is a small word for your prodigious favor
done by you. Thanks a lot for investing your precious time and energy upon PSS
and giving it a constant nutritious nurturing.

At last, stopping my pen I would like to say PSS shall always remain grateful,
obliged, indebted and devoted towards the Acharya trio for all done by them for
their own PSS!

It was your visionary thought PSS was a chimera

It was your effortful approach PSS was established

It was your direction PSS moved on.

It was is divine motivation and energy PSS is mounting and

It will be your blessing that PSS will unceasingly celebrate spiritual excellence!!


Shikshan Sanstha

Journey from Reaction to Wise Action

Mumukshu Chetna D.

6th December 2018 I came across one of the most challenging exam i.e. of Western
Philosophy. I studied a lot, tried to learn all the theories of all the philosophers. I
was wake till late night 11. And that was the pulling force of exam which opened
sleepy, drowsy eyes early morning at 3. Till the last moment books were in my
hands, with a great preparation I reached at exam hall. The bell rang, the question
paper came in my hands and I was dumb stuck, my hands were shivering, all the
students looked at each other because many of the questions were out of course.
What could we do, we couldn’t do anything, as we were helpless. I may not score
well as our effort deserved. Generally we see in this kind of situation people lose
their patience and react without thinking. They cry, get tensed, head down on bench
with misty eyes, become nervous and spoil the remaining questions.

This all was the grace of transformation that P.S.S. inculcated in me so that I
stopped to think and act wisely. I attempted all the questions whether I knew or not
and did all requisites after exam. I learnt this fundamental law of “Stop, think, and
act wisely”, action without reaction after coming in this transformation Centre-

P.S.S. P.S.S cultivated in me the thought to never lose patience because if I can do
something, then why worry and if I can’t do anything, then why worry. Eventually
what has to be done, has to be done, there is no need to worry. Just I have to apply
the law of “Stop, think, and act wisely without reaction”.
I encountered many such situations in my life and got victory over them. The whole
credit of transformation goes to P.S.S. whose principles and teachings flow in me
as blood flows in veins and arteries.


Mu. Madhumita

Human beings have several types of powers- mental power, physical power, power
of money, power of knowledge, power of penance and power of Faith. But among
these power of Faith can be considered on the top of the list. Once a person was
asked, ‘Can anyone live without water for days?’ The reply was ‘YES’. Ancient
sages used to fast without water even up to a year. Again the question was raised
‘Can anyone live without oxygen for days?’ The reply was affirmative this time.
Many Yogis and Sadhakas can hold their breath up to an hour. Next time it was
asked, ’Can anyone live without faith for days?’ This time the answer was ‘NO’. In

fact Faith is the essence of our life without which even a step can’t be taken

When I got admission as Mumukshus in Parmarthika Shikshan Sansthan I was like

unmolded clay in terms of faith. There were just traces of a concept of Deva-Guru-
Dharma in my mind. As a mother nurtures her kid, P.S.S. mother nurtured the
strong belief of Deva-Guru-Dharma deep into my heart as it does with all
mumukshus. Stepping into P.S.S. was just a beginning of the journey of faith. It
was required to be nurtured and made as deepest and strongest as possible. For this
Acharya of terapantha sect provides his valuable time to mumukshu sisters.
Whenever we are in the presence of Acharya Mahashramana, his words, sermons,
inspirations becomes a source of deepening faith in us, regarding factual Deva-
Guru-Dharma. During the question answer sessions with him, the sisters present
their curiosity before him, great acharya shree resolves all curiosity scientifically as
well spiritually and makes our faith more strong.

24*7 Connect with Spirituality -Mu. Ajeeta

As a child in the womb of the mother, we were happy in silence and peace. Once
we were born into this world we started to cry, may be because of the connection
with the safety and security of the mother’s womb was lost. From then on all that
we do and aspire for in life is to get connected again I too was not an exception of

this general situation. For around 24 years of my life I was aspiring to seek that
connection again. New connections were established every New Year but none
eternal, none ever pleasing as all those connections had their own limitations, terms
and conditions. The search continued and I found my aim and decided to get
connected to spirituality-a source of eternal, limitless and ever pleasing bliss.

17 July 2015 a landmark date of my life where my search came closer to its
destination, I took the first step to get disconnected with the external materialistic
world to get connected with ‘THE SUPREME ME’ possible only through
spirituality and got admission in Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha- the perfect spiritual
training center. Ever since that date, in this journey of three and a half years PSS
has been helping me to remain 24*7 connected with spirituality, with me. I had a
strong conviction to transform my life and I found myself on an entirely new
ground with fresh hope discovering that I spent more time with myself.

Ever since my day begins around 4.oo Am with Samayik. Exercise, walking
meditation, and chanting navkar mantra have become a part of my regular spiritual
practices. When I started doing meditation I discovered that it helps me to develop
positive energy in myself. If we don’t clean our shelf daily we see dust on it, isn’t
it? The same is true with self too! Goodness exists in every person. The goodness
emerges from the depth of the personality. Once we clean the outer firm of dust.
This is what adherence to spiritual practices did to me and the process is like an
onion, the layers of deception got peeled off and it is a continuous process. I follow
this routine steadfast with a lot of conviction and try not absent even for a day and
that has helped me in my overall transformation.

Gratitude, forgiveness and being empathetic are some of the qualities that come to
the foreground now more spontaneously than even before. Staying happy and
positive 24*7 is a landmark transformation that occurred in me in these years. All
these practices I practiced in PSS give me a better version of myself each day and I

feel disconnected with my passions and 24*7 connected with spirituality, Infinite
bliss! Now, I can confidently say the world that, No matter how you define success
good spiritual health is an essential piece of the puzzle.

.Gratitude, firstly to the P.S.S that gave me a ground to transform our life and
Acharya Sri Mahashramanji who guides us in every path of our life. I am thankful
for everything I have been blessed with.

Wishing myself a happy connected life!

A Sacred Exploration

Mu. Preksha K

Walking beside seashore through those flowing waves and multiplying thoughts,
stroke a thought which changed my life. A thought for self, a thought of self-
recognition, a thought of determination and a thought of defining myself brought
me to this place Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha.

A new step of my life brought numerous emotions along with it but the most
pleasing one was that feeling of bliss and peace which I had never experienced
before. Life here became systematic and I experienced newness in me every day. It
took me little time to come up with the confusions of this new journey but right
guidance worked like medicines. Different minds, different people, different stands
of spirituality but all are directed towards one goal of renunciation. This unity in
diversity made life easier, simple, acceptable and adjustable for me.

For entering into the world of spirituality this pious place is like a potter’s wheel
which is in the hands of the great abort his holiness Acharya Mahashraman. I was
like that mud which required shape. The path of self-restraint requires lot of
courage and patience to face challenges. Like a potter shapes the pot according to
the requirements, I got a new shape to fulfill those requirements needed to achieve
my goal. I reached to new heights of myself by becoming more tolerant, skillful,
stronger and happier. I bow down to this holy place which has moulded me from a
raw material to a processed product to tackle and face challenges of this great path.

It is like a boon to be here – a wonderful place famous for three P’s- Peace Penance
Peacocks, which has transformed Preksha’s life, but this wonderful feeling cannot
be exactly expressed because experiences are difficult to be brought into the
boundaries of words. It is completely a matter of self-experience. To know how it
exactly feels one will have to come here and experience it on their own.

Mu. Sonam

R (F+E+M) = Meditation

Ancient time for better living man was depended on three basic things i.e. food,
shelter and clothes. As the time passed on there was increase in the standard of
these basic needs. Today’s scenario man has only one basic need i.e. Peace. Man is
search of peace. The best method to achieve peace is meditation.

Meditation helps one to control and develop mental and physical health. To begin
with meditation the three necessities must be fulfilled. R (F+E+M) = Meditation

Right Food

Right exercise

Right mind

A discipline life style with incorporation of regular physical exercise is an essential

for good physical health as a balanced nourishing diet. Do not consume too much
spicy and oily food. Eating lavish food counters nourishing. Often people tend to
overeat or consume junk food because of the greed of tongue. Restrain from it if
you want to enjoy healthy and hearty life.

Those who live a comfortable life with abundance of healthy and tasty food and
resource of pleasure are seen suffering from many kinds of weakness and ailments
of the body if they do not exert adequate physical labor.

Our body is like huge factory in which several process of production, supply,
distribution and consumption of vital elements continue all the time. There is also
an accumulation of waste and by products.

Physical exercise help cleansing of the dirt and toxic deposited in various forms
and energizing all the components of the body, appropriating blood circulation and

supply of vital elements to different organs. The defense and repair of mechanical
body are also strengthened by specific physical exercise.

Tadasan: free from laziness, release tension

Pashimotasana: make spine flexible, beneficial for diabetic patients, reduce

fats from abdomen

Trikonasana: release sciatica pain.

Matsyasana: improves the functioning of eye, nose, ears and head.

Shalabhasana: influence gonads and adrenal, helps in reduction of

depression and spine problems.

Exercise is an instrument which helps the person to get rid of his physical mental
and emotional discomforts. Regular practice of exercise imbues a person to attain
the stage of higher level of meditation. The number of exercise the practioner
should perform correctly and efficiently. Hence before practice of exercise a clam
mind is essential.

Good Mind = Good Life. Our physical system has no inbuilt capacity to tolerate lot
of pain. It can form substances to lessen the pain. But when one’s mental strength
subdues the pain, it is an attempt to attain friendly with the ailment. Our mental
makeup should be designed to liberate us from fear, worry and tension. Many new
resolutions are for body diet. There need to be resolution for mind diet. Diet for the
mind is vital and not more time is needed to invest.

In the mind diet, I am my own dietician, as what goes in and what does go in are in
my control. The diet of thoughts for the mind requires grit and determination, it

requires devotion. One must practice mental fasting on bad thoughts, breakfast for
mind i.e. ‘break thought – fast’. It means there should be thought free zone in this
diet and this is possible by practicing breathe everyday with full awareness.

Rythemeticaly Breathing (20 times)

Long Breathing (20 times)

Kumbak - holding breathe during inhale and exhale without causing any
discomforts. (5 times).

The most important key note is, when we inhale stomach should expand and during
exhale stomach should contract. The counting should increase with regular
practice. This is an amazing mind diet. After six months you will find the change.
Be grateful to find your inner expression through work and you will be closer to
God with it, therefore R (F+E+M) = Meditation and meditation leads to peaceful