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Scripts to Overcome the Toughest Buyer

Objections and Close More Sales

Objection: “Why should I get pre-approved?”

Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, there are five important reasons that being pre-approved is a
benefit to you.

First, you will know exactly the right price range for your purchase.

Second, errors on credit reports are common. You can correct these errors without
putting your earnest money deposit on a house you really want at risk.

Third, sellers are more negotiable with pre-approved buyers.

Fourth, if there are multiple offers, the sellers are more likely to select a buyer who is

Finally, most contracts require you to be approved for your loan in 21-30 days. This
gives you a head start on the process.

Objection: “I haven’t been pre-approved.”

Okay, good to know.

Do you have a lender that you would like to work with, or should you like some names
from me?

Objection: “Does the roof need replacing?”

I don’t know.

You will need a roofing inspection to evaluate the exact condition of the roof and
whether it needs replacing.

Objection: “Where is the property line?”

I don’t know.

In order to determine the exact location of the property lines, you will need a survey.

Objection: “What will the seller take for the property?”

I don’t know. The best way to find out is to submit an offer.

Objection Handling Before the Showing

We find that our buyers have different strategies for looking at houses.

To avoid wasting your valuable time, would you prefer for me to preview the homes
and show you the top five homes, would you prefer to look on the multiple listing
service with me to determine your preferences, or would you prefer to look online and
let me know which houses you would like to see?

Buyer Interview Script

When we look at property, it is very important that you tell me what you like and what
you don’t like.

Consequently, after we look at each house, unless you tell me that you want to write an
offer, I’m going to ask, “What are the reasons that you are not buying this property?”
Is that okay with you?

Showing Script

Agent: Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, as we discussed in our Buyer Interview, are you going to be
placing an offer on this property?

(Wait for their response.)

Agent: If not, what features did you like and what features did you dislike about this

Order Ranking and Closing Scripts

Of the properties that we have seen today, which properties would you rank as being
best suited to you?

If you had to write an offer today, which property would be your first choice?

Objection: “The dining room is too small!”

I can certainly understand that the room is not as large as you had hoped.

If you recall when we first did our Buyer’s Interview, we agreed that there is no such
thing as a 100% house.

Alternate Close:

Since this house meets over 90% of the criteria you gave me, you now have an
important decision to make.

You can continue to live next to those noisy neighbors who keep you up all night, or
you could be living in this quiet neighborhood.

It's your choice. What would you like to do?

Objection: “I want a better area.”

Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, you have an important decision to make.

You can write an offer on this property, you can look for a lesser house in your price
range in the area you want, or you can look at a higher price range provided that you
can qualify.

The choice is yours, what would you like to do?

Objection: “We like the house, but haven’t seen enough properties.”

Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, during the Buyer’s Interview you agreed that the houses you have
just seen are the top five in terms of meeting your criteria. If you are feeling uncertain,
let’s meet tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. to view the next five properties. If none of those
meets your needs, you can write up your offer tomorrow. Is that a strategy that works
for you?

You have seen the 12 properties that come closest to meeting your criteria. You now
have an important decision to make. You can write an offer on one of these houses, you
can look in a higher price range, or you can look for a better house in a lesser location.
The choice is yours. What would you like to do?

Objection: “It’s cheaper for me to rent.”

You’re right – it may be cheaper to rent for the time being.

Your rent, however, goes up almost every year, correct? You can lock in your
payments at today’s prices for the next 30 years with a fixed rate mortgage, or you can
continue to pay rent increases.

The choice is yours. What would you like to do?

Objection: “What if prices go down?”

Mrs. Buyer, if you wait and the interest rates increase by one percent, you may paying
up to an additional $50,000 interest over the life of your 30-year, $200,000 loan. If the
interest rates increase by two percent, you may pay up to an extra $100,000 over the
life of the loan.

Objection: “We’re worried the market hasn’t bottomed yet.”

Agent agrees:
I can certainly appreciate your concern that the market has not yet hit bottom.

Agent counters:
The price, however is not the only factor involved in the cost of home ownership. The
interest rate is also important. In fact, if interest rates increase by one percent, your
payments may increase by up to 14 percent.

Agent closes:
Besides, whose mortgage would you rather pay—your own mortgage or your landlord’s