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Pleaase read the passage below, this passage contains error.

Indonesian teachers need more raining
Indonesian teachers need more training because indonesian educations the poor
quality of the country’s teacher. In other hand, the teachers need training to update their
skill and knowledge. For example, if the government will apply new curriculum. The
teachers ahould be training and that it is not take a short time. The new curriculim needs
preparing, doing trial runs and evaluating their new curriculum before applying them.
If indonesian government will apply the new curriculum that is really need more
training for the teacher, because some of the indonesian teacher considered the
governments plan to implement the new curriculum an impossible mission. Besides that,
the new curriculum applies a thematic and intergrated appoarch, which the current
In other hand, if indonesian teacher’s need more training, so the government to
select masters in the limited time. Because the good teacher’s will help education in
indonesia, they can teach the students with clearly and interesting. Than the teacher that
doesn’t have the good training. That thing can increase the quality of education in
1. Please analyze the text by finding the synonym of some words above. Make sure that
you follow the template given. Find the synonym as much as possible.

Word Synonym
government authority
Training Work out
Country State, nation
Poor Low
Update Renew
Should Must
Short time Curt time
Trial Experimrnt
Plan Arrangement
Implement Carry out
Approach Oncoming
Select Choose
Master Academic
Clearly Obviously
Interesting attractive
apply practice