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In the trip to Tandil, we had lots of emotions and adventures.

It was a very fun and

interesting experience and i would do it again without thinking it.
The day we arrived, we installed ourselves in the dormis, we ate something and we went
to do a hike in a hill of Tandil.
The hike was very fun and adventurous, but it was full of dirt and my shoes end up
really dirty.
After we reached the top of the hill, we went back to the complex.
The next day was amazing, first we did canopy, it was interesting but it was not from a
very tall height.
But then we did some boating, and it was amazingly good, we got in a boat for three
and we end up soaking wet.
We almost fell two times but we managed to stay alive…
After we finished, my arms were destroyed, i couldnt even feel them.
The next day (the last day) we left the complex at 7 am, and then we went to some
historical and religious places of Tandil. We saw some cannons in an old fort of the
spanish colony.
We bought some presents for our families, and then we started the way back home. I
was so exhausted that i slept the whole trip, when i woke up, we were at the school.
It was an amazing experience and i really enjoyed it.