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17 March 2019

Kristin Cinco
Senior Director of Special Services/SELPA, AUESD
1001 S East st
Melody Ulery
Anaheim, CA
1919 W coronet ave
Anaheim, ca 92801
Dear Ms. Cinco,

I am pleased to apply for the Program Specialist position for Special

Education services in the Anaheim Union Elementary School District.
The purpose of this letter is to highlight the educational background
and experience I possess, that would be an asset to your program.
Since the Anaheim Union Elementary School District is extremely
diverse, my education on cultural diversity in early childhood education
would be an asset to your school environment. In this letter I will
elaborate on four main areas of expertise.

The first topic I would like to highlight is exceptionality, my experience

with students with learning disabilities is vast. My initial introduction
into children with learning disabilities, is my nephew who was
diagnosed with autism at age 5. Utilizing unconventional methods or
creative outlets for these students can allow them to find a way to
communicate effectively.

Along with having experience in Special Education, I was also born

and raised in Southern California. I’ve also been living in Anaheim for
the last 6 years and previously in Buena Park. Growing up in the same
district gives me an advantage in regards to local cultural events and
heritage related to the students.

I would also like to connect to the age demographic of the parents in

your district. Having a relationship with the parents of my students
provides a network of trust, that bond can support with outside
activities to assist growth in the students.
Traveling and discovering different cultures has always been important
to me. When I was going to college, I took a course on multicultural
education. After I finished that semester, I discovered a newfound
drive for diving deeper into subcultures different from my own. This
gives me an advantage with my students, showing them I truly care
about the environment they have been raised in. Gaining the respect
of your students, this builds a foundation to continue to inspire them
and grow the potential each student has.

In conclusion, my determination, experience, empathy, patience and

drive to continue to grow as an educator will never slow down. As an
employee of the Anaheim Union Elementary School District, I'm fully
aware of the challenges that lie ahead. The massive amount of
students and limited teachers available, I know this will be stressful.
Regardless of the stress that may come, I am driven to make a
difference. There is no place else I would like to make a difference
than right at home.


Melody Ulery