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India’s most intensive

100+ hours program

designed and delivered
by Industry veterans for
high-performing individuals
who want to get practical
and experiential learning,
along with soft skills and
100% placement assistance.
Spot a Promising Future Indicative Salary in
in your Favorite Industry! Digital Marketing
Biggest Spenders on Digital Marketing (Sector Wise) (In India)

E commerce
3040 Crores
4864 Crores
16% 10+ years

Apps /
4 - 9 years
12.8% Start Ups
2432 Crores
Real Estate 4.8% 0 - 3 years
912 Crores
6.4% 11.2%
Travel Media /
1216 Crores Entertainment
8% 8% 2128 Crores
Health Care 2.5 - 7 L pa 8 - 30 L pa 30+ L pa
1368 Crores Education Beginner Level Middle Level Top Level
Retail / FMCG 1520 Crores
1520 Crores

20L Jobs by 2020: Demand is High, But Skill-gap is the Barrier

It’s no secret that Digital Marketing has made deep inroads into every industry and sector.
The dearth of talent in India has made Digital Marketing emerge as a hot career choice for
graduates and post-graduates. This also means, if you enter digital marketing now, you will be
in the demand spotlight. EduPristine has come up with the right solution for you and has built
its program to give you end-to-end career support, right from skill-based training to job
assistance. We intend to make you job ready!

How We Help You to Bridge Skill Gap and Make You Job-Ready?

Practical & Experiential Soft Skill Training Market Ready

Training Business Communication Frequent Job Updates
Industry Relevant Content Presentation Skills Customised Career
Case-Study Based People Skills Guidance
Hands-On Training Business Etiquette Interview Skills Workshop
Training by Subject Matter Problem Solving Skills Resume Preparation
Marketing Automations
& Tools 100% Job Assistance
Prepare for Top Marketing
Dedicated Discussion
After Course Engagement
Program Highlights
1 hrs On-boarding Live Session 1 Business Email Account
85 hrs Instructor Lead Classroom Training Prepare for International Certifications
Self-paced Learning Content 24*7 LMS Access
Real-time Practical’s & its Implementations Industry Expert Trainers
1 Domain Name Dedicated Discussion Forums
Assured 6 Months Web Hosting After Course Engagement (ACE)
1 Live Website Deployment 100% Job Assistance

Clasroom Training Corporate Training

Get great practical knowledge in Get customized training solutions
a highly interactive environment at for your company or team, choose
an EduPristine center near you! from Foundation, Intermediate and
Expert Levels.

Our Training Methodology

Our learners can expect an eclectic mix of case studies, digital marketing tools, and the
hallmark methodology of learning through a live website. Pioneered by EduPristine, hands-on
practice through a live website, ad budget, and real-time implementation is the best way to
learn digital marketing. This methodology offers real-life challenges, compelling learners to
apply concepts in the class.

Our Students Work In Companies Like

Program Curriculum
Introduction to
5 hours SEM – PPC Marketing 15 hours
Digital Marketing

Different Online Marketing Channels Introduction to Search Engine and PPC

Understand the Journey of Online Customer Marketing (SEM)
Key Terminologies in Online Marketing Overview and Setup of Google AdWords (PPC
Overview of Case Study and Business Model Platform)
Keyword Selection and Its Usage
Search Engine 10 hours
Search and Display Campaign Creation and
Optimization Conversion Tracking
A/B Testing and Monitoring the Experiment in
On-Page SEO Vs. Off-Page SEO Google AdWords
Areas that Need Optimization and How to Do It? Linking Google Analytics & AdWords
Text and Voice Search Optimization Shopping Ads Campaign Creation and Tracking
Keyword Selection and Its Usage AdWords Editors (Work Offline Tool)
Introduction to White, Grey, and Black Hat SEO Exposure to Automated Campaign Management
Techniques Tools for AdWords
Overview and Setup of Google Search Console Setup of Remarketing Campaign in AdWords
Areas of Off-Page SEO that Help in Establishing Types of OTT Platforms and Monetization
the Brand Name Options in India
Introduction to Backlinks and How it Helps the Introduction to YouTube Marketing and Channel
Website to Rank in First Page? Creation
Ways to Find and Identify the Relevant Platforms, Video Ads Campaign Creation and Tracking
and Blog Posts for Backlinks Usage of YouTube Prime Packs to Build
Elements to Conduct a Comprehensive Site Audit Awareness and Reach
Real-Time Analytics and Mouse Tracking Using
Tools and Techniques to Improve Site Social Media
15 hours
Performance, User Experience and SERP Marketing
Importance of Social Media Marketing and Its
Mobile Marketing 5 hours
and Optimization Key Steps for Social Media Success
Overview of Creating a Social Media Marketing
Introduction to Mobile Marketing Plan
Overview of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) Facebook Marketing and Its Effective Hacks
and its Importance Fb Ads Campaign Creation and Its Analytics
Usage of Mobile App in Marketing Mix Instagram Marketing Tips and Tricks
App Building and Monetization Instagram Ads Campaign Creation and Its
App Store Optimization Analytics
Universal App Ads LinkedIn Marketing and Its Best Practices
LinkedIn Ads Campaign Creation
Twitter Marketing and Its Components
Email Marketing 5 hours
Twitter Ads Campaign Creation and Analytics
Quora Marketing and Its Best Practices
Quora Ads Campaign Creation
Importance of Email Marketing
Importance of Using Essential Social Media Tools
Problems with Email Marketing
Overview of Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Building an Email List and Its Segmentation
Common Reputation Management Problem Areas
Email Marketing Campaign Creation and Metrics
ORM Ecosystem
Drip Email Marketing and Auto Responders
Funnel Marketing
Marketing Automation 5 hours 10 hours
and Growth Hacking

Importance of Marketing Automation Introduction to Marketing Funnel and Its

Problems Faced by Marketers importance
Introduction to Marketing Automation Platform Strategy vs Tactics in Marketing
and Its Core Feature Front-end vs Back-end Marketing
Marketing Automation Setup Introduction to the Growth Formula
Reports & Analytics Setup of a Marketing Funnel in FB having Return
Path and Audience Segments
Advance Conversion Funnels and Mind Maps
Affiliate Marketing 5 hours
Industry Case Studies on Full Funnel and Its
Overview of Affiliate Marketing and How does
it work?
Content Marketing
Different Commission Structures
and Conversion Rate 5 hours

Introduction to Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing Campaign Setup
Importance of Content Marketing and Creating
Run an Affiliate Merchant Program
a Customer Avatar
Run an Affiliate Marketer Program
Ways to Develop Powerful and Engaging Content
Tracking Algorithm in Affiliate Program
to Drive Business Growth
Affiliate Networks vs In-house Affiliate Program
Content Distribution
Best Practice of Managing Affiliates
Overview of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Pitfalls of the Affiliate Models
Research Techniques for CRO
Optimization Strategies
Web Analytics 5 hours

Overview of Web Analytics

Installation and Set-up of Google Analytics (GA)
Set-up Goals and Segments in GA
Set-up Site Search in GA
Techniques to read the Google Analytics Data
Automate the Summarization of GA Data

Some Digital Marketing Tools That You Will

Learn In Class
Our Affiliation & Partnerships

Best Certifications in the Industry

Get ready to level-up and boost your CV with Internationally Valid Certificates*.
Boost your skill-set and get certified by highly esteemed entity like Digital Marketing

With our intensive Digital Marketing The program also helps you to
Program, we help you to prepare for prepare for 6 AdWords certificates:
the following certifications that are
most-sought-after by recruiters in the Adwords Fundamental
job market: Video Advertising
Search Advertising
Google Analytics Shopping Advertising
Facebook Blueprint* Display Advertising
SEMrush Mobile Advertising
EduPristine Certificate of Excellence
EduPristine Certificate of Participation &HUWLILFDWH1R '0

*Candidate needs to pay the exam fee

to Facebook




Digital Marketing





Exhaustive Classroom Training

Weekday Training Weekend Training

DAYS Mon to Fri Sat & Sun | Sun only

DURATION 6 to 10 Weeks 11 Weeks | 19 Weeks

Learn from the Leaders in Education

EduPristine is a member of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE), a global education provider
headquartered in the United States. Adtalem is a 3 billion dollars (20,000 crores) company that has
about 9 institutions and companies with more than 16,000 employees spread across 145 locations.
Adtalem takes pride in training 142,000 degree-seeking students all over the world.The organiza-
tion's purpose is to empower students to achieve their goals, find success and make inspiring
contributions to our global community. EduPristine is one of India's leading training providers in
Analytics, Accounting, Finance, Healthcare, and Marketing. Founded in 2008, EduPristine has a
strong online platform and network of classrooms across India and caters to self-paced learning and
online learning, in addition to classroom learning.

A large alumni network 15+ locations & A faculty pool of Soft skill training &
of 50,000+ students 35 industries 600+ industry experts 100% job assistance

Student Testimonials

Lectures were very informative and at par with The structure of the digital marketing Program
the current times. Approachable lectures and online is easy to understand and well-organized.
lively environment has helped in making the This Program is a great foundation for Digital
Program a memorable one. This Program will Marketing jobs, which makes it worthy to
certainly help everyone looking forward to make pursue. The Staff is co-operative, hence
big in the Digital Industry. making it easy for us to grasp the nitty-gritties
of Digital Marketing through their practical
approach. I strongly recommend people to
Jheel Kacharia, take this Program
Franchise Sales Manager

Andrea Pereira,
Assistant Manager
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