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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Mr. Oliver Date: 23/05/2018 Time: 9:50-10:40

Integrated Humanities Level: Grade 9k Room: 2.1.02

Lesson focus: Can international cooperation help to prevent war?

Global Context: Scientific and Technical innovation Key Concept: Change ATL Skill: Thinking skills and

Communication skills AK Strand: Pluralism

Socio-emotional skill: Mindfulness


Activity 1: what is international cooperation and how do we see it?

10minutes why it is hard for countries to exist in isolation today? Projector and laptop

Students share their findings on the discussion they had the previous day
using the focus areas they had. The groups and what they were working on is
projected on the board.

10 minutes Activity 2: Linking the issue each group was working on to the statement of Whiteboard and white board
inquiry. Are those issues global issues, why do we think they are? markers.

 Which is the best approach to use in solving them? Now that

cooperation among countries is not always straightforward?
 How can pluralism be used to ensure countries work together without
being in conflict? Students discuss in their respective groups?
10 minutes Extension Activity: Students watch a video on how international
cooperation is working

15 minutes
 Students answer questions projected on the board after watching the
 The first two questions should be answered in collaboration with the
members of the group
 The last two question should be answered individually.
5 minutes

Conclusion: Exit Question: What is the new understanding we have got

from this lesson today? Hear from students’ views.

Write a one paragraph reflection in your book explaining your new

understanding using this format:

I used to think……………Now I know…………

Reflection: The discussions we had in class were interesting to students and most of them showed a lot of enthusiasm and
motivation to contribute to the discussion. This was achieved by making the objective of the lesson very clear and allowing the
students to give out their views on the discussion. This proved to me that allowing students room to participate in class
promotes their participation and engagement.

Sometimes it can be hard to manage a class during discussions and discussions can easily go off track in case a teacher
allows the students to discuss without constantly bringing them back on track or if the instructions are not specific enough