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Symbols and Archangels in

• Fire: Passion, excitement, creativity, adventure, and the pursuit of your dreams.

• Water: Emotion, love, family, children, intimacy, spirituality, and intuition.

• Air: Ideas, choices, thoughts, logic, truth, justice, fears, and worries.

• Earth: Abundance, prosperity, daily activity and jobs, society, community, and the environment.

• Ariel: Ariel is the archangel most associated with nature and animals. She works in tandem with
Archangel Raphael in the healing of animals and is a favorite of environmentalists. She’s also known
for her ability to manifest the material needs of those who call upon her.

• Azrael: The most elegant and tender of all the archangels, Azrael comes with the power and grace
of God to comfort us and walk with us through any challenging times.

• Chamuel: His name means “he who sees God” and therefore nothing is beyond his vision. He is
called upon to help find lost items or even other things we’re searching for like a new job, a romantic
partner, or a better understanding of the truth of our situation.

• Gabriel: Works in roles involving communication and creativity. She is associated with birth
announcements (due to the Annunciation) and therefore is a messenger between God and
humankind. Because she is known to carry a great trumpet for calling people to action, she is
also known for helping us to get things accomplished.

• Haniel: Known for psychic gifts, intuition, and feminine energy. Finding the truth of a situation.

• Jeremiel: Helps us to evaluate our lives so that we can understand the changes we wish to make in
the future. He is also an archangel you can ask for help in developing your intuitive gifts.

• Jophiel: The archangel of beauty, Jophiel can help to uplift thoughts from negative to positive. She is
also the “Feng Shui” archangel and can help you to create beautiful things or just release things that
you no longer need.

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• Metatron: The archangel known for protecting sensitive people and children as well as his ability to
make time speed up or slow down.

• Michael: Known for issues such as protection, safety, and security. He is also known for helping
people discover their life purpose and repairing equipment that is broken.

• Raguel: Known for being the angel we can call on when we find ourselves in a challenging situation
with another person. He softens the energy and brings about reconciliation and compromise.

• Raphael: Associated with physical healing and matters of personal health. He is also known to watch
over travelers and is known for his matchmaking skills as well.

• Raziel: The grand old wizard of the archangel realm, he is known for helping us to understand mystical
information and for keeping the secrets of God.

• Sandalphon: Sandalphon is known for delivering prayers from Earth to Heaven. He carries our desires
to a loving and benevolent Universe. Sandalphon helps those who are seeking to enrich their inner
worlds, and also helps them find others who are also searching.

• Uriel: Archangel Uriel, whose name means “the light of God,” heralds the great epiphanies that have
brought you to this place of enlightenment and joy. Uriel has the the ability to not only bring you
great insights but also bless you with emotional healing. He is also the archangel of transformation,
helping you to make desired changes in your life.

• Zadkiel: Known for being helpful to anyone who’s in a time of learning. He can help us to remember
where we’ve been before (including past lives) and accurately access where we’d like to go next.

• Boats/Ships: Being prepared. Travel. The journey of life. Are you heading where you want to go?
Having your ship come in (and therefore abundance).

• Books (Open)/Scrolls: Knowledge: usually of a mystical type, but sometimes pure intellectual
learning. Traditional tarot often has the books and scrolls closed to show that the mystical knowledge
is hidden or forbidden. In angel tarot, we show them open to indicate that nothing is hidden and all
spiritual knowledge is available to all people.

• Castles: Safety, protection, abundance, success, and accomplishment.

• Cities: Civilization, order, and the things we need to feel safe.

• Grapes: Enjoyment, pleasure, sensuality, and celebration.

• Gold Coins and Jewels: Abundance, prosperity, and golden opportunities. Sometimes greed or hoarding.

• Infinity Sign: The limitlessness of time and possibilities.

• Lilies/White: Purity of motivation. Knowledge.

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• Moon: Emotions and mysteries. The unconscious or unknown. A reflection of the Light that is within us.

• Mountains: The heights that you (and all humankind) can aspire to if you put your heart and passion
into your dreams.

• Pillars: Usually displayed with one being light in color and the other being dark, pillars symbolize
duality. Light and dark, positive and negative, male and female, the conscious and the subconscious.

• Rainbows: The promise of better times after a time of challenge. Also, the chakra system.

• Roses/Red: Your personal desires or what you are passionate about.

• Roses/White: Purity of intention. A symbol of rebirth.

• Scales: A call for balance in a situation. Fair and objective choices.

• Sun: Knowledge, the conscience, and the known.

• Sunflowers: Happiness, joy, and endurance.

• Swords: The maintaining of justice and truth. Knowledge and how we understand concepts.

• Water: Emotions as well as the streams of consciousness that come from meditation and inner
searching. Inner wisdom.

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Animals in the
As I noted in the video, these are the animals that you will find most often in tarot cards. While you may find
others every once in a while, they don’t have a set, deeper symbolic meaning like these.

Birds (in general): Big ideas. Dreams that can soar if you put your passions into them.
Butterflies: Evolution, transformation, joyful changes, and new opportunities.
Cats (in general): Independence, unpredictability, instinct, and being a unique individual.
Cuckoo Birds: Sudden and expansive life changes. Messages about unexpected new directions.
Dogs (in general): Companionship, unconditional love, loyalty, fun, and protection.
Dolphins: Cooperation, community, providing protection, confidence, and knowing just what to do.
Doves: Peace, love, purity, innocence, and the Divine.
Elephants: Loyalty, intelligence, compassion, community, wisdom, and stability.
Horses: Freedom, speed, intelligence, abundance, and the ability to move on.
Lions: Strength, power, courage, and self-confidence. Fearlessly going after your dreams.
Owls: Wisdom, personal knowledge, intuition, and feminine insight. Patience and wise planning.
Peacocks: Immortality, rejuvenation, confidence, birth, and rebirth.
Phoenix: Rebirth and new beginnings.
Tigers: Sensuality, leadership, wisdom, royalty, and great power.
Unicorns: Manifestation, miracles, magical experiences, and purity of intention.
Whales: Communication, confidence, objectivity, wisdom, and deep emotion.
Wolves: Spirit, intelligence, ceremony, trustworthiness, and the importance of listening carefully.

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The Astrology of the
Excerpted from The Big Book of Angel Tarot

0: The Dreamer: Uranus—The planet of creativity, independence, and innovation; it encourages us to be our
own unique selves. It’s associated with the energy of setting us free from old ideas or situations that no longer
serve us.

1: The Magician: Mercury—The planet of communication and intellect, Mercury rules things like logic,
opinions, reason, speaking, and writing. It is known for moving quickly. Mercury determines how we express
ourselves and—just like the Magician—encourages us to show the world who we truly are and the magic we are
capable of making.

2: The High Priestess: The Moon—The moon is considered to be the ruler of our emotions as well as our per-
sonal needs. It gives us insight into how we feel about things and the types of people and topics we’re drawn
to. The moon has a big role to play in our personalities due to its effect on our emotions, how we feel about
ourselves, and our inner beliefs.

3: The Empress: Venus—This planet represents both emotional and material concerns. It can reflect the
aspects in our lives where we have love of a romantic nature, or of family, but also the desire to possess lovely
things. It’s also known to be the planet that influences our creative endeavors such as art, music, and writing.

4: The Emperor: Aries—This first sign of the zodiac is direct, independent, assertive, self-assured, and known
for taking charge and getting things done. A true go-getter, this sign is always ready to kick-start a project.
Sometimes Aries is a better leader than a doer, but its commitment to the quest is unquestionable.

5: Unity: Taurus—Taurus is a sign of determination and faith, and a stable and loyal energy that displays great
wisdom and knowledge. It is reliable, and very much values peace. However, this sign can also be a bit rigid in
how it sees things. This matches the Unity card’s duality message of either sticking with or bucking tradition.

6: The Lovers: Gemini—The Lovers card is ruled by Gemini, the sign of communication but also of duality. The
same principles of light and dark, masculine and feminine, present in the card are also a part of this astrological
sign. It is yin and yang, and just like the Lovers card, it is the mix of these two energies that makes it so amazing.

7: The Chariot: Cancer—While this is a very watery sign for an action-filled card, keep in mind that Cancers
are greatly concerned with security and being in control. Cancers are tenacious and very adaptable, which
helps them maintain a mastery over any situation that assures success!

©2014 Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

8: Justice: Libra—The astrology for this card is Libra, which is usually represented by the scales on the card.
This sign is known for being open-minded, balanced, idealistic, and very focused on what is fair.

9: Hermit: Virgo—Hardworking, diligent, devoted, and nurturing Virgo is the sign for the Hermit. Much like
the Hermit, Virgos are extremely dedicated to helping others, having learned the perfect way to accomplish
their goals. As such, it wants to share that information with its apprentices. Virgo is very studious and wants to
know the “whys” and “hows” of every situation.

10: The Wheel: Jupiter—This planet is expansive, positive, optimistic, and very, very lucky! Jupiter has only the
best intentions for us and wants us to learn, grow, and be all that we can be.

11: Strength: Leo—Leo is a sign that is loving, ambitious, powerful, and loyal. It has a flair for the dramatic and
is also very idealistic and broad-minded. This allows Leo to see others without feeling the need to judge their
path. Leo is very human in its viewpoint of the world, which is line with the energy of this card.

12: Awakening: Neptune—This is a very dreamy sign with an amazing imagination. It’s easy to fall asleep to
your situation within the energy of Neptune, but it’s also very sensitive. When it’s time to become more aware
of the way we live, and to envision something new, Neptune is the perfect energy for this card.

13: Release: Scorpio—Scorpio is a sign that is very adept at new beginnings and embracing endings. It’s also
the sign of the zodiac most closely associated with deep inner exploration and evaluation.

14: Balance: Sagittarius—Sagittarius is a sign of spiritual understanding and optimism even when it’s been
through adversity. It is blessed with great faith and hope. It’s also a mutable sign of the zodiac, which means
that it has the ability to easily adapt to any situation and relate to almost any person. It’s difficult to feel down
when the energy of Sagittarius is present!

15: Ego: Astrologically, this card is Capricorn, a very responsible, practical, and competent sign that often
deals with business. Because it has a deep desire to build something of importance, it can be associated with
overworking and/or being very focused on making money.

16: Life Experience: This card is associated with Mars, a planet that’s bold, courageous, and daring. Mars is
always ready to take a chance or head out on a new quest. This passionate planet encourages us to be the very
best that we can be, to accomplish all we can, and to fulfill our life purpose. If we’re feeling confined by our
situation, Mars can help us break out of what is restraining us.

17: The Star: This card is ruled by friendly, future-minded, and humanitarian-focused Aquarius. This is a vision-
ary sign that can see the possibilities of the future—not just for ourselves, but for all of humankind.

18: The Moon: This card is ruled by Pisces, a very psychic, sensitive, and spiritual sign. Pisces rules the 12th
house of the zodiac—the house of unseen or hidden knowledge. However, Pisces is the most intuitive of the
signs and can help you to come to know that which has been unknowable until now.

©2014 Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

19: The Sun: Naturally, the astrological association for this card is the Sun! In astrology, the Sun is our identity,
our personality, and our true nature. It also represents creativity and the areas of our lives where we really shine.

20: Renewal: Pluto is known as the planet of transformation. When it comes into our world, things are likely
to change—and change fairly dramatically. Just like the Renewal card, Pluto comes along to push us to attain
greater heights. We can be renewed and reborn so that we can be even more than we were in the past.

21: The World: Saturn is the planet of testing and challenge. It’s said to be the planet where we work through
our karma so that we can evolve in this lifetime. Saturn points out where we’re restricted or held back. Its
association with The World card shows us that we’ve broken through our barriers. We’ve been tested and have
successfully graduated with honors!

©2014 Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine