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Introducing Visual MODFLOW

Please follow the instructions below to download and install Visual MODFLOW Flex and Classic
Before you begin:
Log in to your computer as local administrator.
Back up any existing Visual MODFLOW projects that you may have.
Please NOTE:
1. If you have Visual MODFLOW Classic(v.2011) already installed, DO NOT uninstall; you should
install only the Flex interface
2. If you have NO prior versions of Visual MODFLOW on your system, then you should install both
Classic Interface and the Flex Interface.
3. If you have an older version of Visual MODFLOW (v.2010 or older) and wish to upgrade, please
uninstall the previous instance and install both the Classic Interface and the Flex Interface.

Visual MODFLOW Flex Visual MODFLOW Classic (v.2011)
Click to download Visual MODFLOW Flex (32 bit) Click to download Visual MODFLOW Classic (2011.1)
Or Click to download Visual MODFLOW Flex (64bit)*
*64 bit version is only available in pro and premium edition

Save this file(s) to a temporary folder on your hard drive and double-click on the downloaded file.
During the installation you will be prompted to enter your name, company name and serial number
(applicable to both interfaces; Classic and Flex). The serial number will have been provided to you in an
email or on your invoice. If you do not have it available please contact
The following documentation is available for download from our website:
Flex Getting Started Guide Classic Getting Started Guide
Flex Demo Tutorials Classic Users Manual
Flex Demo Projects Classic Demo Tutorials *
Flex Users Manual *Tutorial Files present under “My Documents”

Softkey Licensing:
Requesting a License: Softkey Licenses must be requested electronically from the computer on which the
license will be used
Once the software has been installed, double click on the desktop icon to launch the software.
You will be prompted with a Welcome dialog box
Select the “Activate Now” button and you will be prompted with “Have you received an email with your
license file?” Select No button.
Fill out the “License Request” form and send your license request (*.xml) to as
an attachment and the appropriate license file will be emailed to you.
Network Users Please Note:
Network licenses must be requested from the computer that will host the license server.
You will need to install the LSSetup.msi file on the License Server.
Click here to download License Manager
Dongle Licensing:
You will also be required to install the appropriate dongle drivers available from our website: Dongle Drivers.
PREREQUISITES: (if applicable)
Click here to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft Office (2000 or later) or Click here to download Access Database Engine