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The development of the human world is greater than that is parallel with the negative change

in climate leads to a series of natural disasters. Actually, its effect of life, the properties and
seems to be a nightmare of humanity. Typically, Vietnam is one of five countries in the
worldwide, is predicted to be the most deeply affected by the supernatural event. Vietnam has
experienced the horrific phenomenon and the flood has been the biggest disaster. The
preparation for some basic knowledge before, during and after the deluge is essential and

First of all, flooding is caused by rising river water during the rainy season, overflows into
low-lying areas that make widespread inundation. As a matter of fact, the unexpected should
happen so we need to be alert before the flood came.

Foremost, You should have the arrangement assemble disaster supplies such as drinking
water, food, cash, medications and first aid supplies, use some days.

Besides, You have to monitor weather forecast, local television and radio stations so that
surely you can keep track of the information from the Department of Dyke Management,
Flood and Storm Control.

You shouldn’t ignore the inspection that your home is safe or not avoid collapsed and were
swept away when you stay without evacuation. Keeping a ladder and a rope in case you need
to escape to the roof. According to the young intellectuals newspaper, flood waters rise high
of 3-4 m, many people climb the roof that makes them escape death at Nghe An province in

The process of setting up before the disaster is an important plan in making us more peace of
mind, easily solve the problems and reduce damages significantly.

In addition, People's psychology will become more chaotic when the flood is coming but
must calm to carry out prevention operation.

It is necessary to shut off water, gas, and electrical services to protect someone from falling in
or being trapped in flood water.

Then, you can secure your home by moving the furniture to a higher level or locking all doors
and windows to keep the properties.

At the same time, you have to quickly get to high ground or climb to safety immediately.
According to expert forecasts, with high speed and a large amount of water, it can wash away
everything like homes, trees ... causing extremely serious damages to those where it passes
through. So you never try to walk or swim through flowing.

Moreover, you ought to be aware that floods bring about the landslides, absolutely do not
move to there. Statistics of the central on disaster prevention shows that landslides have
killed 14 people in the South area. Prevention during floods should be implemented fast and
carefully to protect yourself and family.

Finally, the withdrawal of flood also potentially dangerous to humans, so don't be subjective.
No doubt, you must wait for the retire of the floodwater instead of approaching and washed
away. A result from the center that there are two people dead in the morning when the flood
is drawing out.

Indeed, If you want to go home, do not enter the house until local building officials have
inspected it for safety. Because the areas where floods pass are usually weak and easy to
collapse. And don’t forget notice of checking for electrical system damage and gas leaks
before you need to use.

A series of accidents such as electrocution, gas explosion will happen if you are not careful.
When the flood is over that makes people happy and return to everyday life, but do not
disregard the other accidents. Should actively accomplish the work after the flood and
another damage recovery.

In conclusion, whether big or small disasters are also extremely dangerous because of
unpredictability. The rate of deaths, wounded and missing people or the harmful property will
make everyone miserable. The precautionary measures before - during - after are always
urgent and meaningful. Anytime, you should put yourself in the ready for responding.