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Education Department

Lesson Plan
The University of Scranton
Claire McAllister
18 March, 2019
Title Spain Lesson

Subject Area(s) Social Studies

Grade Level College Students

Summary of the Lesson Students will learn about the education

system and culture of Spain. They will be
asked to identify the differences between the
United States’ and Spain’s education systems
and identify how these may impact an ELL
learner from Spain.
Standards: Standard - 8.1.12.B
Evaluate the interpretation of historical
events and sources, considering the use of
fact versus opinion, multiple perspectives,
and cause and effect relationships.

Standard - 7.3.12.A
Analyze the human characteristics of places
and regions using the following criteria:
Economic activities
Political activities

Essential Questions Where is Spain located?

What are the key components of Spanish
How is the education system in Spain
different from that in the United States?
Students of the college class will be able to
identify three cultural characteristics of Spain
with 90% accuracy after a 20-minute lesson.

After a 20-minute lesson, students of the

college class will be able to compare the
education system in Spain to that of the
United States with 90% accuracy.

Vocabulary: Culture

Estimated Time 15-20 mins

Materials Required Smartboard

Phone/lap top
Procedure BEFORE:.
-When students walk in the classroom, there
The theory I used for this lesson is the will be a question on the board about the
multiliteracies theory Spanish education system.

I will discuss the location, culture, language,
and education system of Spain. Then, I will
list three questions for the students to answer
in groups. We will discuss these questions as
a class after that. I will ask if they have any
questions or misconceptions.

The students will not have any homework or

Formative Assessment Three questions at end of powepoint

Student Resources Powerpoint Presentation


Accommodations I will follow all school district instruction for

IEPs and plan accordingly.
Assessment A criteria based test will be attempted after
this unit.