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Praise to Allah SWT who has helped his servant to finish this paper with
great ease. Without his helping, this paper may not be able to complete well.
This paper is structured so that the readers can expand the study of
ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES, which we presented based on observations
from various sources. This paper complied by our group in a variety of obstacles.
Whether it came from us from outside. But with patience and especially help from
Allah, finally this paper can be resolved.
This paper contains the Need Analysis which is very useful to know.
Although this paper may less than perfect, but it has a fairly clear detail for the
Authors also thank to the lecturer who was led the author to be able to
understand about how develop the knowledge of ESP
Hopefully this paper can provide a broader insight of reader. Although this
paper have advantages and disadvantages. Authors ask for advice and criticism.
Thank you very much.

Makassar, April 2010