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Nama : Suryani Rahman


Internet is the biggest technological development in human history. The

existence of the internet allows us to simplify almost all the works. Internet was
created in 1962. JCR Licklider from MIT was the first to express this idea. The
concept originally was a galactic network which was a global network with the ability
to access the data and program from wherever the user was located. Since the creation
of the first, internet continues to grow and is currently used by people from all over
the world with a variety of interests.
The largest community who use the internet in their life is students. However,
for the students, the internet has two sides, good and bad which are always present. It
is an important part and is very beneficial for student because it through the internet,
a student is able to get information quickly for the sake of their school assignments.
We know that there are a lot of blogs or websites that provide learning materials for
students of all levels of education. All the information they obtain from the blog can
be taken for free. Not surprisingly, now a student in dire need of a computer and
internet wherever they are. Because, looking for information in the book sometimes is
hard to do and internet became a best solution ever. Second, it is a medium that
connects one person to another. It is a medium of communication. For a student, this
one is used to assist them in communicating with friends and teachers. In fact, today
many a study conducted through facebook where a teacher made a facebook grup that
contains the children in her or his class. In the group, he or she communicates with
the student remotely and not only that, it also provides a wide range of tasks and
resolve questions of the students through that facebook group.
However, the internet is not a medium without disabilities. One of the biggest
mistakes is making all the good and bad information can be accessed easily. On the
internet, a student from every age can access the content freely which actually should
not be allowed to see. They can get all the content freely and without any filter. A
have not limit access can damage to the psychology of them and caused many
criminal cases occur recently.
From the short discussion above, we can conclude that internet is divided into
two sides. Good and bad side. As a human being, we certainly cannot escape away
from the internet. We need it. Therefore, there needs to be an oversight, especially for
teenagers to avoid the adverse effects of the internet it self.