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Fabian J. Montano 
1 Madison Lane 
Whitehall, PA 18052 
(484) 661-3130 

To utilize my architectural drafting skills to develop Construction Documentation 
in accordance with current building codes. My goal is to please clients by  SKILLS 
consideration of functionality, along with aesthetic appeal, is expressed through  AutoCAD 
my work. 

Architectural Tutor, ​Lancaster, PA — Tutor  Microsoft Office 

August 2018 - Present 
Critical Thinking 
Supported students in various programs with understanding the means and 
methods within their discipline.  Problem Solving 
Fidevia, ​Lititz, PA — Clerk of the Work  Extrovert 
May 2018 - August 2018 
A construction management internship that requiring documentation through 
daily reports, photographs, accomplishing milestone, and coordinating with 
various contractors and design professionals.  AWARDS 
PDE Skills Certificate 
EDUCATION  Presented for reaching the 
advanced level in Architectural 
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, ​Lancaster, PA 
Drafting/CAD NOCTI testing 
August 2017 - Present 
Associate of Applied Science, Architectural Technology (May 2019)  Elmer Gates Award 
GPA: 4.0 Dean’s List  Awarded to students for 
SkillsUSA involvement, 
Thaddeus Stevens has provided me with hands on experience and has allowed 
scholastic achievement, 
me to network with professionals in professional work environments. 
positive work ethic, 
Lehigh Career and Technical Institute, S
​ chnecksville, PA  community service, and 
August 2013 - June 2017  entrepreneurial spirit 
Architectural Drafting 
Skills USA 3rd Place 
GPA: 4.0  Architectural Drafting 
This institute helps high school students gain experience of desired technical 
National Honors Society 
career fields. 
Awarded to students with 
academic success and 
PROJECTS  community involvement 
TSCT Office Renovation ​— Floor Plan & 3D Documentation 
Our team surveyed pre-existing conditions of both the Vice President’s office 
and the assistances’ office adjacent to it. We manufactured 2D schematics which  ACTIVITIES 
developed into multiple 3D renderings.  AIAS 
Participate in 10hr/semester 
Sandusky H.S. Natatorium —
​ 3D Documentation  of community services & 
Produced 3D renderings for capital campaign.  visit construction sites 
which helps us to 
George Washington Building ​— Floor Plan Documentation 
understand what we draft in 
Developed code compliant office layout. 



Tedd Williams ​— Architectural Technology Professor 

Phone: (717) 391-7217  

Bob Navitski —
​ Civil Engineer/ Construction Management 
Phone: (717) 917-0797  

Wanda A. Yohn ​— LCTI Drafting Instructor 

Phone: (610) 258-8796