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Sofía Guadalupe Ramírez Cardona

I-800 sabatino

Scientific method
The science is a set of knowledge in some area, acquired through the years and history. The

science is the reason that nowadays we have electric energy, antibiotics, nuclear fission and

fusion and more things, that make our life more comfortable. The science permit that the

humanity know and understand the environment and nature. Since a person started to see with

detail a plant, the science was born. The sciences, and specific the natural sciences like biology,

chemistry and physics, are based on the scientific method. It is a series of steps that can made

us know the exactly parts of all, the process of some event, or the reason for an important

change. Know the scientific method is important for all people because if we know it, we can use

it for get knowledge.

The base of scientific method is the observation, so the first step is the observation. If you want

to know something, you need watch carefully its parts. Many times is necessary search for

previous information for make a better observation. The second step is make a hypothesis. It

means that you need invent a tentative description of the event that you observed. The scientific

method is a lineal process, it means that you need complete a step for make the next. The

hypothesis is very important because it is your interpretation, your forma of see the event. In

many situation your circumstances and previous knowledge condition your hypothesis. In the

third step you use the hypothesis to make predictions about the event. Depends on the event,

you can predict the reasons or the consequences of it.

The hypothesis help you for think and create a forma of test the predictions. The fourth step

consist in test the predictions by experiment or further observation. Think in an experiment is

complicated, sometimes you need involve yourself in the event, or take only a specific part of it,

or change some conditions and make mare observations about how it affects the process. If

your predictions are not correct, you need change them, and repeat the experiment. This is

important because another characteristic of scientific method is that it is based on trial and error.

You need comet many mistakes and change your hypothesis many times for get the real

knowledge. Analyze the result, change the hypothesis and repeat the test is the fifth step.

When your prediction are sure and they makes reality in all circumstances, you can propose a

theory. A theory is your explication of the event with proofs. It means that if someone want repeat

your experiment, he or she will obtain the same results. The sixth step is share your results with

all the scientific community. If your theory is tested for other scientists around the world, your

theory became in a law. A law is the certain behavior of an event, also you can put your name

in a law. There are theories that with the actual technologic develop cannot be tested, so they

are only theories but the majority of scientific community accept.

The scientific method is an important tool for get knowledge. It is a process that put in practice

your ability for observation and deduct. This is the scientific method in little steps. This is the way

that many important scientists followed. If we know this process, we can use it in daily life and

understand better our environment and makes changes for improve it.