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In today’s global world, oral communication is very important. As we know, English

language become the primary language in the world. So, that is very important to students to
speak well in English in order to travel and communicate with other people. The main factor
lack of communication skill in English among the students because the mismatch between
teacher’s belief and curriculum. I am agreed 100 percent with this statement that the mismatch
between teacher’s belief and curriculum has impact in the communicational skills in English
among the students.

In my opinion, teacher still using the tradisional teaching method based on the
textbook. Nowdays, most of the teacher still rely 100 percent on the textbook as the main
resources to teach the students in English. In Malaysia, the teacher must have to teach based
on the syllabus in the textbook that are given by the Ministry Education of Malaysia. Actually,
textbook still important and the main resources to teach the students but teacher must also
have independent to teach what the teacher belief and they have their own strategies to
interact the students. Teacher should teach students with the interactive teaching and
something new to interact students to learn and communicate in English. For example, teacher
should do many activities that can improve and build up their communication skills such as
role play, discussion, tell a story and sing the song in English. The impact of the activities
make students enthusiastic to learn the English and they will also have confident to speak in
English fluently.

Furthermore, this curriculum also effect the teacher pedagogical techniques. The
teacher must follow the pedagogical techniques that designed by the curriculum. They just
have to do one learning ways like reading and give explanation to students that are more focus
in examinations. This will lack of teacher to do many activities like tell a story and oral
communication activities. Surely the mismatch between the teacher’s belief and curriculum
has an impact in the communication among the students.

In addition, the teachers is bound to the teaching system that has been set by
curriculum. They do not have the opportunity to express themselves in their own teaching
methods as necessary depending on the pedagogical methods that have been established in
the system of teaching and learning. There is a gap that exist between their pedagogical
beliefs and their classroom practice and this hinders them from applying what they believe in
the language classroom.

Last but not least, the system education are more focus in examination. The mismatch
between teacher’s belief and curriculum surely has an impact in the communication. Teacher

has their own pedagogical techniques in order to teach students to be an excellent students
in the many aspect including the oral communication. So it must not have mismatch between
teacher’s belief and curriculum in order to make our system education top of the world.

In a nutshell, there should be no mismatch between the teachers’ beliefs and

curriculum because this will cause a huge effect on the students but there are also many ways
to overcome these. They should understand the students’ requirement in order to achieve the
goals of producing student who are orally competent that have high proficiency in English.



In today’s global world, the community demands accountability from its teachers,
because, teachers have possibly the greatest opportunity to shape a student life, not just in
terms of knowledge but how they view themselves and interact with the society around them.
Teaching English as a second language is a quite complex task for a teacher. Language
learning should be more fun and enjoyable for students to learn. Teachers need to have
effective teaching strategies in order for students to grasp better in learning English. It is
important for a teacher to facilitate students’ interest towards learning the English Language.
Throughout my experience as a second language learner, there are several ways that I can
apply on how to be an effective teacher.

In addition, based on my experience as second language learner, to become an

effective teacher, teacher must always have positive and innovative in their teaching of
English. An innovative teacher dares to go off the track in order to be on the track. It is
important to make the students understand. These characteristics can express in different
ways, but typically this means that, most time of the day, you truly want to be in classroom
and see your pupils learn and excel. A positive teacher will spread the positive vibes to the
whole class. Everytime your session, the student have waited for you to enter the class.
Everyone is looking forward to take the lesson. As for me, my former English teachers in high
school and elementary school were a positive and cheerful persons. It makes me not afraid to
speak and ask questions in the class because the teacher was very understanding person.

Moreover, to be an effective teacher as a second language learner, teacher must have

an effective interaction with the student. A teacher who always encourage interaction in the
English class may help their students to develop their communication skills with the community
and to improve their vocabulary in English. Based on my experience, communication skill is

very important today, there are many country in the word used the English as their primary
language. As the second language learner, I as the teacher can do many activities that can
interact the students such as role play, group discussions, quiz, pantomime, mock interviews
and singing. As a result of this activity, teacher can develop their speaking and communication
skill in order to speak well in English. They can also motivate their students by creating
opportunities and activities to interact with one another through communication. Without
doubt, teacher can be an effective teacher as second language teacher.

Besides, being an effective teacher has to be able to tackle the students attention by
using the interesting ways to study. Noriah Hassan (2014) said the variety of interesting way
to study make the students feel energetic to acquire knowledge. As the result, the students
are not bored at teaching and learning for a long time. As a second language learner, my
main resource to learn English by watching TV shows or movie, reading book and listening to
song or radio shows as much as possible but my favourite TV show is Anime. It helps me to
add vocabulary by reading the featured subtitle. This is an interesting ways to make me in
understanding of English language proficiency. So, to be an effective teacher, using this
media as a part of lesson in teaching the students. For the example, choose material that will
interest the students such as the popular movie like Pirate Of Carribean and discuss with them
about the new word they get from the movie.

The student scared to talk during the English class because they are shy. They have
no commitmen to talk in front of public because they can not talk fluently and lack of grammar.
This is where the teacher play the role to help the student overcome this problem. The teacher
need to encourage students to speak only English in the classroom although their talk broken.
When a student uses English incorrectly, and has to talk in his or her native language, don’t
shame them but correct them in the proper way and praise them for them to speak up. As we
can see, encourage students to avoid speaking languages other than English in the classroom
can help them to understanding of English language proficiency.

In conclusion, the most important to be an effective teacher is every teacher must have
as a passion and love for the students that you teach especially children and your profession
which also means dedication about long hours, studying, paying for further development and
this happens because teaching is not only a job for a living it is also living for the job teach
people to success in the world and hereafter.


As a conclusion, from this assignment and tasks, I am enable to create a graphic

organiser after reading an on teachers’ belief and curriculum. I am also enable to write my
opinion about the article on teachers’ belief and curriculum and another descriptive essay on
how to be an effective teacher based on students’ experience as a second language learners.
As a trainer teacher, it is very important for me to learn English and also speak English in order
to be a good and awesome teacher.


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