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SBI General's Arogya Premier Policy PROTECTING THE PRECIOUS ONES. | ‘SBI GENERAL'S AROGYA PREMIER POLICY FOR THE SPECIAL FEW Ree eee a ee eee See a ae ee een eee eee oe ee AR ee OCU allen d KEY FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES roar) + Auto renstotement of Sum Insured equal tothe bose amount, ee acs One eee Seed een Se ae ea Dee nae} + Reimbursement of hecth check-up up to Rs. 5000 in case af no Ce eee ee cee cree EON os + Gives you financial secuty end peace of mind even f you hove eee + Relaxed age limit and hassle free buying process eee ee ee eee Sr oes ee ete eee ee ee Peed Ss Stay Committed to your vows. Bee aoe Relaueric hacia a Cee an eae een ‘Maximum oge of entry is 65 years cee acd Pee es Any Individual can toke this Policy for himself Oa Se eae Pate a + Family floaters covers self, spouse and 2 eer eee Ter)