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Dept Name Designation

Purchase Purchase-Executive

Stores Stores-Executive

Required headcount for
Job Description Existing Headcount ISO

Reviewing Purchase requisition; Sending inquiry

to supplier; Obtaining quotation; negotiating
price;raising Purchase orders; follow-up with
suppliers; in case of new supplier-supplier
assessment form; supplier Po tracking; periodic
supplier visit; supplier performance evaluation;
supplier payment tracking; supplier payment
scheduling; Coordination for supplier
debit/credit as applicable; material planning,
coordination and communication in case of
material rejection 1 1

checking material stock data; ensuring storage

of material with proper identification and in
proper location; issuing purchase indent;
verification of material quantity and condition
during material receipt in coordination with
transporter and security and purchase; issuing
of material as per requisition; stock register
updation; stock reconciliation data updation on
regular basis; 2

Implementation of production planning as

communicated by Head-Operations; Ensuring
injection moulding is monitored as per process
parameter chart and drawing; Ensuring
updation of injection moulding production
report; Updation of supervisor logbook ; Data entry of day-to-day
communication with production team; updation reports; coordination and
of die history and machine history data; Stock communication with all
reconciliation updation; mould trial reports; concerned for data
preventive maintenance checklist updation 1+1(IM); 1+0 (P) updation
Updation of First piece inspection report; Online
inspection report; Updation of hourly inspection
report; Updation of pre-dispatch inspection
report; updation of PDIR for Non-acquasub;
Updation of incoming inspection; verification of
calibration status Master sample identification
and maintenance; Customer complaint
resolution; QC logbook updation; Monitoring
and recordkeeping of supporting processes such
as Ultrasonic welding, Turning, lapping,
grinding.; Mould trial monitoring and related
record updation 1+1
Required Required
Required headcount heacount for headcount for
Justification for Self certification Justification Five S Justification TPM

traceability of
Ordering and -soft copy and
follow-up has to hard copies to
be strictly ensure that all
followed up to related
ensure material information is
availability at readily
Not Applicable 1 right time 1 available


Ensuring that all

visual displays
are maintained
and updated; All
are properly
maintained; tool
Ensuring that all box properly
production reports maintained and
are updated on daily identified; floor
2+1 (IM); 2+0(P) basis marking;
Required for
headcoun Business
t for Lean Excellenc
Justification Engg Justification e Justification