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EAM PHONE arefery OFF : 011-29231273 “Gee FAX : 011-23231291 E-mail : Bie ta AT Dr. Dev Swarup yet ake a fasafterear ager araiet Joint Secretary Fe Me BT ATF, ag Reeeft-110 002 (ara) UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARG. NEW DELHI-110 002 (INDIA) D.O.No.F.1-10/2004 Pt. (CPP- Il) October, 2009 Yiee Cham cod lov Al] Univrst hes 91 Nov 2009 Subject: Specification of degree. Sir, Kindly find[enciosed]the copy of the Gazette of India notification dated 23" May, 2009 in (Hindi-& English) regarding specification of 38 new degrees under Section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956, for your information and necessary action. With the specification of above 38 new degrees, the total number of degrees including the already specified 125 degrees would be 163 degrees (List attached). It may be ensured that the nomenclature, leading to the award of degrees falls in line with these degrees specified by the Commission. This may be brought to the notice of all colleges affiliated ta.your university. The revised list of 163 specified degrees as on date is also posted on UGC website Yours faithfully, {Dev Swarup) Encl: As above Joint Secretary Copy to: 1. The Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Higher Education, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 L2sSo(Website), UGC, for posting on UGC website. 3. All Regional Offices, UGC oe ede 4. Guard file (V.K. Jaiswal) Deputy Secretary ra afar @, Sree (TH)-04/0007/2003--05 REGISTERED No. DL(N)—04/0007/2003—05, \ The Gazette of Gudia arenes WEEKLY wiftrerre SB wesriert PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY a2 ae faeet, attan, mg 23 HF 29, 2009 (m4 2, 1931) 7 No. 21) NEW DELHI, SATURDAY, MAY 23—MAY 29, 2009 (JYAISTHA 2, 1931) ea unt a fw YS den Moret fara fin ae orem eer S HT A TT AS (Separate paging is given to this Part in order that it may be filed as.a separate compilation) aM avs 4 {PART II]—SECTION 4] (wifes Prorat gra arnt ai we fafa erfirgerrd fore fee onde, farmer othe yaare afafera 8] {Miscellaneous Notifications including Notifications, Orders, Advertisements and Notices issued by Statutory Bodies] faeaferarers ager sam sd ferett-110002, fais atte 2009 fafar a, 10/2008 (88 LAE HF) —farvanenera argent sarc sah 1956 (1956 2 3) HY UT 22 FY SANT (3) BATFE sation] eer we are ey Pome 198s ae eels we rea res sifinge x, 29 feviar 19 Yee, 2008 = ah we mE rearerera gern srr ab weer ah ga Ss rw, $-1/2008-7E 1 Feria 23 I, 2008) NTs TTA H WaT a see frmaferftan ed fefta atte “Pret A ain sented ar amen go Page ere fede sea & me [Saw Re [pan ara ~| ae ea an | + [aoc Tam die ST oat 2 pe om TRoTeTAD Tan ate ae caress | (HRC) 3 | dace Raa She aera A at ne wafoe - 7 4 ‘aster ae Siw sellers SGT mt { [aT aioe Bef Gam i eee (foRier cere ae { aie ate ote gn den rahi Pe at antec ai ae { ie tech 1-79 Gr2008 = |~ any Re TNH, HE 23, 2009 (2, 1932) (arr ane} T dodoree ‘taan aig AaIE Fes ae ¢ (a eo Bo Fae aly trea Fave Te 8 [aot wo tog [daar aie dea ate ah aeter 1a __ a) ( eartetich 40 | #0 yoo TweaEN Tem ay tea Wate dag a aa isl 1 | orerdown aan aie leat atk eta High 4 : | Moarertoeo aaa ere ee | Tae f | Tage I 8 | tm amy atm RAST va | | as aaeeeenn «fa ee occ at | | | a0 TRO TH | ar oi aire aT [| 3o@ | | = 6 | ao MTOR Faas Gar FRR ok aah | aa J I HRee eal a [toh eee tee Cw 18 | SHO TH TO [red aly ogtatias tate 2a EEE { _ | ae ahead als tity pe [vet | a WHOTEDSTTS Tee alte ea frend Feaeiae aa = i 4 a | oa a Weed Shp SeeiTa PTT 2e 2 WHO Heo To Bie a walter Ta ; 2a B or a a a [Worries aed ate ite Atos ore [at | ee) & | worth Bees at | tied ais wee er toe 2 i . | ae) atin _| 2% TTR eeR em | Ae Ste tigw Gf feos Aeel 2a arehe) arte) i a OTRAS Vahed cig wide 1 Aaa 2 z sprefaterst) | tarrtaterat ——o i 2 | RRO Seer ikea Ts WET FT Heae 2a frie Petite i -Q-