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Tenth Class Social Studies Paper-I Model Paper

MýS*¯ésìæ VýS$Æý‡$-§ólÐé çÜ$Æó‡‹Ù Underground water is using heavily. B) Life expectancy of birth nations development:
Geologists warned that the future C) Per capita income D) All the above A) Per capita income B) GNP
çÜ»ñæjMýS$t °ç³#×æ$Ë$ generations would face water problems. Do 17. We can see the "Schooling Revolution" in C) Human development Index
you agree? Or not? Support your answer. ______ state. D) Literacy rate
12. Observe the pyramid and answer the A) Andhra Pradesh B) Telangana 28. Identify the false statement about Methane.
questions given below. C) Himachal Pradesh D) Punjab A) Carbon dioxide works better than
18. The state of atmospheric conditions over methane as a greenhouse gas
SECTION - I an area at a particular time refers ____. B) Methane works better than carbon
Write answers to the FOUR questions in A) Weather B) Atmosphere dioxide as a greenhouse gas
one or two sentences. 4×1 = 4 Marks C) Climate D) Temperature C) There is a large amount of methane
1. Arrange the given places from South to 19. Find the correct statement. under the tundra
North according to their location in India. i) India's literacy rate in 1947 was 12% D) If the temperature increases, snow will
i) Chennai ii) New Delhi, ii) India's literacy rate in 2001 was 64.84% dissolve and release Methane into
iii) Kanyakumari iv) Hyderabad iii) India's literacy rate in 2011 was 74.04% atmosphere
2. What are the reasons for the rapid growth iv) Kerala state recorded the highest 29. "Silent Spring" was written by ___ in 1962.
of population after Indian independence? literacy rate A) Rachel Carson B) Nehru
3. Write the human activities which are A) i, ii, iii B) i, iii, iv C) Gandhi D) Eric
contributing to the Global warming? i) Define the term "deprived''. C) iii, ii, iv D) All are true 30. The potential of an environment to
4. Suggest Four measures to stop food wast- ii) What is the income range of Aspirers? 20. Your suggestion to reduce the global provide the resources is referred to as:
age in M.D.M. programme in the schools. iii) How many households classified as rich? warming. A) Source function B) Sink function
SECTION - II iv) What do you know about the pyramid? A) Encourage the use of fertilizers and C) Pollution D) Precipitation
Write answers to the FIVE questions in (OR) insecticides 31. Anthyodaya cards are related to:
one or two sentences. 5×2 = 10 Marks Observe the table and answer the questions: B) LED bulbs should be avoid A) Poorest of the poor B) Rich persons
5. Give any four suggestions to take up the C) Use the plastic products C) Persons above the poverty Line
schooling revolution in our state like D) Only public transport should be used D) All poor in the villages
Himachal Pradesh to achieve better 21. Match the following rivers with their birth 32. You have lot of food reserves with you. If
literacy rate. places. any drought occurs during that time, what
6. Observe the graph given below, and i) In 2009-10, in which sector Gross i) Indus a) Nasik do you do as a responsible citizen?
answer the following questions. Domestic Product increased more? ii) Godavari b) Mahabaleswar A) I will buy and stock much more food
a) What do the numbers 1991 and 929 ii) In which sector employment increased iii) Krishna c) Manasa Sarovaram reserves
indicate in the given graph? 100%? A) i-a, ii-b, iii-c B) i-b, ii-a, iii-c B) I will sell my food reserves at higher cost
iii) In which sector Gross Domestic C) i-c, ii-b, iii-a D) i-c, ii-a, iii-b C) I will write a letter to the Govt. seeking help
Product was reduced? 22. Aerotropolis D) I will distribute excess food reserves to
iv) In which sector employment was more i) Suvarnabhoomi ii) Dubai Airport the needy people
in 1972-73? iii) Heathrow Airport 33. Social control on the extraction and
13. Plot the following places on the map of Cities consumption of underground water is an
"India". a) London-UK b) Bangkok c) Dubai important issue. The actions to be taken by
i) The Standard Meridian of India A) i-a, ii-b, iii-c B) i-c, ii-b, iii-a the people in this direction.
b) How can you say that there has been ii) The biggest state in India C) i-a, ii-c, iii-b D) i-b, ii-c iii-a A) Borewells for irrigation should not be
Gender bias in India for decades? iii) The perennial river that has twin sources 23. Which is not a reason for migration? laid without permission
7. Write the changes in the society affected iv) The hills that join Eastern Ghats and A) Dissatisfaction with employment B) Much water consuming crops like
by the globalization in the recent days? Western Ghats opportunities in the native place sugarcane should not be grown
8. "If you save the environment - it will save (OR) B) Better opportunity for studies C) Wise usage of drinking and irrigated
you." Can you agree or differ with this i) New Delhi ii) River Narmada C) Attending functions water
statement? Justify your answer. iii) Thar Desert iv) Himachal Pradesh D) Loss in business and Family feuds. D) All the above
9. Now a days farmers are using of excessive 24. More than two crops are grown on the
PART - B Key
chemical fertilizers. How is it harmful to same piece of land during a year is:
environment? SECTION - IV A) Multiple cropping B) Modern farming 14) C 15) B 16) D 17) C 18) A
SECTION - III 20× ½ = 10 Marks C) White revolution D) Green revolution 19) D 20) D 21) D 22) D 23) C
Write FOUR questions given below. 14. Identify the correct statement. 25. Effect of Globalisation: 24) A 25) C 26) D 27) C 28) A
4 × 4 = 16 Marks i) Indira Point was located in Arabian Sea. A) Decreasing competetion among the nations 29) A 30) A 31) A 32) D 33) D
10. "The workers in the unorganised sector ii) Thar Desert is located in the rain B) Small producers getting
need protection." Support your answer shadow region of Aravalli mountains. profits
with examples. A) Both are correct B) Only 1 is correct C) Increasing relations
(OR) C) Only 2 is correct D) None among the nations
Population density in India is not the same 15. Match the states with their coastal lines. D) Non-availability of goods
in all areas. Some areas have more density i) Cenara coast a) Kerala 26. Which of the following is
and some areas have low density. What are ii) Circar coast b) Andhra Pradesh related to public distribution
the reasons for this? iii) Malabar Coast c) Karnataka system?
11. "Urbanization increases many opport- A) i-c, ii-a, iii-b B) i-c, ii-b, iii-a A) Self help groups
unities for the people, is an argument. C) i-a, ii-b, iii-c D) 1-b, ii-a, iii-c B) Banks C) Raitubazar
Many problems arise due to urbanization 16. Which of the following criteria are used to D) Fair prise shop (Ration
is another argument." Comment. calculate Human Development Index rank? Shop)
(OR) A) Average years of schooling 27. The better criterion for a