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Capital: PHP 15,000.

% of capital to risk per trade: 2.2%
Constant amount to risk per trade: PHP 333.00
Select Position Size option: Board Lot Support calculatio
Stock Support Resistance Cutloss
Date Entry
Code (Stop) (Target)
VLL 7.610 7.440 8.250 7.543

RWM 5.680 5.640 5.860 5.630

PHR 5.260 5.120 6.000 5.214


Risk Management Calculator

When you trade without risk management rules, you are in fact gambling.

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Position Entry Reward

Notes RRR
Size Amount Gain
YOUR NOTES HERE 3.76 1,300 9,922.18 709.7
YOUR NOTES HERE 4.50 2,600 14,811.57 292.2
5.29 1,700 8,968.38 1,143.1
ESpreadsheets/ Ver.05

Reward Risk

%Gain Loss %Loss

7.15% -336.7 -3.39%
1.97% -278.8 -1.88%
12.75% -342.3 -3.82%
AAES - Risk Management calculator (Position sizing)
Risk management calculator will help you find the approximate volume of shares to buy or sell
maximum risk per position.
Step 1 : Enter your intended account size per trade.
Step 2 : Set a percentage of your account you’re willing to risk on each trade.
Step 3 : Select calculation option, if Exact value or based on Board lot.
Step 4 : Select Position Size option if based on support or fixed cutloss %.
Step 5 : Select 'Shares to buy' option, if base on maximum shares you can buy from your accou
Step 6 : Enter Cutloss %
Step 7 : Enter your entry price , support and resistance (TP) for each particular trade.
hares to buy or sell to control your Shares to buy calculation will automatically set into Maximum
shares, if the "Net Amount" entry is greater than your capital,
thus, the result of "amount loss" will be less than the amount
your willing to risk.

uy from your account size or based on Risk calculation.

lar trade.
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