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5 Topics
1. Expenditure/Revenue Cycles
3. COSO and Risk Management (ERM)
4. Computer Crime
5. Outsourcing and cloud computing

 Key objectives of the E/R cycles
 Key data stores, inputs, outputs to E/R
 How can the E/R cycles be more efficient
 Key risks in the two cycles
 Physical and software controls should be in an E/R cycle?

Controls to manage risks that are identified

Case material

 Purpose of SDLC
 Key Steps in SDLC
o Explain each step and its objectives
o Cannot just name each step
o What step is supposed to be there
 If it is there it is a strength
 Not there – weakness
o Be very clear about the activities for each step – if the question
specifies a specific step, you should
 Identify key weaknesses of certain projects following SDLC principles

Case study may have some strengths and weaknesses

Structure of team – strength (manager etc)
Weaknesses – poor consultation for users needs, poor selection of vendors, poor
implementation of system e.g. poor training, too much freedom to change system
without controls/authorisation (program change controls)

 What is the COSO cube
 How does COSO relate to IC
 COSO relate to ERM?
 Types of internal controls
 Risks typical of a certain business
 Advantages of ERM
 Potential disadvantages and loopholes of ERM
 How to make ERM more effective via accounting tools?
 Principles of systems reliability
 What Incidents that may occur as key weaknesses in systems
 What Computer crimes can be detrimental to reliability?
 What Controls can be enforced to:
o Increase systems reliability
o Reduce computer crime
 Possible Q: opinion
 Prevalence of computer crime
 Why mgmt take CC seriously?
 Controls to use to reduce CC?

 Adv and disadv of outsourcing
 Types of internet-based solutions/outsourcing
 Differentiate btwn outsourcing and cloud computing
 Factors to consider before soutsourcing
 Why cloud computing
 Types of cloud computing
 Adv and disadv of cloud computing
 What to consider before moving to cloud computing
 Benefits and disadv of outsourcing and cloud computing
o Outsourcing and/or cloud computing

Think about the firm – risk of losing comp adv from outsourcing?
If no cloud computing – risks? Access to customers, real-time info

Form an opinion on what is advisable for a firm