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Name of Researcher: Shweta Pradip Bhatia

Name of Guide: Dr. Kapil Khatter

Registration Date: 06-11-2012

Title (with Subtitle): Cost Analysis of Cement Companies (With Special

Reference to Rajasthan)


Constructions have always played a great role in the development of any nation in
any culture. Be it the age old Harappa civilization or the wonders of the world, the
world still identifies a civilization with its constructions. One of the core element
of any such construction is cement. The role of cement in the field of construction
or real estate is essentially important. It is a mixture of compounds and acts as a
binding agent which adds to the strength of any construction. All construction
works such as building of houses, shopping malls, places of great social, political
or economic importance, etc. all need cement as an important ingredient. However,
we have seen in the recent times that the fluctuations in the rate of cement has direct
effect on the cost of the construction. Controlled cement prices, will not only help
industries but also individuals, as it will lead to cheaper constructions. This is
especially of great value in countries where affordable housing is still a matter of
concern. Cement prices, if controlled, will help greatly in achieving targets of
affordable housing. However, in the modern scenario, maximization of profit is not
the only objective of any business but also survival and growth in this cutthroat
competition has also become equally challenging. These goals can be achieved
only by satisfying the customers through supply of better quality goods and services
at the lower and competitive prices. For this, a company needs to device and adopt
an effective control over its activities through an effective mechanism of cost
control. The introduction chapter is divided into two major parts. The first part is
brief overview of the cement industry along with its importance, manufacturing,
types, growth, barriers, sickness and research in the industry. Second part is about
Cost, elements of cost, classification, cost control and cost reduction. This part of
the chapter was the determining factor for the further study of this research. The
chapter ‘Review of Literature’ begins with the conceptual background of cost
analysis system. This chapter relates to the cost analysis of cement companies,
studies done on cost, cost control and cost control techniques. It describes cost
analysis and cost reduction techniques evolving in different industries as a major
concept and also deals with its significance. After this, it describes the different
related concepts of the subject under study. It helps in exploring the different
studies have already been conducted in the area and the missing gaps. The chapter
on research methodology will provide us with a description of the actual research
done and the objective of study. This would further explain the goal of the kind of
the descriptive research adopted in the study. Further it will highlight the kind of
relationship in between the study and the research methods opted for. A major part
of this chapter describes how the data was collected for the study to be conducted
and the procedure for the same. The chapter helps in framing the hypothesis, scope
and limitations of the study. Analysis and Interpretation will give an introduction
to all the parameters on the basis of which the study was done. This chapter helps
in understanding the core of the study and its journey towards the findings. The
chapter helps in identifying each factor responsible for the inflated costs and also
helps in finding the reasons for the inflations. Further, it smoothly takes us further
to the next chapter on findings of the research. Based on the analysis and the
interpretations done in the previous chapter, the chapter on findings and
recommendations, is used to present the findings of the research. This chapter helps
in summarizing the research and conclude it by listings the recommendations of the
researcher. This conclusion will suggest the future scope of the research.

i. Cement Companies
ii. Cost Control
iii. Cost Reduction
iv. Administrative Overhead
v. Labour Cost
vi. Material Cost
vii. Factory Overhead
viii. Selling and Distribution Overhead

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