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41021-1601 ‘Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Lid Confidential & Proprietary Information ‘Technical information and trade secrets in tis drawing or document is the property of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Lid. (MHI) and is not to be disclosed, reproduced or copied in whole or in part, or used for the beneft of anyone other than MHI without NHI's prior writen consent, ‘This document or drawing is protected by copyright law, unfair Ccompeition law, civil law and intemational treaty provisions, and ‘any applicable laws of Japan end the country in which itis being used, SRER COME, XRICEN SHH, SRRIRATHEA FAT SLOTHY, RHE, BRLOBLMMETAT HURT, SBRIRBARLORSIL SATE CL XC, RE MOLSSEAMMEMRL, RUSH BOLO MBIMMT SOL ERLE, UAB, BR, FERS, BE DWORAERU CA SOREAMEN SHORE E STREET. DRAWING 4, 41021-1011 (PO-MN-AX-PAC-WE1-00001) CONSTRUCTION PURPOSE FOR SUBCONTRACTOR REFERENCE DRAWING PLANT SEAWATER SUPPLY PUMP SPECIFICATION 2. 41021-1201 (PO-MN-AX-PAC-WE1-00002) PLANT SEAWATER SUPPLY PUMP OUTLINE DRAWING 3. 41021-1211 (PO-MN-AX-PAC-WE1-00003) PLANT SEAWATER SUPPLY PUMP SECTIONAL ASSEMBLY DRAWING RE. DESCRIPTION pxeaeene! nya |i Aree ESOATE leo OWNER: eal &2 jalan yjaSilg al 6 il Shana waters Cutcmer® Cour ea SHUQAIQ WATER AND ELECTRICITY COMPANY sa _ Ist °* SHUQAIQ-2 INDEPENDENT WATER AND POWER PLANT ee [CONTRACT No. —_ ~ i ta z lbw. TLE: PLANT SEAWATER SUPPLY PUMP is Ee OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL (OM-10.01) eee own ATU i BERATENDE INGENIEURE GMBH poe ha6(AR"3) : BSE LAY O\ASX 3 oesioneo]y op aba lereoes | ZZ wero La ace vent one Jorawny DATE Bec. § , 2008 res CONFERRED _|SECTION SCALE [CUSTOMER DRAWING No. REV.NO. | os Pin PLANT ENGINEERING | None PO-MN-AX-PAC-WE1-00005 0 JORDER [ITEM |MANUFACTURE DRAWING No. REV.NO, 0co01 41300 41021-1604 0 a MITSUBISHT HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. NAGASAKI SHIPYARD & MACHINERY WORKS DRAWNDEC «- 8 2008 IssuE CONTENTS No. DESCRIPTION PAGE 1 | SAFETY aoe : 5~10 2 | CHAPTER 1 GENERAL : : 11~12 3 | CHAPTER 2 ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY 13~28 4 | CHAPTER 3 ee : 29~32 5 | CHAPTER 4 MAINTENANCE AND CONTROL : 33~39 6 | CHAPTER 5 TROUBLE SHOOTING 40~42 7 | CHAPTER 6 GUARANTEE AND SERVICE 5 8 | CHAPTER7 ACCOMPANYING DRAWINGS AND DOCUMENTS 44~125 9 | CHAPTER 8 OPERATION MANUAL FOR ACCESSORIES 126~192 10 LIST OF WARNING LABELS 193 ct CONTACTS 194 0c001, 41021-1601 CUSTOMER] MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. (PROJECT NAME) SAUD! ARABIA/SHUQAIQ IWPP Phase ll MAINTENANCE & OPERATION MANUAL PLANT SEAWATER SUPPLY PUMP a a isa 100ss0. Revised marked A [is[T]__MAoyama MAoyama Miwabuchi =~ [F094s0.i [Fret Ive = tol @ seananena | Eom wre [SERIA eon frei Dewar | MANE_1109450VPF_1 weit 102" | TE VPFO-2F- care 1720