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Winning the Game of Weight Loss

Brain Re-Training System

Self-Assessment #1

Simply  answer  yes  or  no  to  the  ques3ons  below.  This  will  help  determine  if  you  suffer  from  
the  yo-­‐yo  diet  syndrome  and  if  your  self-­‐image  or  internal  body  image  is  really  sabotaging  
your  chances  of  losing  weight  and  keeping  it  off.

Question Yes/No

1) Have you been on more than one diet program in the past 12-18 months?

2) Do you always seem to regain the pounds you've lost (and sometimes more) after dieting?

3) Do you constantly feel that trying a different diet might finally be the solution that will
work for you?

4) Do you ever binge eat or find yourself eating whatever is around out of boredom or to
make yourself feel better in response to a situation, person, place, or hormones?

5) Do you ever feel guilty or ashamed with how your body looks to yourself or others?

6) Do you ever feel afraid of the attention you might receive if you lost weight?

7) Do you ever feel hopeless and just want to give up on how you look and feel about

8) Do you ever eat and then feel guilty about your choices or the about the amount you ate?

If  you  answered  yes  4  or  more  3mes  it’s  likely  that  you  suffer  from  a  combina3on  
of  the  yo-­‐yo  diet  syndrome  and  some  level  of  unworthiness  and  a  nega3ve  body  

Winning the Game of Weight Loss
Brain Re-Training System

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• Why your inner body image and hidden weight and fat “set point” is 100 times more
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you have ever been on.

• Why over 95% of people who go on diets usually lose weight and then gain it back (and even
more) and experience the yo yo syndrome over and over again

• Why, you MUST shift your thinking and behaviors from losing weight for just a reason or a
season… to being healthy, energetic and feeling and looking great for the rest of your life.

You’ll specifically about an amazing technology and new evidence based proven
methodologies on how to:

• Rescript and Reshape your hidden body and self-image to be more empowered than ever.

• Recognize and Release the triggers like the people, certain situations, and hormones that trigger
your emotions and cause you to binge eat, have cravings you can't control, overeat or just eat
foods you know shouldn't be eating.

• Reset and Recalibrate your inner weight set point so you can lose the weight you want off and
keep it off instead of yo-yo dieting over and over again.