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Your organization considers Training as a part of organizational strategy.

Do you agree with this


What kind of Training methods do you prefer?

Does the Induction Training is a well planned exercise in the organization?

What kind of Training methods does the organization provide to train the employees?

Does Training helps to improve employee – employer relationship?

How often the Training program are conducted in your organization?

Does Training helps to increase the motivation level of employees?

Does Training enable employees more productive?

Are you satisfied with present method of selection of candidates for Training?

Training program helped to increase the productivity of both quality and quantity?

Does the Training course include the special challenges faced by managers and or officers?

Does the Training program enable the employees to be accountable and authoritative in making

Does the Training method focus on developing team work and leadership skills?

Does the developmental activity helps the management in identifying , analyzing , forecasting and
planning changes needed in company’s HR area?

Does Training and developmental activities helps the organization to maintain employee relation rate?