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KEMENTERIAN KEUANGAN REPUBLIK INDONESIA BADAN PENDIDIKAN DAN PELATIHAN KEUANGAN POLITEKNIK KEUANGAN NEGARA STAN JALAN BINTARO UTAMA SEKTOR V BINTARO JAVA, TANGERANG SELATAN 15222 TTELEPON (021) 7281654-58, AKSIILE (021) 7961083, SITUS www.tan.acla UJIAN TENGAH SEMESTER (UTS) GENAP TAHUN AKADEMIK 2016/ 2017 PROGRAM STUDI DI PAJAK Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris Tingkat/ Semester: 2 Hari/Tanggal Selasa, 2 Mei 2017 Waktu £08.00 - 10.00 WIB (120 Menit) Sifat : Close Book Naskah Soal : Dikembalikan Petunjuk: > Tidak boleh membuka buku, catatan, kamus, handphone dan sejenisnya; > Jawablah semua pertanyaan; > Tulisan mudah dibaca dosen, tulisan yang susah dibaca berisiko penilaian tidak akurat. > Nilai akhir semester sebanyak-banyaknya 40 diberikan kepada mahasiswa yang terbukti bekerjasama dengan mahasiswa lainnya; > Jawaban ditulis pada kertas lembar jawaban yang disediakan dan soal ujian dikumpulkan bersama lembar jawaban. A. MULTIPLE CHOICES (bobot/skor 50% ) Select the correct answer from the four choices given! 4. The United States of America is... that there are four time zones. ‘A. much big B. too big C. so big D. very big 2. Inanew culture, many embarrassing situations occur ... a misunderstanding. A. although B. since C. because of D. thus 3. The boarding schoo! contributed ... to Indonesia's struggle for independence from the colonialists. A. significant B. significance C. significantly D. signification 4, The recruiting agency will be more ... during interviews of the job applicants. A. ctitic B. criticize C. critical D. critically Page I of 10. 1. 12. 13. ‘The board meeting will be held on May 12%, 2016, ... 10am A in B. on c. at D. by ‘The chair is out of order because one of ... legs is broken. A. it’s B. its C. their Dz theirs Itis usually ... for spouses to file their income taxes jointly. ‘A. advantageous 8. advantageously C. advantage D. advantages If you agree, the bank will... regular charges such as electric bills from your account. ‘A. automatically deduct B. automate deduct C. automatic deduct D. automation deduct She didn't join us to the museum during the holiday because she ... there twice. A. had been B. was C. will be D. is We were still preparing the welcoming dance when the visitors ... arrived were arrived have arrived had arrived pop> The number of poor people in our country ... significantly since 1997. ‘A. have increased 8. increased ©. had increased D. has increased ‘Weathering ... the action whereby surface rock is disintegrated or decomposed. |... for my parents for two hours now. A. am waiting B. have waited C. have been waiting D. wait povsern 14, 15. 16. 7. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22, Leslie ... for an hour when she got flat tire. A. is driving B. was driving C. has been driving D. had been driving In 1997, the government ... tax amnesty scheme that allowed reluctant taxpayers to declare their wealth and income. A.was launched B. launched C. is launched D. was launch Philip dressed properly for the wedding and he ... full dress. A. wears B. wore C. is wearing ©. had worn Atom that having different atomic numbers generally .. differently. behave behaves is behaving will be behaving pone really can't enjoy the concert. This is ....concert that | have ever seen during my life. A. worst B. bad C. the worst D. the worse Itis generally true that the lower the stock market falls... A. higher the price of gold rises B. the price of gold rises high C. the higher the price of gold rises D. rises high the price of gold The graphic shows that the sales in March slightly ... than sales in February. A. low B. lower C. lowest D. the lower The preparatory work for completing my tax report is... than filing out the forms. A. most time-consuming B. the more time-consuming C. more time-consuming D. the most time-consuming The business owner's goal was to accumulate ... possible. A. as much wealth as. B. as more wealth as C. as many wealth as D. as much more wealth as