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Visual Art
Class Overview Contact Information
This 9-week course is filled with projects Ms. Kayla Turner
and activities that will boost your critical Art Teacher
thinking habits, improve your collaborative Room 107
participation, grow your creativity and
develop your communication skills through
615-329-8160 ext:107
literacy and creative works through art. We
will focus our exploration of the art world
through the New Tennessee Visual Art Materials Required
Standards, Studio Habits model and Growth ● Wood #2/HB Pencil
Mindset Model. ● Sketchbook 9”x 6” or larger
Class Expectations ● Large shirt or apron with name on it for
messy days
● Arrive prepared and on time.
● You may bring your own art supplies
● Listen. Respond. Act. Create.
but are responsible for their care.
● Work in a safe zone.
● Be Respectful and Accountable.
● Keep the room positive. In this class you will… 
Technology CREATE:
1.A: C​ reativity and innovative thinking are essential
Tech will be utilized as a research tool only.
life skills that can be developed.
Students will be required to utilize 1.B:​ Artists and designers shape artistic
applications for various class related investigations, following or breaking with traditions
assignments. Weekly updates and in pursuit of creative art-making goals.
assignments will be sent out by email and RESPOND:
will be posted on Ms. Turner’s website. 1.A:​ Visual literacy is an essential life skill that can
Grades be developed through the close examination of
artwork and becomes a system by which viewers
Students will be graded on a Individual understand and interpret the world.
grading scale but will focus on. 1.B I​ ndividual aesthetic and empathetic awareness
● Projects developed through engagement with art, can lead to
● Sketchbook Journaling understanding and appreciation of self, others, the
● Daily Work natural world, and constructed environments.
All assignments will be graded using rubrics CONNECT:
based on requirements that are derived from 1.A​ Through art-making, people construct meaning
the Tennessee Visual Art Standards and the by investigating and developing awareness of
perceptions, knowledge, and experiences.
Studio Habits Model.
Missed/Late Work 1.A A
​ rtists and other presenters consider various
Students will be given the opportunity to techniques, methods, venues, and criteria when
make up work and turn it in for credit by ​2 analyzing, selecting, and curating objects, artifacts,
days​ after returning to school. Late work and artworks for preservation and presentation.
will lose ​5 points​ per day that it is late.