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Arm chair error and Blaming error

Armchair error and blaming error have been two methods through that errors have been

managed in between the company along with they play important role in study of the

organizational behavior (Mullins, 2011). Armchair error has been one while leaders along with

managers of the company sit in between their offices/comfortable board room chairs for finding

solutions to issues without getting directly included in that. They prefer trusting on the data along

with reviews given through other individuals rather than of really evaluating issue prior suggesting

solutions. In those scenarios leaders along with managers recommend solutions without really

finding root cause of issue. In this scenario leaders and also managers prefer sitting in between

their cozy office chairs along with regularly criticizing and also complaining of what followers

have been doing and also how they might have done things in the much better manner. Those

leaders along with managers greatly hamper confidence level of their follower as well as having

adverse effect on their performance efficiency.

Blaming error has been one in that leaders along with managers have been quick to blame

which leave followers focusing more on methods of preventing blames than on their work.

Blaming error may have both destructive as well as constructive effect on followers (Hellriegel

& John W. Slocum, 2011). At times blaming considerable diminished self-confidence along with

motivation level of followers however this in addition helps motivating followers to prevent

repeating their mistakes. This motivates followers to provide their best for attaining achieve

desired objectives. This has been essential to ensure that blame has been effectively managed

like this affects culture and also character of the company. This has been essential to ensure that

leaders and also managers know while this has been best to blame and also when this has not.