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Prepared by:

Rivera, Maria Joana

Santos, Anna Luisa

Marabillo, Angelyn

Prepared to:

Mrs. Erra Rachel Bartolome

EAPP Teacher

Germination is the process by which an organism grows from a seed or

similar structure. In this experiment, the hypothesis is to know if the germination process

can happen in only 6 days of watering or if the mung beans are fast in growing. The

stages are casing split, root/stem growth and leaf growth, which means it's already

germinated. The sample, mung beans was used, since it was the most common, easily

to buy and easily to show the process or stages than in any other seeds, with just

container, cotton balls and water, it will already proceed to the steps to plant the beans,

is to put all the materials in order, then watering should have done after 12 hours or the

time when the beans need it or it becomes dry, which it needs a monitor. Mung bean

(Vigna radiata), a legume likely native to India, is widely grown and consumed as sprouts.

Adequate site selection, timing to maximize temperature, rainfall and other considerations

help to ensure bean plant growth and productivity. Mung bean sprouts benefit from

different conditions than their field-grown counterparts, that's why it should be not dry and

must be place in dark or a place with a little bit sunlight. This report shows the

achievement of showing the germination process of mung beans in six days, in everyday

or time of watering beans fastly grows taller, growing some stems and leaves, it was true

that this beans are easily to grow in just a few days, if you are able to monitor or plant it

in a right way, place and time, the growing process determine if the germination was

achieved. However, some of the beans didn't grow at the same time, which means some

of the beans don't have stem or leaf yet, unlike other beans. Because of the water is not

absorbed by the beans properly or other beans already absorbed it, if this happens, the

watering should still continue to the original routine, too much water may drown the beans.

As stated before, beans can grow in only few days, it can grow more and more if the

watering still continues, mung beans have a long live or long time to harvest, but as long

as it's already grows some leaves it's fine to harvest it already. Germination is way to

show the stages of a growth, and mung beans able to show it through this kind of


As this experiment main objective is to know if the mung beans can be

martured or can achieve the germination process in only six days. Theory is the stages

will be shown in a few days, with proper monitoring and watering of the beans. By

searching some information and data, the hypothesis or the theory should have been

achieve, since according to the research, mung beans are easily to grow even if it's only

one week to germinate.


There are several materials needed to germinate mung beans:

1. Container/flower pot

2. Cotton balls

3. Mung beans

4. Water


1. Put the cotton balls in the container or flower pot.

2. Put the mung beans above the cotton balls.

3. Pour enough water to the container or flower pot.

4. Place the container to a place with a little bit sunlight, or just in a dark


5. Do the step 4 every 12 hours or depends on how the beans absorb the



Day 1

Nothing happens.

Day 2

Casing split

Day 3 & 4

Stem growth and leaf growth (some beans)

Day 5 & 6
Leaf growth and taller


Mung beans grows everyday or every time the beans was soaked to the water. However,

it was not have the same growth of all the beans, some of it grows slowly and some are

not. It may affect, that people pour more water just to germinate the others who didn't, but

it may drown the other beans that already matured. The beans also can grow taller, it

depends to the days of watering, but in this report, it's only six days, which results that

mung beans can grow or marture in just a few days.


This reports, want to know if the mung beans can germinate in just only six days. As a

result, it was achieved the fact that in the sixth day, mung beans become martured or tall

and leaves started to grow. In day 1, nothing happens, because they still absorbing the
water, in the next day, the casing split happens, few days after the stem and leaves grows

and the last day, it become matured, enough to stop the watering. It also shows, that

planting mung beans are convenient, easy to do and cost-efficiency.