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Disease Clinical Etiology Clinical Manifest

1st Rubeola, Measles virus More severe than rubella
Measles, Hard 14-day measles
fever appear 3 to 4 days before the exanthem
Hari ke 4-5 : face and behind the ears. In 24 to 36
Morbilli hours, it spreads to the trunk and extremities
Meler dan Konjungtivis (lakrimasi)
Brassycough sound
Koplik’s Spot blue-white spots with a red
halo) appear on the buccal mucous

2nd Scarlet Fever Streptococcus Rash (Rough sandpaper rash) begin on

pyogenes the neck and groin and then spreads to
the rest of the body lasts five to six days
and the skin may peel.

circumoral pallor pale area around his

Pastia's line/sign hyperpigmented areas
on the skin crease (lipatan).

strawberry tongue putih lalu merah

(setelah 4-5 hari)

3rd Rubella, German Rubella virus 3-day measles

measles, The Rash (discrete macules/red spots) begins
on the face that spread to the neck, trunk,
and extremities (lasts for 1-3 day)
Ends up with desquamation.

Forscheimer's spots: pinpoint red

macules and petechiae can be seen over
the soft palate and uvula.
Generalized tender lymphadenopathy
around neck and head
4th Filatow-Dukes' Some say the
Disease, disease does not
Staphylococcal exist1. Others
Scalded Skin believe it is due
Syndrome, toStaphylococcus
Ritter's aureus strains
disease that make
5th Erythema Erythrovirus Pruritus, low-grade fever, malaise, and
infectiosum (Parvovirus) B19 sore throat precede the rash
Lymphadenopathy (-)
Facial erythema ("slapped cheek") red
papules on the cheeks that rapidly
coalesce in hours, forming red, slightly
edematous, warm, plaques that are
symmetric on both cheeks but do not
cover the nasolabial fold and the
circumoral region.
Rash pattern : facial >> extremity >> trunks

Pigmentation or scaling (kerak) (-)

sunlight may stimulate recurrences.
6th Exanthem HHV 6B or HHV 7 3-day fever with sudden onset of high fever
subitum, slight anorexia or one or two episodes of
Roseola vomiting, running nose, cough, and
Seizure/general cerebral irritability mau happen
before eruptive phase.
The rash begins as the fever goes away.
Sudden Rash (rose rash of infant) on the trunk
and neck.

Exant : banyak sekali; Subitum: tiba tiba

Scaling or pigmentation (-)